Books On How To Deal With Anger

How to deal with pain and anger after separation.

We have been separated for half a year now but I continue to think back things that he did and the lies that he made. One particular reply that he made continues to pain and anger me every time I think about it. When I confronted him with his infidelity with a married woman, I asked him what was good or specifial...

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. My husband got 3 women pregnant in the 13 years we were together…they all aborted the babies.Now, you have to stop ‘allowing’ his problems stay yours. YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. He will tell you only what he sees and he is delussional to think that this woman is a good girl. He was attracted and she was willing…shut case.Don’t give him the power over your happiness any longer. Find things that make you happy and do them. Work on your hair, nails and clothes. Be pretty, just to go to the store. Build your own self-esteem, cause you still have a lot to offer a good man. Give of yourself to others who need you and stay too busy (read a book) to remember his name before long.I went to say something about my ex of 13 years, after he left for 1 year, to a friend and actually had a hard time remembering his name. IT WAS LIKE FUNNY!Other men saw my ‘JOY OF LIFE’ and was attracted to me before long.6 months is a short period, so OK, you’ve been mad, you’ve grieved, now choose to LIVE! IT WILL ONLY MAKE HIM MAD AND FEEL STUPID THE NEXT TIME HE SEES YOU AND YOU ARE LOOKING AND FEELING EXCELLENT WITHOUT HIM! MY EX EVEN BEGGED FOR SEX, 4 YEARS AFTER THE DIVORCE, AFTER SEEING ME FOR THE FIRST TIME. GO FIGURE: I TOLD HIM, “YOU COULD NOT HANDLE ME THEN, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN NOW.” GIRL, ENJOY LIFE NOW THAT THE BAGGAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED. GOD BLESS.

How to deal with someone who has anger issues.

My father has a problem when he was 10 years old his mother died and his father who hated him because he was the youngest of 9 was leftt to deal with him he beat my father and then his father died at 16 where he lived on the streets for 2 years, he met my mother later on and they had I and a girl but tonight as my…

You have a therapist who didn’t call on your dad when he threw a book at her? She’s useless. And if “dad” will go so far as to abuse your therapist, there is nothing you could ever say or do to get him to change. He thinks he can do whatever he wants to, and he is. The only way he’ll stop is if the police make him stop. If you try to make him stop, you may get in some good licks, but then he’ll be able to hold that against you, maybe get you in trouble, and that will make matters even worse for you AND your sister.Staying there just “let’s him” continue to do whatever he wants to. I’d call the police on him, that’s what they’re there for. Sometimes the “system” does their job like they’re supposed to, and things can be a whole lot better. Is there anyone you might trust, like a teacher, who could help you figure out what’s best for you and your sister?You might think about what questions you need answered. Then look for the best ways to get those answers. Try to keep safe. I’ll say a prayer for you and your sister. Prayers work. Descendants books for free

how to deal with my anger.

What are some ways that I can personally deal with anger without depending on someone else?

Buy a self help book.

How is the best way (theoretically) to deal with anger.

i have a bad temper

Theoretically huh. Sounds like you are very intellectual and can cognitively process your issue with anger. That is good. A lot of people can’t. The best way to deal with anger is to make an action plan for yourself. For instance. I call them firedrills. If you feel like raging on someone, you will:1. Hold my breath or tongue for five minutes.2. Take myself out of the area of this person who has triggered my rage.3. Verbally tell the person that your temper is getting high and that you need to finish talking later when you are feeling more in control.4. Call someone5. Just walk awayLike a fire you would have an escape plan. You need that for your anger. And you need to get in to an anger prevention group or you need to get a book on how to deal with anger. has alot of books that could help you out. Because ultimately you need to find out what is behind your anger.It is never what is currently making you mad. I was driving home from work the other day and just out of the blue I yelled out something to the driver in front of me. It caught me off guard. I began to realize that i wasn’t really angry at the driver I was angry because a guy at work called me honey. I didn’t know how to deal with that so I STUFFED IT. Like most of us do. So it’s not that people are pushing our buttons. It is we are allowing people to push our buttons. Stuffing is not good. good luck.

how to deal with an anger issue.

Well, at first, english is not my language so therell be a grammar mistakes everywhere. Umm, im quite short tempered girl. I believe, once i was nothing like this. Im a sweet and happy girl. But after through my puberty, I had to deal with many things that lead to depression. I know it because I was not happy and…

View: Other options: Take a couple of deep breaths; fill the lower part of your lungs first, THEN the chest. If you can’t deal with it by using one of the techniques, such as counting backwards from 20, to 1, (and prevent you from allowing yourself to become angry, in the first place) it is important to express that anger appropriately, at the time, and to the person who caused it, if possible, or immediately afterwards. If not, perhaps by walking away later, and bellowing your rage and/or frustration. In some situations, such as work, or school, it might be better to cover your mouth with a cupped hand, bandanna/handkerchief, or use the crook of your elbow, to muffle the sound. Some people find that it helps to journal those thoughts, and emotions soon afterwards. Anger, which is repressed, rather than healthily expressed, tends to fester, and later may cause explosive fits of rage, or depression. Let yourself feel the burning energy of that anger, and visualise it, as vividly as possible, as a hot flame cleansing you. It can help to have someone you can talk to. For more physically inclined people, a punching bag, or hitting your pillow, can be an effective release mechanism: visualise, as vividly as you can, that you are striking back at the cause of that anger.”But next time, when you get mad, just remember this quote: ‘Those who anger you, conquer you.’ It’s basically saying that when you give someone the power to make you mad, or let it get to you, it’s like they’re controlling you. When I realized that, it made me mad, so I try to control my anger and not let people see it. You can still control your anger without being walked all over. You just have to draw a line.” Try saying to yourself, in your mind: “I am fire! I am ice!”. Repeat for as long as it takes for you to calm down sufficiently. Practice a relaxation method, daily, and when needed, such as: (free) or or or Yoga Nidra, (no flexibility required) on page L at at, below. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, or regular yoga suits others better. Give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you. It is free via the searchbar at “EFT” & “EFT therapists” or Professional is best. – There is a version for use in public places, (you could claim to have a headache, as you employ the acupressure massage/tapping your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind: “Even though I sometimes make myself angry, I deeply and completely accept myself.” These will enable you to emotionally centre yourself, when practiced regularly, and can also help you become a calmer, more self controlled person, who is less influenced by the behaviour of others.Books: The Anger Workbook – a 13 step plan to help you. – Les Carter & Frank Minirth. – Minirth Meier Clinic Series, & Anger Management For Dummies. – W. Doyle. PhD. – Gentry, & “Feeling Good – the new mood therapy” by David D. Burns, (recommended) & Angry All The Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control by Ron Potter-Efron.Try your library, local bookstore, or for these. Check out:… Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either seek professional hypnotherapy, or more alternatives along such lines are at

How to deal with anger and depression.

I have really bad anger and I am very irritable. I’m 17 years old. I also think I have being fighting depression since I was 13 years old. I always stay alone in my room. I only have one good friend who is drifting away and moving to a new school her mentality is, “new school, new life.” I don’t…

Number one. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I don’t care if you get mad at me for saying so! I don’t know what you like, I don’t know you but you are God’s creation, therefore you are beautiful! I used to have irritability problems too, but the reality is, we can’t take our loved ones for granted. The first step is leaving the room. Make a rule that your room should only be used for sleeping, getting dressed, ( the essentials ). Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you like about yourself and believe it! You say your family doesn’t know how much you hurt? Sit down with your parents and let them know that you ARE NOT HAPPY. And if you don’t want to go into details with them, ask them to find you a good counselor. Not a QUACK, a person that will motivate you, hear all of your problems and help you! Honey, you can’t get help until you help yourself first, and that means taking the first step and telling someone how you feel.Now as in praying for God to take you away in your sleep, that needs to stop! Do you know that God loves you? He’s begging for you to realize that he wouldn’t have put you on this earth if he didn’t think that would be beneficial to it. We need to appreciate life because there are people who have lost theirs while they were experiencing it. You are so young, and have sooo much to accomplish! Whenever you start to get angry…close your eyes and breathe. Ask your mom to watch a movie…start doing homework in the kitchen and put some light music on. It’s okay to be okay. It’s okay to chill, relax, and not think about the negative things in life because there are so many things we need to be grateful for.

How to deal with anger without yelling.

So Recently I Moved with a friend and sleep in the living room with my baby brother but me and my brother always cant go to sleep or we get wokeing up because the oldest son is so loud because he comes downstairs and makes so much noise with talking on the phone and watching Netflix with the TV extra loud and I…

I effing hate going to walmart.. i hate everything about it.. i hate the people there so much. i could write a 200 page book about everything i hate about it.going there puts me on such edge that if anyone says something to me… i feel like i will i have made a song in my head that i sing to myself in my head.. it goes like “don’t get maddddd,,,donnnnttt geeeeEEeett MaaddddDDDd. ” and then i might add ironic/ funny lyrics as to why i shouldn’t get mad, and entertain myself and turn my anger into laughter and just keep singing it until i’m out the door.try making a little song for yourself. 🙂

how to deal with my anger.

i keep hitting people and start fights unintentionaly because i get so angry i hit my closest friends on impulse . i just think sumthing and i do it streight away their isent even time to stop myself and some times i dont even think about it . and i bust my bestfriends lip today . then i get so angry with myself i…

Strategies To Keep Anger At BayRelaxationSimple relaxation tools, such as deep breathing and relaxing imagery, can help calm down angry feelings. There are books and courses that can teach you relaxation techniques, and once you learn the techniques, you can call upon them in any situation. If you are involved in a relationship where both partners are hot-tempered, it might be a good idea for both of you to learn these techniques.Some simple steps you can try:Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm; breathing from your chest won’t relax you. Picture your breath coming up from your “gut.”Slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as “relax,” “take it easy.” Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.Use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience, from either your memory or your imagination.Non strenuous, slow yoga-like exercises can relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer.Practice these techniques daily. Learn to use them automatically when you’re in a tense situation.

How to deal with intense anger..

I’ve had anger issues for as long as I can remember. A lot of it stems from pent up emotions, or wanting to do things but not being allowed to do it- ie. I wanted to have friends, but my parents did not let me.I have always dealt with my anger physically- ie. i’ve kicked holes into walls, thrown…

You and i can relate allot. im 21 now but my father was abusive like yours with a discipline ethic but he was also intensely emotionally abusive. Growing up i realized as i read books on psychology dealing with “self actualization. human behavior and book on lucid dreaming” allot of things are up to you. Its all about perspective and how you choose to deal with it. Our time of existing is very short, time is like money, it goes by very fast but like money you cant gain time. You have to chill out, just roll with it, focus on yourself, bettering yourself and your situation. If you make your living hard on yourself by letting things bother you even if its unfair, you are investing your time very poorly.The key is to invest smart and progressively. What i did instead of punching walls, i lifted weights, i would run for miles and hours and dream about me running away as far as i can from this mess, i have no choice but to live in. I took boxing lessons to get my anger out, i figured i may as well learn how to fight if im going to be punching things, i may as well learn how to run fast if i want to get out of this place, i may as well learn how to make allot of money so that when i have kids i can never treat them the way my parents treated me.Discipline is well especially the discipline our parents are giving us, you just wont realize that until you’ve gained more experience in life or you have a clearer picture on reality. I realized the importance of that discipline later in life but without acknowledging the principles of that discipline. I would not be where i am now. Trust me you and i are much alike (as far as this situation goes) focus on yourself and how you can get out of that situation with logic and rationality. You will not regret it.It will be hard for you to render now but trust if you start no you will realize this sooner than you think….quick tips to better your situationlearn how to make money online and how kids make money online. i can give you your resources [email protected] and just focus on gaining knowledge that will help you. Read books on title i mentioned above.a wise man once told me”formal education will get you a job, self education will make you a fortune”PS getting some friends would help but be careful with the friends you choose. Choose ones who know where they are going in life. Remember “your surroundings influence your actions” – Ian N. Garcia

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39 thoughts on “Books On How To Deal With Anger

  1. I know this must be hard for you, but you have to say to yourself, ” I am lucky to be out of this relationship. My ex lied to me, cheated on me and wasnt honest to me’…Seriously, the pain will fade in time, try not to stew on things. Down the track you will thank yourself for getting out of the marriage. Good luck, and chin up…..

  2. i think the best way to deal with your anger is to talk it out with that person. but if you know that you are going to get more angry and blow up, i suggest you go run around the block or go to the gym and hit the bags for awhile until your calm and okay to talk. if not you will make the situation escalade to another level.

  3. I say he is the guilty one. She couldn’t of had the affair with him if he wasn’t going for it. She is wrong too, but he is the real bad guy in this thing. He is not a good guy.

  4. But right now it’s hard because you’re sort of on auto-pilot. The anger comes to you, and you react to it. What you want to learn to do is go to it – understand it – and then you become it’s master instead of the other way around.

  5. Try to make a rule that you’ll never be angry with person A because of something that happened with person B. That’s a good rule on its own account and the first step to managing your anger.Then you could try reading a book like ‘I’m OK – You’re OK,’ which is full of useful tips on life in general and anger in particular.

  6. by accepting that part of you experiencing that anger. understand that anger is nothing more than a symptom of inner conflict – 2 or more parts of you not in agreement with themselves. ‘outside events’ are never the cause of this anger. they merely act as triggers, if anything. so love and embrace every aspects of your being. this is one of the most practical and effective ways to transcend anger.

  7. there is a technique called “self-awareness.” Put yourself to think about your emotion first before you act on it. I have had bad temper since young. After reading all these psychological books, I’m improving.

  8. So you just have to talk this out – and when you do that you’ll discover areas of it you don’t remember or don’t know about yet. And you can get some sort of real assessment of the whole thing in your head. Then you can choose what you want to be and how you want to be.Find out why your buttons are being pushed. Once you know that–it is easier to deal with the anger.

  9. You should also calm your anger, i know it’s tough, but being angry sometimes overshadows thoughts and you may not be able to think clearly. It is because of that depression you are being emotionless. I can clarify it from the many research i have done on people whom i meet. So.. try using music, do new stuff, take a vacation.. and most importantly don’t loose hope for being happy again. You CAN be happy, there are many stuff that you can do ok? 🙂

  10. Hey hun. i kinda get what you are going through, when you hit depression everything seems to be “off”

  11. My husband has an anger problem and he is trying to overcome it daily.Create a place where you can go and have meditations… (your own private & personal space). I’ve just started doing my student teaching this semester (teaching jr. high students… :-O) & some days when I’ve just had a horrible day, I come home, light candles (Glade Strawberries & Cream), and take a long hot bath. Try that Caress Taihitian Renewal (it’s orange & it smells so good)! Also, you might want to consider taking up a hobby like boxing, jogging, or just being active. Good Luck!!!

  12. Tough thing, anger is. But I think the key to handling it always has to be about yourself–are you going to let another person control your feelings? Easier said than done. Two books I’m reading about the subject have been helpful…

  13. Then – if you’re successful – learn to put your anger (not your temper) into the service of people weaker and less well able to defend themselves. Take someone like Bob Geldof as a role model, if that appeals.

  14. [/DELDUP]I have MAJOR anger issues I don’t know how old you are but I’m 36 and I have 1 daughter 2 Sons my children do not have anger issues have you ever been spanked? Or put in time out,? I’m asking for a reason I’m not criticizing you or your parents I’m just trying to help growing up for me wasn’t easy at all and although I went through some traumatic stuff my Mom never punished me or my brother and I walked all over her I swore I’d never let my children do me that way so I did punish my kids I didnt have to do it but a couple times and that was enough to give them respect for others and home training they got that act right installed and in return they got no anger issues hope this helps

  15. A great psychologist for all this stuff is Alice Miller – one of the best. She has two books which can be very instructive for early childhood stuff. You can get both used off of Amazon fairly cheaply – or they’re in the library perhaps. One is “Drama of the Gifted Child” – and the other is “For Your Own Good”.Good luck, good health, peace and love!

  16. It has worked for me many times and the “pickles” I have avoided by cooling off have usually allowed me to do something positive toward whomever made me mad. That has led to many friendships.Stop dwelling on the past, this was a year ago. I suggest you file for divorce and put all of it behind you or it’s going to keep on festering until it ruins your life. Why you have remained only seperated for an entire year is beyond me. You’re STILL married to this guy so there is no closure yet. File for divorce and move on.

  17. I’ll just tell you this, when the anger stays inside, you’ll exploe into a rage that you will no longer be able to control and you will probably go into a hatred and extremely depressed mood for about 2 weeks, so just calm down, get things on other people’s perspectives, and don’t let the anger build up, cause if it does, you will have no control.

  18. Understanding is the antithesis of anger. If a person’s words or actions make you angry, try instead of asking yourself “how could they?!” Try “why would they?” If a situation makes you angry it could be you feel that you have no power, leave it alone, or think how you can handle it more effectively.

  19. And then you really have to communicate this anger with somebody – like a psychologist or councilor or somebody like that. You’re halfway there realizing that you have this anger at all – lots of people are mad as hell and don’t even know it. What you have to learn is how your family is dysfunctional – like other families – and why.Try and pinpoint your anger.

  20. I wish I knew, but there’s different things for different people, and there’s some people nothing goes with them… The best way is to do what’s working for you. research find the source, take a deep breath, and good luck!

  21. Is there a family problem? Rejection!!!Stop and think before you act. Take a deep breath and slowly release it. Get away from the situation untill you are cool again.

  22. Overcome… is a word you need to use.Anger comes from not getting what you need… and you need friends. So the best thing to do is get out and get some friends, somebody to hang out with. To do this you go against your parents – and this will be good to start with.

  23. The old fashioned way my mother taught me was to, “count to ten” after the surge of anger arises in you and before you blurt something out or lash out. On each count recall something negative that will happen to you if you do say or do something and by the time you’re finished your anger should start to cool.His family background is pretty bad.- Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way by Gary Chapman

  24. I get very angry very fast also, and I notice that when I get angry and “try” to calm down, I usually keep going back and thinking about what made me angry because I almost like being angry and just want to get it out of my system. For me, I get destructive, but it’s rare that I do. And I don’t like doing things like breathing exercises because in the midst of my anger, I really don’t give a **** I’m just mad. But here’s some ideas of what you could do: Go for a run. Scream. A lot. In the woods or something. Go for a long drive, not in town where people can easily piss you off. Watch disney channel. And just stare at it. Until your mind has completely wandered off to a different topic. And after you have calmed down, petting a dog relieves stress. Justtt an ideaaa

  25. I personally had to take some anger management courses due to having rage issues. The one thing you have to think in your head first is how important is the person causing the anger. If it is someone that has no real meaning in your life then remember that and don’t let it bother you because you will probably never see the individual again in your life. If it is someone that is causing you problems that you have to deal with on a daily basis start writing down what is making you upset about the situation. Sometimes going back later and reading what triggers it makes it easier to deal with. You can also try counting to ten. Sometimes it helps to cool you down in a stressful situation. You can also look for ways to help with anger online by searching on google I am sure.

  26. slowly count to ten in your head while breathing heavily. that’ll help a lot it sounds so stupid… but yea.

  27. Call the cops on him for slapping around your sister. Stopping anger issues really takes some therapy, but I don’t think he’s gonna do that.

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