How Many Books In Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians new series.

I noticed at the end of The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan, it said that this book concluded the first series of camp halfblood or something like that. I was just wondering if there’s any news about another series.

Yes! New MAIN characters, some of the old ones will show up in them tho! check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its in his blog!Tuesday, May 12, 2009″The Last Olympian has been out exactly one week, and the response has been tremendous. I am so gratified to hear that you guys have enjoyed the end of Percy’s saga.As I’ve been announcing on tour however, the end is not really the end. When you read the conclusion of The Last Olympian, you will probably get that sense. The more I write about Camp Half-Blood, the more I realize how much there is to tell — gods and monsters I’ve never discussed, the life at camp (which Percy hardly ever gets to experience) and so many other characters who don’t get their moment in the spotlight. In late 2010, I will be launching the second Camp Half-Blood series. I’ve already gotten a flood of emails from fans pleading for details, but I can’t tell you much yet. It will feature a new generation of demigods, ready to take on a new prophecy. You may see Percy, Annabeth and the rest of the gang from the first series, but they will not be the main characters. Again, read the ending of the Last Olympian and you will get some clues what I mean. I’m afraid the rest of the details are secret for now — no character names, no titles, no hints. Sorry! I will probably post more on my website in the fall.”

What are the books in the Percy Jackson series.

I have read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. What is the next one and how many are in the series? If you know them all, could you please name them?Thanks,Bella.

OMG!!! I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!! (Nico is so awesome) (i meant after he got through that whole mythomagic phase)1. Lightning Theif2. Sea of Monsters3. Titan’s Curse4. Battle of the Labyrinth (my best so far!!!) (chose it for my book report 2!!!)5. Last Olympian (coming out this year) (can’t wait!!!)companion book:1. The Demigod Filesshort stories:1. The Lost Chariot (i read it on Rick Riordan’s blog)2. The Bronze Dragon (i read it online at The Sword of Hades (coming out this year in UK but if your lucky you may find it on the internet sometime after it comes out)these are all that i know about and should be the only percy jackson books by Rick Riordan because these are to only ones i found on RR’s blog. (so sad) but i found out somewhere that he might make books about other half-bloods (YAY!!! THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!) so i guess you’ll have to wait for any other half-blood books. (aw man!)glad i could help! 😀

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What are these two Percy Jackson and the Olympians books about.

Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files: A Survival Guide to Greek Gods and MonstersDemigods and Monstersare there any stories in themany pictureshow many books are there going to be in the next camp half blood series

in the demigod files, there are 3 short adventure stories of percy and friendspercy jackson and the stolen chariotpercy jackson and the bronze dragon andpercy jackson and the sword of hadesthere are also interviews with other characters like annabeth, a map of the camp, and a picture of annabeth’s camp trunk, and a whole bunch of other puzzles and activitiesin Demigods and Monsters, its writings by other authors that discuss the insight of the percy jackson seriesfor the next series, rick riordan said there are going to be 5 books, but they will be longer

Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In book one of the Percy Jackson series Sally tells Percy that she was only with Poseidon for “one summer”. If that’s true then how was Percy born in August? Is there something I’m missing here…? Because either he had a freakishly long gestation period or a freakishly short one.

Oh please don’t make me say this 😀 wellSally and Poseidon where together for only one summer and during that time they did something ungodly 😀 and then Poseidon had to leave.gods are unlike mortals, we only need to -you know- only once and we can fall pregnant or the mortal will fall pregnant. So Poseidon left Sally knowing Percy was growing inside her, so that’s how young MR Jackson came to be.We gods are very active in that department, that’s why gods like Apollo and Hermes have so manynow pardon me but my mind needs cleansing

How many books are in the Percy Jackson series.

I’m reading The Lightning Thief (LOVE it!) and I wanted to know how many books there are in the series?

there are five books:The Lightning ThiefThe Sea of MonstersThe Titan’s CurseThe Battle of the LabyrinthThe Last Olympiangood books, huh?

percy jackson and the olympians series.

How many books are in the series and is the author still writing more of those books?

There’s 5 and no he’s not bringing any more out from THAT series, BUT he has written another series set at camp half blood, the series does not just follow Percy but it follows Percy and another demigod. Definitely worth reading!

about how many pages are in ‘percy jackson and the olympians’ series. .

like per book? :O

The Lightning Thief-375The Sea of Monsters-279The Titan’s Curse-312The Battle of the Labyrinth-361

How does the last book in the series Percy Jackson and The Olympians(The Last Olympian) end.

Well If you MUST knowTHe great Prophecy:A child of the 3 eldest GodsShall Reach 16 against all oddsAnd See the World In endless SleepThe Heros sould, cursed Blade shall reapA single choice shall end his daysOlympus to preserve or razeThe god of dreams puts a spell on all of New York, everybody that is human falls asleep.Silena, daughter of Aphrodite, leads the Ares cabin into battle by dressing up as clarisse. Clarisse would not let her cabin fight because she was mad at Michael Yew from the Apollo Cabin. She is killed, and while dying, she reveals the fact she is the spy.Many, MANY, demigods are injured, and they are helped at a hotel. Annabeth risks her life to save Percy, even though he bathed in the River Styx and could not be injured by the blade.While in Olympus, Luke realizes what he has been doing, and realizes that the only way to stop Kronos is to kill himself. He stabs himself with the cursed blade, and therefore saves Olympus.Hades lifts the curse he put on the oracle, and Rachael Elizabeth Dare becomes the new oracle.While in Olympus, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson are all rewarded for their bravery. Tyson is given a weapon of his choice (a ‘stick’, because his was destroyed in battle) Zeus promises him the finest ‘stick’ that could be found. Grover is given his searchers license and becomes a member of the council of cloven elders. Annabeth has been asked to design the new olympus because it was destroyed. Percy was offered the chance to be a god, but he refuses. He asks instead that there would be cabins for all the gods children at camp, even the minor gods. Also, that all gods claim their children at or before age 13 so that they know who they are and so they are not crammed into the Hermes cabin.Annabeth and Percy after all these years have their first kiss and suchTHAT IS THE LAST OLYMPIAN IN A NUTSHELL.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series…question….

Hello!Okay, so I was at the theatre the other day, and they showed the trailer for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Thunder Thief or something. It looks really good, and I know there are books, too.I want to start reading the books- how many are there, what’re the other book names, and who is the…

Percy Jackson And The Olympians is a great series and I highly recommend it. Like Warriors, there will be multiple arcs, although Rick Riordan has only written one so far, which consists of five books:1) The Lightning Thief2) Sea Of Monsters3) The Titan’s Curse4) Battle Of The Labyrinth5) The Last OlympianThe books are centered around the life of Percy Jackson, starting at age twelve, the ancient Greek gods (who are living modern lives in America), and their children who reside at Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp where demigods / demigoddesses train and take shelter from monsters.As for the movie, the special effects look okay, but the screenplay is terrible compared to the actual book, and the casting is all wrong. I recommend seeing it, and make sure to tell us all what you think, but read the book, all of them if possible, before you see the movie. Enjoy!

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  1. About 300 pages.Book 2 – The Sea of Monstersi read them (best books ever) and the average per book is probaly 300-330 pages

  2. Okay, to aswer your question:Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot (Part 1, 2 and 3)Also included are several online short storiesThe House of HadesThe Lightning Thief

  3. 5) The Last Olympian (this one’s scheduled to come out on May fifth or sixth)The Last OlympianThere are five books in the series. Riordan has started a new series though, The Heroes of Olympus which also involves camp half-blood. I don’t know the full story behind it since it came out earlier this month but it is set in the same world as Percy Jackson’s adventures just with new characters

  4. But then there is a series called the lost hero which even though basically is the same story it’s a different series consisting of five more books titled:2) The Sea of Monstersthose are the 5 books in the series and they’re written by Rick Riordan…The movie that’s coming out in theaters is The lightning thief…Book 2) The sea of monsters

  5. 3) The Titan’s Curse3. The Titan’s CurseThat is reasonable and it was probably just an error on the authors part but hes a demi god so maybe he just grew like super fast. I dont know how that works though….

  6. Its the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. They are by Rick Riordan, and there are currently five books in the series. In order-Basically Luke kills himself to save the world! Yay! … um… yeah. 🙂

  7. Poseidon leavesThere are 5 books in the PJATO seriesyou need to read it other wise the ending will make no sense to you !!!!!1

  8. To storm or fire the world must fall.There are five books in the series currently.1) The Lightning Thief

  9. 4) The Battle of the Labyrinththey are 5 book in the olympain series but rick has a follow on called the heroes of olympus. book 1 is called the lost hero, they will be 5 of these so in total they will be 10 books

  10. Book 4) The Battle of the LabrynthFour: Percy Jackson and the Battle of the LabyrinthThe Battle of the LabyrinthBack to point:3)percy jackson and the titans curseYou might ask why is he missing? Lost Hero.The movies is called “The Lightning Thief”, not the thunder thief.There are 5 books total in the Percy Jackson series, however he’s starting a new series that still includes some of the Percy Jackson characters.

  11. Yes there is going to be a new series about a New Generation of kids and their experiences at Camp Half-Blood, there is an interview and I’m sure if you just search Rick Riordan interview on Google, you will hear him talk about the new series. But yes, to answer your question there is going to be a new series. (Thank the Gods) :]

  12. The Titan’s CurseThen a couple weeks ago, a little book came out, called the “Demigod Files” They’re just minor adventures Percy has had, with some other cool stuff in it… The Last Olympian is also the last book in the series… Tear, tear…

  13. [/DELDUP]1. The Lightning ThiefIf you like this series, then you will also like its sequel, Heroes of Olympus series which is written by the same author. There are also five books in this series. You can also buy this series on Amazon:

  14. 1. The Lightning Thief4)percy jackson and the battle of the labyrinthI think you should read them. They are really, really good books. 🙂

  15. Book 5) The Last OlympianPoseidon and Sally fall in love blah blah blahPercy Jackson and the Sword of Hades (5th March 2009) (UK only)

  16. There are five books in the original series:4. The Battle of the Labyrinth3. The Titan’s CurseThere are 5 series in the percy Jackson series

  17. 5. The Last OlympianThe Percy Jackson series has 5 books which others here have already named.Three:The Mark of AthenaThere is also a book called the demigod files. It was writtem after the battle of the labrynth and before the last olympian. It’s optional if you want to read it.The demigod flies has 5 mini stories and Just maps and things about demigods.It is not known how many books will be in the next series: The Heroes Of Olympus.The first book will be called the lost hero.It Involves the next Great Prophecy Which was in the last percy jackson book here’s the prophecy.Oh, i am a HUGE fan of the Percy Jackson series. I memorized some parts of the book even.Two: Percy Jackson and the sea of monstersREAD the books haha they are very good and funny : ))

  18. If you enjoy the Percy Jackson series, then you’ll like this one as well since it’s set in the same universe as the first series.

  19. Book 1 – The Lightning ThiefPercy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon[DELDUP()]And other PJATO related booksSeven half-bloods shall answer the call,Sally takes care of percy and now he’s missing.

  20. read them all one by one .wen i read those i was 10 and i could not leave them.i sticked to them like a magnet and was always wishing if i was the part of the story….so i enjoyed them a lot!!!!!!they r abt a boy who’s mom is living with his stepfather who is really cruel.then the boy comes to know somehow that he is a halfblood,half human half them ,i feel like i could not survive without those books.!enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(t… rest is the suspense for u)ps:read them!!!!!!!11

  21. One:The lost heroThe Lightning ThiefBook 1) The lightning thiefyes i heard about that but i do not think it is true i think he might have been talking about the book wich one was it i know that there is a 6th one

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