How Many Vc Andrews Books Are There

Did you notice the difference between classic young adult books and new young adult books.

I noticed the classics (Ex.To Kill a Mocking Bird and The Outsiders) have a meaning, a message, and story that gives you something to think about. The more new young adult books like The Clique and Gossip Girl which are fun to read but, don’t send a good message. I am I wrong? Did you notice a difference?

I would suggest looking at it from a different angle. As recenty as the 1950s and 1960s there were very, very few books intended for “Young Adults” in existence at all. (To Kill a Mockingbird, while read and loved by young adults, was intended as an adult book.) there was children’s lit and adult fiction. Children’s lit you had then (as now) vapid, popular series like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys (yes, they’re fun but they are formulaic, just like Clique and Gossip Girl) that could be read by teens and then you had historical fiction and that was pretty much it.Big, Big breakthroughs came in the 1960s and 1970s. Everything from Harriet the Spy to Are you there god, it’s me, Margaret – knocked down the doors of what was considered appropriate fare for young adult and older juvenile readers. For example, the sequel to Harriet the Spy is the first book for juveniles to mention a girl getting her period (and the book came out in the mid 1960s.) it was banned from many libraries, but within 10 yrs of it’s publication you had Judy Blume’s books taking on the same topics (about physical development and social injustice) and they were (while still controversial!) able to be popularized to a wide audience. Another example of this is Anne Frank; the Diary of A Young Girl, which as many people know excised all references to her development and they weren’t put back in until now.So my point is that the entire category of Young Adult Literature didn’t even exist until recently. As more and more “realistic” books (like The Outsiders and other SE Hinton books, Judy Blume books, or even Madeleine L’Engle’s realistic books) became more and more popular and accepted, publishers started being more open to the idea that young adult books existed as it’s own viable, strong category and the genre exploded. When I was a kid/teen in the 1980s, my library didn’t even HAVE a teen section. I found books either downstairs in kids or scattered in Adults (usually in sci fi or fantasy.)now, however, the genre is amazing. You have series novels like Clique or Gossip Girls but you have fascinating sci-fi/dystopian novels like Lois Lowry’s The Giver Series or Scott Westerfields books, you have stunning fantasy like Golden Compass and the last 4 Harry Potter books, you have gothic romances appropriate for YA (like the Stephenie Meyer books) instead of just Anne Rice or awful books like VC Andrews series. And yes, you have tons of serious writers writing serious fiction. Think about Meg Rosoff (How I live Now), Edward Bloor (Tangerine), Walter Dean Myers’ books, The Book Theif – you just have so much to choose from!The main difference is what’s popular and I think that it just takes time to see which books fall out of circulation and which books go on to become classics.I love that “The Outsiders” is a classic… ah, the 80s – I am getting old!

I’m disgusted after reading “My Sweet Audrina” by VC Andrews….

im 14 and my mom reccommend me to read it, i never read any of her other books. After finishing it, I’m so disgusted with myself for reading it.There were so MANY intimate scenes, I’m grossed out for even reading them -_-How can I get over this feeling of disgust with myself?

I made a similar mistake as a young girl with “Flowers in the Attic”. These books are so bad that they almost hypnotize you into finishing them because your brain is kind of shocked. V.C. Andrews died fairly early on and she became sort of a brand name that is/was slapped on these dreadful trade novels after the inexplicable success of that whole “Flowers” series that was loaded with poorly written intimate scenes between a brother and sister, just to make it even grosser. I got over the trauma myself with “Death of the Heart” by Elizabeth Bowen. I’ve always thought the title of this book was bad but it’s one of the all-time best things to read at 14 with nothing gross or offensive at all.

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How much would this be worth at Last Stop CD Shop.

So unfortunately I’m having a lot of health issues and it’s come to the point that in order to pay my bills, I have to sell a bunch of my books. =( I’m just curious what I should ask for all this when I go there because I’m not sure what it’s all worth…Books-Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver…

Not much I’m afraid.If some of the hardcovers have the dustjacket and are First Editions and not book club books , they might have a tiny bit of value.but the used book stores that will buy used books, really tend to low ball you or even just reject them outright unless they are collectible or somewhat rare or by established authorsThe VC Andrews books are known , but there are probably tons of them already in the shop.the Soul Surfer book if a first edition might be worth a little bit, but not anything like you’d imagine.You’d be lucky to get $20, I think..I have spent many years collecting antique or older popular books by certain authors and have dealt many times with dealers and buyers. Half the time, they’ll dig through your stack and only take 4 or 5. or even none!If you have a valuable book, the MOST they would pay is 50% of it’s resell value.I lost thousands of dollars that way! Even a rare first edition worth hundreds on the market, sometimes brought me only 25 or 30 %. of what I paid for it.A few times I broke even. Once I actually did make a nice little profit with a Night of the Living dead bio/history book that I got for a few dollars and many years later they paid me $20 for it.Go to and do a search. For instance I searched the “catalyst” book$3.50 or so..which means if they even bought it , you’d get maybe $1.50Soul Surfer, if not a first edition first printing about $4… get you $2-3Sorry to throw water on the fire…But only very popular and rare older books get a lot of value. Just because a book is over 100 yrs old doesn’t make them valuable either.So I wouldn’t count on the books helping you out much.Cherished childrens stories, some Sci Fi and classics can be worth more , but supply is a big factor.Older books sometimes did not survive well and are more old comic books or baseball cards. Mom would throw away all those 50’s or 60’s comic books, so popular comic books can be valuable.Baseball cards in the old days came in a pack of crappy chewing gum that tasted like cardboard and usually ended up in the spokes of a bicycle. Those cost money. The “new” ones made for collectors were so mass produced and people started to take care of them thinking they would be valuable. The sheer volume of well cared for comic books and sports cards actually ruined the market for “collectibles”so …no luck there…sorry to hear about your troubles

Are there any other books like flowers in the attic.

I searched for this question and some answers were given, but they aren’t what I am looking for. I am looking for twisted romances (i.e. people who shoudn’t be together), stories with tabboos, and just smutty writing like Flowers in the Attic.I do not like the ghost writer, Ann Rice, or Jackie Collins….

Middlesex by Jeffrey EugenidesW A R N I N G – SPOILERS++++”The novel starts with a narration by its protagonist, Cal (his masculine identity), also known as Calliope (feminine): He recounts how 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, a recessive condition, causes him to be born with female characteristics. The book continues with accounts of his family’s history, starting with his paternal grandparents in their home village and ending with his father’s funeral. These accounts cover the conception of Cal, his teenage years, and the discovery of his intersex condition. Throughout the book, Cal weaves his opinion of the events in hindsight and of his life after his father’s funeral. Eugenides sets Middlesex in the 20th century and interjects historical elements, such as the Balkan Wars, the Nation of Islam, the Watergate scandal, and the 1967 Detroit riot in the story.Cal’s grandparents flee from Smyrna, boarding a passenger ship, as the city burns in flames.The accounts of Cal’s family history start from 1922. His grandfather, Eleutherios “Lefty” Stephanides, lives in Bithynios, a village in Asia Minor. Eugenides places the village high on the slope of Mount Olympos, above the city of Bursa, and describes incestuous marriages between cousins as a quietly accepted custom among the villagers. Lefty makes a living selling silkworm cocoons harvested by his sister, Desdemona. The siblings are orphans; their parents are victims of the ongoing Greco-Turkish War. As the war progresses, Lefty and Desdemona develop a romantic relationship. Fleeing the chaos brought by the war, they board a ship amid the Great Fire of Smyrna and set sail for the United States. Their histories unknown to the other passengers, they marry each other on board the vessel.After arriving in New York, they locate their cousin, Sourmelina “Lina” Zizmo, in Detroit, Michigan, and stay with her. Lina is a closeted lesbian and the only person there to know of the siblings’ incestuous relationship. Starting a new life, Lefty takes on a job at Ford Motor Company,”

how many movies were based on novels by vc andrews, and wat are they.

i know of 2- rain- flowers in the atticare there any others?

I only know of Flowers in the Attic. It wasn’t true to the book though. I didn’t know about Rain, but I will have to check that one out. I have read every V. C. Andrews book. Even the ones written by her daughter using her name. I LOVE them all.

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26 thoughts on “How Many Vc Andrews Books Are There

  1. Very good. The new ones are filled with shallow young ladies who are stagnant. They do not learn a thing and they do not grow in any way. The two novels you mentioned beat the clique and gossip girls hands down. They are also realistic and show young people growing up and solving their problems. Stick to reading the old stuff.

  2. Yes. Novels before were made to give the reader a good message and teach teenagers to be a good person. New young adult books relate to kids nowadays, with more personal topics that were probably considered very touchy subjects before. Both are good. The Clique (at least the first one) I found entertaining. Never read Gossip Girl…

  3. I know exactly what you mean. To Kill a Mockingbird, the Outsiders, The Giver all convey a deep message whereas Gossip Girl is just a book about some teenagers who are better off than others.

  4. Not all young adult books now don’t not send a good message. You can’t group them together like that. And those particular books weren’t really meant to create a good message, just meant to entertain.

  5. Gossip Girl and other books like that are basically giving teens an idea, a dream, a fantasy of people who are better off and have more drama in life. It’s like a soap opera. They’re fun to read, like you said, but only for plot. It’s unlike To Kill a Mockingbird where you have to read between the lines and figure out what is happening.

  6. Many humans get upset about things they do not have an understanding of. Probabilities are your sister has on no account read this e-book and has simplest heard about the poor backlash it has obtained.You can’t quite do far more about it in view that you’ve already tried to explain your view on it besides trying to get her to learn it herself.

  7. The Maze Runner! i’m generally into maximum of those information yet i admire this one! The Uglies! additionally yet another large one! and of direction! The starvation video games! via the techniques! I even have by no potential study The Thorn Birds, yet i wish you like those! they are all trilogies however! please look into them!!!! xoxox

  8. I never read something like “To Kill A Mockingbird”, but I have noticed that ALOT of the new young adult books are filthy. I can hardly pick one up nowadays that doesn’t invole drugs, drinking, or a sex scene. It’s getting harder to find young adult books that are worth reading.

  9. Some just tell a story, and don’t concern themselves with being moral or ethical guides for youth.Lol i like vc andrews!!!! You guys are all lame. It’s not the incest that matters, i love the books for their psychology aspects. They are interesting and grow up it’s just a sex scene. My sweet audrina was a wild book! It had so much mystery and obviously you finished it so deep down you were intrigued :p dont be ashamed!

  10. If you’re looking for ‘messages’ or ‘lessons,’ I’m sure there are plenty out there, even modern ones, that have a message or lesson to them.Young adult novels are told from a teenager’s perspective. Whereas adult fiction is told through the eyes of an adult. I suggest anything by Paulo Coelho, Jodi Picoult or Sarah Dunant like: ♦Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho ♦My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult ♦The Birth Of Venus by Sarah Dunant ♦Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen ♦The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger ^easy to read literature for someone that’s taking the leap from teen fiction to adult lit.

  11. Why should you be disgusted with yourself? You didn’t write it, did you? Be disgusted with the author. You have every right to. Tell everyone you know. But you haven’t done anything wrong. Be mad at her and don’t read any more of her books and move on!

  12. Yes, there are teen “trash novels”. There are also loads of adult trash novels that prove to be wildly popular amongst many well-read individuals. It’s all a matter of taste.

  13. Well, yeah. The classics were written in serious times when the world wasn’t so complicated with the technology we have right now, which means that they are more concentrated on more meaningful things, rather than the things the new books of today focus on.

  14. In classics the characters grow & mature since they learn more & more from the things around them because technology wasn’t there to block them. Now, those characters stay stagnant coz they fail to see that.

  15. I just finished reading Philip Pullman’s, “His Dark Materials” trilogy. It can be found in the young adult section of the bookstore. I haven’t read a series that made me think that much in a long, long time.

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