How To Publish Comic Books

I’ve been developing a comic book for 27 years, how to I get it published.

It is Science Fiction Comedy with a Christian story… The script has been written and tweeked many times, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and DRAW it all since the original 1979-1983 version. I have character designs based on the original script (which I copyrighted in the 80’s) and ideas for the...

Self-publishing could be a good option. Do a search online for “self publishing” & sites will pop up.Here are some book titles that are relevant:* The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 14th Edition by Dan Poynter* Complete Guide to Self Publishing: Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish, Promote, and Sell Your Own Book (Self-Publishing 4th Edition) by Tom Ross* Smart Self-Publishing: An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book, 3rd ed. by Linda G. Salisbury, Jim Salisbury* Self-Publishing For Dummies by Jason R. RichThere are lots of free informational resources out there as well. Check the source box for links to articles.Also, be sure to copyright your work. You can do this at the US Copyright Office. Go to the last link in the source box for Literary Works. The application is fairly simple & the cost is $30 per application (it will raise to $45 by July 1).Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

How to publish your own comic book.

Have no idea, been wanting to do it for some time. Outside of doing strips and such for zines & papers, how do you get an actual comic book published as an independent artist? Not really interested in being picked up by any major publisher…just want to do this on my own.

Have you thought about doing it as a web comic? Scott Kurtz of PVP and Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance, I believe, had the same idea got wrapped up in doing the online thing and in the case of Kurtz he got picked up by Image Comics. Mr. Abrams I believe has his books printed and distributes them from his website. Descendants books for free

How to get a comic book published.

So I want to become a professional comic cook creator, and how do I go about getting it published. Lets exclude the skills needed such as art and witting for a sec and assume I had the skills of a professional comic book author, how do I go about to publish me ideas, and get them being sold?

get the address of the comic companies you want to work for.make photo copies of 15 samples of your work.make sure each is different, to show your artistic range.write a 5 page script of you comic.put it in envelop an mail it.go to every comic convention near you and bring your samples to show them. also get names and contact information from people you meet there.

how to get a comic book published.

I was wondering how to get a comic book published I was also wondering how I can make sure the company that I send it into does not take my idea and leave me high and dry. Anyone got any ideas I was hoping to send it to Vertigo but I am well aware that may be a stretch.

Before pitching your comic book story to publishers/agents, register your work with the WGA or the Library of Congress or both. way your work will be protected against copyright infringement.Generally, one would not send the actual comic to the publishers/agents. Instead, write a pitch letter and send a treatment. Then, if they are interested, you can send the comic.Hope this helps.

Publishing comic book.

How do you go about publishing a comic book? Is it done in a similar way to other books?

It is, and I agree with the person that said the money is worth, but also don’t let that dissuade you from publishing your comics. If you worked very hard on it, and believe it is good enough for publishing, then do so! 🙂

How do you publish a comic book.

My friends and I made a little good bye present for my girlfriend whos leaving the School. I was wondering since we made it in like A4 paper and folded it in half and kept on adding sheets of paper in it how do we publish it?

Do you really mean publish as in so that everyone can buy it stores?I think you mean bind it.But if it’s for publishing, you can go to professionals, a publisher.Publishers’ job is to publish books and other stuff. book binding options, you can pick different things to use for binding the paper. You can get this from companies, bookstores or simply in libraries. That’s sad.Good luck! :]I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

How much does it cost to publish a comic book.

I just wanted to know so i can budget my money

Nothing. You’re a writer. That’s work. People get paid for their work, they don’t pay for the privilege to work. Any publisher who asks you for money is either a scam or a vanity press and they’re often both.Get a copy of Writer’s Market. Submit your work to a publisher or an agent who cater to your genre depending on whether the publishers you query accept unsolicited work. If they like it, they’ll publish you. If not, they’ll send you a rejection letter. Keep querying other agents and publishers.

how can i get d.c. to publish my comic book.

i have created a brilliant new comic book and want dc to publish it.. or maybe even marvel i dont care i just want it published

If you’re able to write and draw the thing yourself? The straightforward, yet difficult way would be to _go_ to a comics convention and actually network, get there, meet people and talk to them about getting published. Be sure that you have at least a few issues written and/or drawn already, at least in draft form, so people can see what you’re up to.The other way to do this, that caters more to artists, really, is to take the online route. DC Comics has this site, Zuda Comics, where you can upload your work at your pace, and pretty solidly _pick and choose_ how you want to handle creator ownership and copyright. Granted you really do have to be able to draw your stuff yourself to make this work, but the idea is to encourage people to show up with their work online if they already have some done. Just search “Zuda Comics” and see what comes up.Hope this gets you started, and good luck to you.

How to publish a comic book.

I have a comic book Ive been working on for awhile, I have about 250 pages of work and about 20+ chapters. I drew them like a manga and i have a long story planned out in my head. I’m not the best artist but i think im good. how would i publish it and eventually sell volumes of it in stores

I would just try revising it quite a bit. Determining what is crap and can be thrown out and what cannot, if not, ask for some feed back first from some family or friends and after that just touch up on your drawings and improve them before you publish them. Sorry, didn’t answer the question exactly but these are futile things that you need to do for a comic book before you publish it.

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  1. Look inside the cover of a comic book. The publisher will probably be listed in there, address and all. Place it in a manila envelope, stamp it, and all that jazz, then send it in. If they don’t publish it, keep a list of different publishers and keep trying to send it.

  2. Check out the Artist’s Market book, they publish a new one each year. It’s organized extremely well, easy to locate buyers/publishers looking for specific types of work. Since it’s a story as well, there is also a book for writers…

  3. Many wonderful resources! Your library usually has Writers’ and Publishers resources. I know I’m getting several regualar emails about writing and publishing, including courses. Expect many rejections as that seems to be the norm, but don’t give up. Since you already have a copyrighted copy, you should be in better standing to get accepted. If you have enough money, you can hire an agent who will do all the paperwork for you. Otherwise, self-publishing is very popular right now, and a lot cheaper. Writing contests can give you contacts. Some publishers can print up a limited number of copies for you that you pay for, and some even offer to make the contacts for you. So lots of hope. Comics are in, and there are specific Christian publishers as well. They suggest when you mail a manuscript off, that you mail yourself and that you leave unopened, but it helps establish you are the original author so some protection for you. Where you publish ie which country varies so make your own agreement or read carefully the publishers’ agreements when you are accepted.

  4. boost the money for printing and draw it your self. the only people who get comics drawn for them are people who carry some thing to the table, like a occupation merchandising novels. No comedian e book business business enterprise bothers to settle for recommendations for comics from random people. No theory you come back up with is going to so blow them away that they are going to speculate earnings paying to have the unquestionably comedian written and drawn. Harvey Pekar case in point had recommendations. He then proceeded to boost the money to have them revealed and dispensed them himself, splitting the revenues with different artists. in case you go with to interrupt into the international of comics, you ought to the two be waiting to allure to or comprehend somebody prepared to allure to for you.

  5. I really just read manga but since comics are sort of like manga I would say No color Publish with someone but first find some competitions and enter your comic in to see if it wins because they usually have contests where it’ll get published if you win Don’t advertise until you have it published then talk with your publisher Get some friends who are good at drawing or writing to help you that can help your budget Hope this helps!

  6. Raise the money for printing and draw it yourself.I’d say check out a bunch of comic book publisher websites and check for their submission guidelines. Some publishers don’t accept new work and some do. Make sure you have all that they are looking for. Some want to see inked finished pages while others would be happy to review your script with just a few character designs. All in all, go directly to the publisher. Try Top Shelf Productions copies.

  7. There is always hope through faith. I got published on accident. But, I have read about becoming published. It may be tough but right now, I enter any writing contest out there and that is how I wound up published. I know your theme isn’t mystery but you really draw alot of attention through the mystery writers guild. currently it’s lind of like the SAG of writing. Well, you can joine if you have published and made over a hundred dollars for the work. I will have this done in July and I am joining. Why? Because agents comb these websites looking for good work. Also, go to every writer’s meeting in your area. For example, my Mother goes to writer’s meetings because writing is her leisure but not her vocation, which is medicine. She led me on my way. Where she lives and meets with her fellow writers, agents always come. Mother says the best way in the door is to find an agent who has faith in your work. I have 25% of a book finished and crazily enough, after I read a book I see if the author has thanked their agents (most do) and I note it so that I can contact them when my the work is almost finished. If you don’t your manuscript might sit in a pile and collect dust. It happens all the time. I know the agent get’s money, but that is the way of the world and plus you don’t sell yourself for the most part. They do. My step-dad is retired military. He wrote a book about soldiering. He put it on consignment in his area. Sales were coming in here and there (the man doesn’t NEED the money) and he was happy because of the work. Then an agent saw it. The agent gets his cut and the book is now selling at 25 bucks a pop. Good luck!

  8. wow, 27 years! “is there any hope” thats what most comic book artists thought, until their comic books were a hit! ( ninja turtles etc..) However, comic books arent mainstream anymore, ur best luck is to get it in a movie format! dont forget to copyright it!

  9. Last time I checked they are accepting work with just a script and character designs and they always give feedback.

  10. You should maybe send a copy if you have one to independent distributors like Microcosm Publishing. They are always looking for new things to publish. They sell zines, books and comics. Check out their website:

  11. only people who get comics drawn for them are those who bring something to the table, like a career selling novels. No comic book company bothers to accept ideas for comics from random people. No idea you come up with is going to so blow them away that they’re going to invest money in paying to have the actual comic written and drawn.

  12. Harvey Pekar for instance had ideas. He then proceeded to raise the money to have them printed and distributed them himself, splitting the sales with different artists.[/DELDUP]

  13. You take it to Kinko’s and ask them to print you some copies. i.e. self-publish it. Most people do it that way. I hope you didn’t think that an actual comic book company would be willing to publish it?! It’s incredibly difficult to get published even if you’re dedicated to becoming a comic artist.

  14. If you want to break into the world of comics, you need to either be able to draw or know someone willing to draw for you.

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