How To Make Cloth Activity Books For Toddlers

New ways to teach an active toddler.

I need new ways to teach my son because books/workbooks/online games don’t keep his attention at all. He will sit still for five minutes, if I’m lucky. He isn’t interested in magnet letters, either. If I try to take him outside he only wants to play with the cat, jump on his trampoline or sit on the...

I answered this when you asked earlier, but in case you did not see it here is the copied and pasted answer:It is unnatural and unrealistic to EXPECT a child that age to sit still. They learn best through play at that age.Provide an enriching atmosphere for your son, and let him learn from it. Here are some ideas:Appropriate CDs. I like the Cedarmont Kids.Appropriate DVDs and/or television shows.Appropriate websites. is one he might like, and Nick Jr., Disney and PBSKids all have websites for young children with games and activities. Mine (even my 3 year old) likes Google Earth, which is a free download- we have used it in our homeschooling, but they also like to take virtual tours, find odd things (such as elephants on the plains of Africa, or an overturned truck on a highway in the midwest) and find homes of friends and relatives and locations they know, such as the ball field, grocery store, etc.Take him to story time at the book store and/or library. These are usually free, and once a week or so. While there, get a new book.Take him to the Children’s Museum, aquarium, zoo, park.Explore your yard, neighborhood and city with him. Talk about the different sights, sounds, smells, etc. What animals do you see, how do the leaves change? Talk with him about EVERYTHING.Do arts and crafts projects. I like Pack-O-Fun.Use publications such as Highlights (there is a new version for younger children, I believe it is called Hi Five), Little National Geographic Kids, Your Big Backyard…I like Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S, which I got from Amazon. There are different versions for various age/grade levels. It gives ideas for incorporating math, science, games, music, arts and crafts, vocabulary, etc.- even snacks- into popular children’s stories.I also got Ready for Kindergarten from Amazon. It gives three or so age appropriate (no sitting with workbooks!) activities to do each week to prepare a child for Kindergarten.Buy a set of cookie cutters. You can get 100+ of them from Wal Mart (arts and crafts section), Target (kitchen section) or Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10. Use them for arts and crafts (making ornaments, using as stencils, etc.), as well as cooking (cutting sandwhiches into shapes, making cookies into letter shapes and t hen letting him put them together to spell his name, etc.).I put alphabet and number magents on the side of my washer and dryer for my 3 year old to play with while I am in the utility room. She also helps match socks and fold wash cloths, which are good skills for them to learn.Play board games such as Memory and Chutes and Ladders.Use sidewalk chalk to write letters. Write upper and lowercase and have him hop from the upper to the lowercase A, etc. Make up other games like that.PuzzlesBubblesSand and water tablePlay DohMusical InstrumentsI really like Leap Frog toys. The leap pads were great (they do not sell them in stores anymore, I am glad I stil have the ones my older children had for my younger children to use). I may get my 3 year old the Leapster for Christmas, though.Fly kitesPlay with a slinkyEverything is a learning experience, but do not force him to do books and workbooks- it is, again, unnatural at his age and if you bore him he will come to hate learning which is going to effect his life. Make it fun and interesting!You can teach body parts and left-right, up down, etc. playing games such as Simon

what are some things to do with 17 mnth old baby, indoors-outdoors. anything reasonably priced in boulder, CO.

Too young to work with colours..

If your toddler is walking and climbing with ease, she might have fun hopping — especially if you do it with her. Hold one of her hands and show her how to stand on one foot and hop up and down. This may be difficult at first, and she’ll probably have to hop on two feet, but she’ll have fun trying to imitate you.Large building bricks: These light cardboard bricks are big enough to stack up into a fort or wall, or any other way your toddler wants. But the most satisfying part of the process continues to be the finale — when the walls come tumbling down.Push and pull toys: Heavily weighted push toys can give your beginner something to lean into as she motors around your home. Wagons can be ideal. Pull toys are for slightly advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward. Give them something to look at: Pull toys that flap, bobble, squeak, or in any other way make a scene are favorites. To find out more about walking and your toddler, click here.Sorting and nesting toys: Toddlers love to sort, stack, unsort, unstack, and basically reorganize their lives. Sorting and nesting toys are great fun for those who are trying out their early problem-solving skills.Climbing gym: A tiny gym can give your toddler a safe place to climb, hide, slide, and practice all her emerging motor skills — over and over again. But these sets can also be pricey and are quickly outgrown.Balls: Any ball that’s easy to grasp will be a hit with this group — underinflated beach balls, vinyl balls, cloth balls. Stay away from foam balls that could end up as a mouthful. This is the age at which you can introduce your child to “catch.” Start slowly — she’ll begin to get the back-and-forth rhythm with some practice.Washable crayons and paper: Let the scribbling begin! Hand your toddler no more than a couple of crayons at a time — you don’t want to overwhelm her — and tape the paper to the floor so she can make her mark without dragging the paper along with her.Ride-on vehicles: This mode of self-locomotion may be even more popular than walking. Many small ride-on toys have models with handles for an adult to push when the child gets tired. Avoid the electronic versions — they’re expensive and take away from the fun of getting around under your own power.Tool bench or toy kitchen: Junior fix-it kids or aspiring chefs will get hours of play out of plastic or wooden models scaled to their size. Sets like these give a child a chance to emulate the things he sees adults doing, and they’ll continue to hold his interest for several months as his play gets more sophisticated.Picture books: Your toddler will enjoy more advanced picture books showing familiar objects and activities. She may also start to take pride in her own library and the chance to pick out a favorite for you to read.Hope this helps! Free online books for kids

Stay at home moms- ways to keep sane.

I am a 24 year old stay at home mom of three. (ages 4, 2, and 1) I only really get out for church and the grocery store. What can I do when the weather is bad to keep the kids and I from going nuts?!Also, what can I do for “me time”? I don’t want to go out and drink, and don’t have money to…

Time alone doesn’t have to be time out of the house alone. When my first three or four children were really small, I was a SAHM and didn’t really believe in leaving the kids to “get away”. That’s changed a bit after my 5th & 6th children were born, but back then I just didn’t feel the need to get out much. Nothing wrong with moms who *do* feel that need (believe me, I do *now*!); we all have different patience and tolerance levels, and different ways of recharging our batteries.Some things I used to do (and still do) to de-stress and recharge:A hot bath at the end of a long day; when you have an infant or toddler, expect interruptions and maybe even a guest in the tub! But the hot soak will still do you good even if you can’t be alone.Involving the child(ren) in activities that have to be done, and make them fun; toddlers are great at helping throw clothes into the dryer, or standing on a stool/chair at the kitchen sink splashing harmlessly in dishsoap suds while mom loads the dishwasher, wiping off cupboard doors and drawers with a damp cloth, etc.Indoor activities– long bubble baths, “mixing” invisible ingredients in real kitchen bowls with real utensils, actually cooking together (toddlers and older), playing games on the computer from favorite TV shows/characters (,, etc.), alternating playing with toys to doing a craft.One thing that I found really helps during the boring winter months with my little ones (my youngest are 5 and almost 3), is to have a basic routine that we follow almost every day. It’s quite flexible, but they know what to expect out of their day most of the time. Up around 8:30-9 and breakfast, cartoons for a little while after that, then computer time. Morning snack, then an activity (craft or game). Clean up, then lunch. Cartoons or a DVD after lunch. Then the older kids come home from school, and it’s snack time again. After that it’s quiet time for the little ones while homework gets done. Sometimes they nap, other times they play quietly up in their room. But for the most part, they know how their day is going to play out, and it’s comforting to know what comes next in the routine. It’s still flexible enough, though, that I’m not confined to following the clock every minute of the day, and we change things up enough that they aren’t set in any particular activities or ways of doing things.I hope this can help you somehow! I could probably write a book on how I survived SAHMom-dom all these years, but Y/A doesn’t offer enough space for that… ;)Best of luck!

How can i help my 2 year old daughter cope with her broken leg.

My 2 yr old daughter broke her leg today. She’s already gettin antsy being not able to walk. What are some things we can do to help her not be so bored. Whats the best way to give her a bath? Honestly what can i do to make this as easy as possible? I’ve never broken anything and have never dealt with this…

Yikes. My heart goes out to you and your daughter- that’s rough! She’s too little to really understand why she can’t be mobile.Distraction is going to be a priority. You’re going to have to get creative and be able to move from activity to activity at her pace. As you know, 2 year olds don’t have very long attention spans! Though I’m not much for TV, I’d be tempted to break out the favorite videos more often than normal. Art is a pretty still activity, even for toddlers. Color Wonder is awesome, because it won’t get on anything (even the finger paints.) Does she put everything in her mouth or is she good about that? Some 2 year olds can do well with Play-Doh. Gluing stuff is fun (glue stick, big pompoms, paper scraps, etc.)Messy play- drape her cast with a towel to protect it. Protect the floor (I’m guessing a table would be hard, she probably can’t sit well in a highchair or booster seat right now) with tin foil, wax paper, or an old vinyl table cloth (works best.) If she doesn’t put stuff in her mouth, squirt shaving cream in front of her and let her have fun with it. If she does put stuff in her mouth, make “paint” out of pudding or yogurt, or use whipped cream. This is a sensory activity that lets toddlers explore how things feel.Story time might be good. Read books, let her “read” to you. Music time- does she have toy musical instruments? Sing songs.Do you have a wagon? Can she sit comfortably in it with the cast? Maybe a walk with the wagon, just to get out of the house.For bathing, you may need to stick to sponge baths right now. Wipe her down every night. Hair washing may need to be done creatively- leaning over the tub, maybe.Talk to her doctor and ask if any activity will be okay at any point. I wouldn’t be surprised if she needs to be pretty immobile for the first week or two but might then be able to bear some weight. If that’s the case, she will probably figure out on her own how to move around in a way that’s comfortable enough for her.I wish you the best!

Any Advice for New Mothers to be.

How do you take care of a new born baby? This would be my first child so i don’t really know a lot. Do you know of any good websites that i can have a look at? Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

Taken from various websites:When baby naps…mommy naps. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry can all be done when baby is awake. For at least the first few months, mommy needs her rest too.Never let the baby sleep in the bed with the parents because you can smother them.Please don’t smoke in the same room with baby because it can cause the baby breathing problems/asthma.Keep a baby journal. Write down each new thing you baby does, and your thoughts about the baby each day. (that is something I wish I had done, its more personal than a baby book)Use a red washcloth for boo-boos. A kid will cry less if they can’t see the blood you’re washing off.…Rock-a-bye Baby: The best piece of advice I received, was how to get a new baby to go to sleep. It works like a charm. When you put your baby to bed, put a light cloth over his eyes (not the nose) and the cloth will work to eliminate visual stimulation. Most of the time, this is what prevents new babies from falling asleep. Once you baby falls asleep, remove the cloth. Works every time.…Take breaks from taking care of the baby as and when you can. When you do so, don’t feel guilty, as it is necessary for your mental and physical well being.Have your meals regularly.Make sure you include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your meals.Use pre-prepared foods to reduce time and energy spent on cooking.If friends and family are willing to take over some of your chores, allow them to do so.Your night’s sleep will be disturbed in the initial days. So learn to sleep whenever your baby sleeps.If there is a local support group for new mothers, it would be a good idea to join it or at least attend a few meetings. a routine. Your baby needs to be able to count on certain activities occurring around the same time each day. Feeding, naps, fun and affection should be a part of every schedule.Nobody can teach you how to be a parent. You will learn on the job. Trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby better than you.

Am I missing anything for my baby list. Or do need more of anything, if so, how much.

Please just answer my question, nothing else please.Bath (1), Activity Gym (1), Tubside Kneeler (1), Spout Cover (1), Outlet Plugs (12), Toilet Lock (2) (we have two toilets), Bath Thermometer (1), Shampoo Rinse Cup (1), Baby Oil (1) (6.5 oz.), Lotion (27 oz), Shampoo (20 Oz.), Hooded Towels (3), Washcloths…

Lovely that you care enough to make sure your baby will be well looked after. You will need a few more rompers – note that they grow very very quickly so get a few through the sizes (from 000 – 0) and don’t spend a lot on them as they will be quickly soiled – DONT buy white! It just gets ruined too quickly. I wouldn’t put wooden letters above cot, put them somewhere where they won’t possibly fall on her head. You will go through wipes like you won’t believe, you know you have a toddler when you start to use more of them for their face and hands than their bottom! I would suggest using BabyLove nappies, or if you are enviro conscious – use ImseVimse reusable nappies which are excellent. Also, by the time they are 9m + you will start to find nappy changing really gets tough so consider getting some nappy pants – easier to put on when she is older (wait though, you will need to get her size right). Apart from that, a stroller is great for i year +. Best of luck.

How to deal with passive aggressive boss.

I work at a childcare center with toddlers, and they could be a handful. Today the kids were playing outside and it was time to wrap things up.The other teacher and I were gathering the children. I called out to one of the kids and he wouldn’t budge. So I kind of yelled his name louder. I also mentioned that…

Age of kids? In our state one teacher can watch seven toddlers over 18 months by herself. Or she can watch six 12-18 month old toddlers by herself. If this is too stressful for you, I would suggest another career field.* Do you have child care training with experience in caregiving for toddlers? I know it is VERY hard to watch six kids while changing the diaper of child number seven. You can offer “quiet time” with books, or you can give the lil ones a table activity while diapers are changed. Sometimes “carpet toys” will entertain them. I’ve seen one teach pull out a laundry basket of “special toys” during diaper time- well, she made a big deal about what was in the mystery basket covered with a funky cloth, and she rotated toys to keep up the mystery. – You can also sing songs with the lil ones too..Former child day care director

how to prepare for baby.

If you could provide a checklist that would be great thanks!

Just something I copied off a website:first trimester:calculate your due dateget a pregnancy countdown ticker so you can keep family and friends update to date with your progresseat healthy, no smoking or drinking or doinginvestigate your maternity leave entitlementssecond & third trimestersbuy some stylish maternity wear & accessories from your local maternity wear stores or onlinetreat yourself to some pregnancy accessoriestry some natural or organic pregnancy productsask your health care provider if they are happy for you to participate in a pregnancy exercise pro-grammeattend a local pregnancy exercise class and/or exercise at homehave a regular pregnancy massage to keep aches and pains at bay (NOT in first trimester)strengthen your pelvic floorbuy a pregnancy pillow and/or other body support and health products specifically designed for pregnancybook yourself into an antenatal & birth preparation classexplore employing the services of a birth attendant or doula or a hypnobirthing specialistread why specialist maternity bras are importantget fitted for a maternity bra or buy specialist nursing wearget your name down at local childcare centres or nanny agencies, particularly if you will be returning to work a few months after the birth and need particular days or full time care. Childcare spots can be very hard to find.find out what your maternity leave entitlements arekeep a pregnancy journalvisit your local nursery stores and local specialist nursery furniture, decor, artwork & bedding stores – but don’t get overwhelmed!check out nursery product stores online, online nursery furniture, decor, artwork & bedding stores and pregnancy and baby online emporiums for yummy things!save money and research nursery items before you buy – read parent reviewsread the nursery furniture safety info before you buyTreat Yourselfget a belly mask designed locally by a professional or try a diy kit at homego on a pregnancy retreat / weekendget a professional pregnancy photopreparing for the birthhave a baby shower!choose baby nameslook at birthing & labour aidsmake sure the nursery is full stocked and ready to goget a baby safety capsule fitted into your carhave a stock of baby clothes availablepack your hospital bagbuy yourself a gorgeous nappy bagcloth or disposable nappies? – check out the optionssave your legs and get your groceries home deliveredstock up the freezer with prepared nutritious family mealsknow where your local child & maternal health clinic is locatedread up on cord blood donation & private storage servicesORGANISER a birth announcement serviceOnce the bay is here:::early days must dosget a baby safety capsule fitted into your car – even for your first trip home from the hospitalannounce the birth!get a new baby ticker so you can keep family and friends update with your baby’s progressget along to your local child & maternal health clinic for health checks, plus social interaction with other new parentshave your nappy bag stocked and ready to goprint out an indispensable list of local helplinesregister your baby’s birth at your local birth registration officeadd your baby to your Medicare cardadd your child to your Private Health Insuranceget a professional family photobuy safety productsattend a specialist first aid course for infant caredeveloping your baby’s potentialbuy toys & educational toys locally or onlineget a good stock of children’s books cds, dvds & videos -visit the Bub Hub activities directory for details of local children’s play, activity, music, drama & craft pro grammes, parks & local activities, playcentres, swim schools and more…check your baby’s progress with online lists of key development stages by ageentertain at home with options from our games to play with babies and toddlers listtravelling, going on holiday or just out and about?get out of the house – there are some fabulous ‘out & about with baby’ products availablevisit our holidays portal for family friendly holiday optionstravelling by plane or other public transport info sheetshire nursery equipment at your destinationname label your gearStuff you will need for a baby:Cribbottlesbreast pumpnappieschange tablecar seatclotheslittle blanketsformula/foodinjection’s.drawersteddiesmedicineand a bunch of other stuff.

Activities for 8 – 15 mo olds.

I have recently started working in the infant room of a daycare center. Most of the infants are under 9 months, but we have an 8 month old a 12 months old and a 15 month old who tend to run over the little ones. The older 2 are especially rembunctious and fussy. Being the only teacher in the room that actually has…

Infants and young toddlers are not my specialty so I’m going to begin by saying visit your local library. Most usually have a parent/teacher section and there are many books available with activity ideas for this age.These are from the book Beginning With BabiesBubbles: Bubbles are slow moving, and babies can follow them with their eyes. This is a great outdoor activity on a breezy day. You can put a towel down on the floor indoors as well.Peek-A-Boo Mirror: Cut a 1 ft square piece of heavy cardboard. Measure the length and width of the mirror. Subtract ½ inch from each measurement. Cut a rectangle the size of this measurement from the center of the cardboard. “Frame” the mirror by securely taping it to the back of the cardboard so the mirrored side shoes though the frame. Cover the back of the mirror and cardboard with contact paper to make sure the mirror stays put. Decorate the frame with stickers or markers, if you choose. Then cut a 1 ft square form the fabric. Using strapping tape, create a flap by attaching the fabric square to the top of the front of the frame, covering the mirror. Now, securely attach the mirror to the wall or divider at the baby’s eye level. Babies enjoy watching their own faces (and yours) appear and disappear. This activity encourages babies to focus their eyes and helps them begin to understand that something can exist even if they cannot see it. Now any type of “Peek a boo” activity will be fun. I have put pictures on construction paper, laminated and added flaps to make peek a book pages. They are always a hit.Acceleration: Prop sturdy cardboard on pillows or books to make a ramp to floor. Vary this activity by using an empty paper-towel tube. Let the wheeled objects roll through the tube onto the floor. Change the level of the ramp to control how fast the object rolls down. This activity helps babies develop their visual tracing and eye-hand coordination. It gives babies firsthand experience with the properties of gravity.Texture Book: Collect 8 fabric pieces, each with a different texture (corduroy, satin, burlap, flannel, terry cloth, wool, polished cotton, silk, lace, etc). Cut each piece into a 6 or 8 inch square. Stack the fabric squares and sew them together on one edge so they look like a book. This activity gives babies a lot of different things they can touch, or have touch them, which helps babies become aware of a variety of textures and learn to distinguish between them.Float and Sink: Place a pan of room-temp water on the floor protected with towels. Place an object that will float in the pan. Push the object under the water and let go so it will pop back above the water. Have the baby try. Talk about what she is seeing and doing. Repeat with objects that sink. Water is very interesting to babies because of the way it feels and moves.Sticky Feet: Cut a 1 food square piece of Con-Tact paper and tape it, stick side up, to a clean floor or a piece of carpet. Masking tape or strapping tape does a good job of holding the contact paper in place. Encourage the children to stand and walk on the sticky surface with out socks. Allow the baby to explore the area on his own. Baby may want to experiment by touching the sticky surface or placing a toy on the surface. If baby is not interested in the sticky surface, leave it in place for awhile and observe how he avoids stepping on it. This increases babies’ awareness of touch sensations. It also helps them to learn what sticky feels like and to distinguish that feeling from others.Hide and Peek Box: While baby is watching, say, “bye-bye, rabbit” then place the toy inside the box and replace the lid. Say, “Where is rabbit?” or ask, “Can you take the rabbit out of the box?” Repeat as many times as the baby seems attentive. To renew interest add a second box. Hide a toy in only one box, adding the element of mystery: “Which box is the toy in. This activity supports the development of the babies’ listening skills. They are developing the ability to hold a mental image of the toy and to understand that the toy, even though out of sight, has not gone away. This is called object permanence.Noisy Sock Ball: Cut cellophane into smaller squares or strips and stuff the toe of a colorful, patterned sock with crumpled pieces until you have a ball shape. Leaving about 1 ½ -2 inches above the ball, cut off the remaining portion of the sock. Securely sew the ball closed using the needle and thread. Babies enjoy dropping and throwing objects. This activity helps babies develop eye-hand coordination and encourage their exploration of the concept of cause and effect. The crinkling sounds adds interest to the ball and the baby will extend her play with it.Jiggle Jug: Clean a milk or juice jug with handle. While baby is watching, drop 6-8 old fashioned wooden clothespins into and shake the jug. Shake the clothespins out and drop them into the jug again. A very young baby will enjoy the jug as a giant rattle. An older baby may attempt to empty the clothespins out and put them back in. The baby will enjoy shaking or kicking the jug. Add some background music and encourage the baby to shake the jug in time to the rhythm. This activity help the baby learn about cause and effect and develop eye-hand coordination.Other ideas:Make a magnet board.Use contact paper sticky side out on the wall and let them stick various textured items on it as well as take them off.”doll” clothespins on a rim of a can. Put on, take off, and drop into a can. Make it more difficult by using the lid and putting a hole a little bigger than the clothespin so they have to push it into the can.Have fun!

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  1. Travel Set (stroller + carseat) carseat will unsnap with sleeping baby and snap right into your stroller for easy travel.

  2. The only way I can get real “me” time is to wait until my husband is home and the boys are sleeping, then call a single friend and go out for a cup of coffee. Or even take her to Target or WalMart with me. While the kids are home, I just try to get them to nap at the same time so I can either nap, too or do something else indulgent like take a shower, watch a rated R movie, or surf the net 😉

  3. shouldn’t be to young to work with colors,You can get one of those big rolls of white paper, some nontoxic paints, and go out side lay out a large piece of paper, and let your toddler finger paint, or let them put some on their feet and let him run across the paper. Show him how to right his name practice it ,practice showing him shapes with painting it on the paper and have him try.make sure your husband doesn’t pressure you to have sex too soon. you will know when you are ready. Both of you have to TALK and express your feelings.Are you familiar with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences? Check that out and see what kind of learner you think your son is.… Then you can use those aptitudes to help him learn new things. My 3 1/2 year old is pretty logical-mathematical and naturalistic, so I know that he’s going to learn more about geometrical shapes by examining the play structures at the park and using legos to make more complex shapes than he will by reading a book about shapes and drawing pictures of them.

  4. You can also try focusing on helping him develop skills to learn rather than actually learning facts. When he goes to school, it’s not going to matter so much _what_ he knows, but whether he knows how to learn things and assimilate new information. Familiarize yourself with Bloom’s Taxonomy and try to understand the different levels of learning.… It sounds like, right now, he knows a lot of academic facts at a basic knowledge level. Work to move into him actually understanding what those facts mean (letters mean nothing unless you’re putting them together to make words; numbers mean nothing until they’re being used in some way). Then work on helping him apply those facts. Focus on deeper learning rather than just rote memorization.It depends on what your child likes to do.

  5. mix the Liquid starch, and Elmer’s glue together, when mixed knead in the food dye.I am a stay at home mom going on 4 years now. My kids are 14, 4 and 2. The 14 year old is gone most days with school but the 2 little ones are home all day. Most days I spend cleaning and doing laundry. If I’m not doing something it drives me nuts. On nice days we go out in the backyard but on crappy days we watch the educational cartoons that they like and sometimes a movie for a nice break. We have “school” time where I work with them on little things that they can grasp and we play games. I make sure that they take naps at the same time. That one was a feat and took awhile to get it working but when they both lay down I get 2 hours of ME time. I can watch a movie, take a bath, do my shool work, whatever. They also go to bed pretty early, around 7, so I get from then until about 10 or 11 as quiet time. Of course they are both up at 6:30 in the morning so I don’t get a lot of sleep but I do get a lot of quiet time.

  6. Maybe you could play dolls with her, read her stories, make cookies/ her favorite foods with her, let her watch t.v., have a tea party with her.. these are just some suggestions.

  7. go to all the websites and register as a new mom. (johnson and johnson, enfamil, similac, huggies, pampers. etc.) you’ll get coupons ands samples.Look around at your local community center and see if they have any summer classes. There are A LOT of SAHM message groups on Yahoo! and they have aactivities all the time and probably in or near your area.

  8. i used HOT PADS (large) I attached it to the outside of my underwear and the warmth of the pads help heal down there faster

  9. You can make home made putty for him to play with,Wow…. Massive list of plenty of things, many of which you won’t need to use for months or possibly yearsGet your newborn on a good sleep schedule. So you can start to get yourself some sleep asap. In the beginning you will be feeding every two hours but around three months the baby will sleep a little longer. Give the baby a bath every night before bed and have a nice mellow routine to prepare. Have play time at the same time everyday. A solid schedule will really help your baby and you more than you know.Or go play with ball outside, have a little race, try to catch bugs, get one of those little bug aquariums it is a plastic box that has built in magnifying glass.I am the stay at home mom of two. My oldest is soon to be 14 and terminally ill so she is home w me every day all day, my second child is 10 months old both are a blessing to me. The only time I get out of the house is to the grocery store dr’s appointments or walmart {yeah some life I live huh}. But I am happy. Yeah I wish sometimes I could have me time but I know that being here for my kids is the most important thing I can be doing. What keeps me sane and this will sound cheesy Im sure but the smiles on their faces and knowing that I am raising decent human beings. I do not drink so I will not suggest that to you. In Nov of 2005 I moved to North Dakota where it is colder more often then it is warm. And to my husbands dismay I redocorate ALOT but we have the funds for that. And he and I play games together. Cards, dominoes, and so forth. If you want to do something just for yourself it doesnt hurt to window shop if you can go to the store and just look around or walk through the mall and look. If you cant get out of the house cross word puzzles and online games saved my sanity when I was on bedrest w my son for 11 weeks

  10. Liquid starch-2cupsIt takes a long time to get used to it. There are a lot of times that I feel “cut off” from the world but when I get that way I load them up and go drive around a local lake and grab some chicken nuggets for them. Try to be creative, don’t forget that you are a person too. I started going back to school to remind me that I was still a person and not just a mom. My financial aid pays for it all and all of my classes are online so I can still be here for has a great week by week update they email to you about your week up until the baby is 2 years old…and they have really good forums where you can ask all those ‘stupid’ questions floating around your head.If you want to wait until he is about 2 you could. But at least you will know how to make very careful when giving babys a bath, they get slippery. make sure you have a baby bath tub.breastfeeding hurts. sometimes…a LOT…but its worth it. it takes about 2 months – YES MONTHS to get in a good swing of things/not feel pain (at least a little) everytime the baby eats…but after 2 months its easy and so worth it!

  11. BURP BURP BURP too…make sure your burping all the time, or you’ll get a gassy cranky baby…which magically ALWAYS seems to happen at night, when you are ready to hit the hay!

  12. There is great book called ‘Baby Days’ by Barbara Rowley. it has tons of activities for indoor/outdoor, any season and any time of day. I used it with my 4 year old and now again with my 5mo. It tells which age each activity is for also messiness factor. Its got great ideas for reasonable prices. A lot of the stuff you already have at home.

  13. Check with your local community center. They may have activities for toddlers, i.e. parent and tot exercise programs. Read to your child, play peekaboo, sing, play with toys, bubbles, and never forget videos such as blues clues, barney, Dora, Teletubbies, and Baby Einstein.

  14. try to keep the baby up from 6pm to 10 or 11pm then put the baby to bed. this will hopefully help the baby understand that it’s sleeping time

  15. What about finding a job at a clothing store or conveneience store for a couple of shifts a week? Being in a store you can see lots of people, and maybe make friends with some co-workers. Maybe 8-16 hours a week……like a couple of short or full 8 hour shifts. I’m sure there are places that can work around your hubby’s work schedule. I have a couple of friends that are stay at home moms and they did this and they are so grate ful that they did!! Plus the little bit of extra money covers their gas expense to get to and from plus a little bit to spoil the little ones with.

  16. Nappies and also cotton wool. When babies are newborn the wipes can be very harsh on their skin and in UK all doctors and midwives recommend to use cotton wool and water to clean baby’s bum for the first few weeks to avoid any irritation

  17. breastfeed directly after giving birth…(if you plan to) your going to feel WEIRD whipping your breast out and trying to use it for something you’ve never done before, especially in front of the nurse/doctor/ husband…but just start getting used to it…ask for help if you don’t know what your doing…and you probably won’t.Get instant vanilla pudding, mix as normal, and small portions of pudding to different bowls, and mix in food coloring to each bowl. And then they can get messy and it is eatable.Measure cupsCommon sense.

  18. make sure you nap when they napI am a stay home mommy with 3,2 and 1 yr. olds. The only thing that keeps us sane is a schedule. If we stick to our routine, we’re ok. I don’t get out much either, but i have my 3 yr. old in nursury school, that’s a big help, i found a toddler program($35) that the other 2 are in. We will bake together, or do easy crafts, once a day out comes a disney movie and i can sit and catch my breath!

  19. I don’t see diapers luvs are the best I have three kids and used luvs everytime others gave them rashes good luck remember you can never have to many clothes they can poop Thur the diapers spit up and everything you can put one outfit on and in five mins it can be dirty

  20. I’m a big fan of discovery learning. This means that you work in different “skills” and “facts” with his normal play and activities.Food coloring Swaddling Blanket much change diaper/feed/sleep…that is the whole life of the baby for the first 2 months…but don’t worry…it will pick up fast, the baby will start doing more and believe it or not, you won’t be changing 8 to 15 diapers a day for the rest of your life!

  21. I truthfully have this similar excellent difficulty, my son is two years previous and he cries and yells out for me in his sleep. So i ultimately requested my well-being practitioner who reported they’re nighttime terrors and no matter if there are eyes are open they’re nevertheless asleep. Its in simple terms an element they flow via and it really is going to get a lot less. My well-being practitioner reported dont truthfully wake them up even as it takes position in simple terms communicate softly to her letting her understand your there or like your doing rub her head it really is all I even ought to do with my son besides. It takes position even as area of the mind is wide awake even as some thing else of the mind remains asleep. also being overtired or ill makes them worse, so shop that in thoughts. They arent risky on your baby so dont subject.

  22. Also if you have a local Y that you can get into – that is somewhere you can take the kids too.get a bouncer….my son loved it. it vibrates and plays music and it’s light. you can move it around the house are going to be in a lot of pain after the delivery…be prepared to feel like crap for at least 3 days post partum. take pain meds, it won’t hurt the baby if you breast feed.Are you buying all this yourself? If so buy whatevver you think you will need, but really you dont need more than clothes, blankets, bottles, diapers and a few toilteries for a newborn. If you are expecting other people to buy this for you.. then I would call it greed.

  23. I am a stay at home mom of two kids ages 3 and 1. I have other friends who are also stay at home moms and we try to meet at the park or if it is raining we rotate going to each other homes, that away the kids have friends to play with and I get a friend to chat to. When my kids nap everyday is my me time. I get on the Internet sometimes or just read a book while they are sleeping instead of trying to catch up on house work, cause if you don’t get a little me time everyday, you will go nuts. Or sometimes on the weekends my hubby stays home and me and my friends catch a movie or something.

  24. Baking sugar cookies can include lessons in math (fractions and ratios), chemistry (the baking powder and flour create a reaction that causes the dough to rise, the butter melts from its solid state into a liquid state and helps make them flaky, baking temperatures and how they can change depending on altitude), art (visually being able to see where to cut out the next cookies, positive and negative space)… see where I’m going with this? There’s all sorts of things to be learned just by opening up the dialog and using his normal every-day things to teach new concepts.

  25. Another idea could be to find out what, exactly, he needs to know before school so that you have a better idea rather than just trying to guess in the dark. You might be surprised to see that expectations are rather low in some areas and high in others. If you google Yourstate content standards, you should be able to find the skills that the schools will want kids to know by the end of kindergarten. Use these to gauge what he should know before.

  26. Elmer’s glue-1 cupHead scanner thermometer concerns me a bit… Is this one of the strips you hold against baby’s for head and little squares change colour? If it is throw it out and get a digital thermometer for underarm (under tongue when older). Those head ones aren’t very accurate and if there is an issue with baby’s temperature you really want something that’s specific and accurateHi there 🙂 Congrats!! Well, all I have to say is enjoy and love every minute!! They grow TOO fast!! Oh and get a boppy pillow! Best invention ever!

  27. I like you had little if any experience…and since I live in China and my family is in Los Angeles there was even more reason for me to freak. But I got through it pretty well, so it should be a piece of cake for you.first 2 months…let the baby sleep, don’t feel like your being a bad mom cuz your baby is sleeping a lot…that is what they are supposed to do! when they wake up, they are hungry…no need to wonder what the baby is crying for…he/she is hungry! change the diaper, feed the baby and he/she will probably go to sleep.Hope this helps some.. this is the YMCA Page re: financial assistance with membershipbabys don’t need a bath everyday. just wipe them down with a clean warm cloth if needed.the ME time thing – see if your area has a Mom’s club – a lot of times it just a get together thing where you craft, hang and have coffee. you know – look in the local weekly papers like the pennysaver if you have that … or call the Y they may know of some. also see if the Y in your area has a sliding fee scale for membership – they have great classes and swimming that can get you out of the was ok but I didn’t really like it. Also Answers is a great place to get some instant feed back…so long as you ignore the ‘zealots’.

  28. I don’t know any specific websites, but i’m pretty sure the hospital that you will be having the baby at will have more informationThere is no “sane” with kids. I am 23 with 3 kids(5, 3 and 1) and I hardly ever get ME TIME. I have a great group of friends that I talk to everyday that keep me going. I also have a supportive husband who agrees with me when I say I need to leave for a while. If you need a chat friend, try to find me!I’m always willing to listen, and it only makes sense cuz were in the same boat.

  29. listen to your instincts, the best advice I got was that all babies are different and dont stress about strict routines just follow your babies cues.

  30. Surely your husband can smoke outside. Smoking increases the risk of SIDS greatly! Please ask him to smoke outside and then wash up and change clothes before touching baby 🙂

  31. [/DELDUP]Swimming lessons, Take them to the park, Take them to the beach, parent and tot activity centers, mcdonalds??

  32. First thing to do is get as many books, videos and internet sites that you can get your hands on. Ask any friends or family about having kids. Next I would definately invest in a camera and scrap book…to record your baby bump and the progress. (I hate the fact that it totally didn’t occur to me until after I was like 38 weeks!)here are the basics…

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