How Many Books In Maze Runner

What does your book collection look like.

how many books? what genre of books? etc.

Hmm… well I have to say that most of my books have black covers… except for like Sarah Dessen or Nicholas Sparks and things like that. I couldn’t count the number of books in my collection even if I tried. Haha.I have mostly fantasy, romance, action/adventure, and thriller.Ill name just a couple off the top of my head:The Twilight sagaTo Kill a Mocking BirdThe Hunger GamesCatching FireWuthering HeightsThe Truth About ForeverKeeping the MoonGet Well SoonKira-KiraThe Maze RunnerBefore I FallHush, HushFallenSunday’s at TiffanysDear JohnLiving Dead GirlThe Adoration of Jenna FoxSkinnyFrom the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerJeremy Fink and the Meaning of Lifehaha those are some of the ones I could think of off the top of my head… plenty more of them though! HAHAI have a lot of VC Andrews books, and a bunch of James Patterson, Sarah Dessen, and James Dashner.I love the hunger games and catching fire, so they are usually at the top of my book shelf with their covers facing toward the front. XDbut I usually read AT LEAST one book a week, and I have been doing that for about 2 1/2 years…. so you do the math. haha

How many books have you read this year.

We’re at the half-way mark for the year. So, how many books have you read and completed in the last 6 months?I finally finished my first book of the year a few days ago! It only too me 6 months to finish!Do you have any reading goals this year? If so, what are they and how is it coming along?My…

I read a lot so don’t get discurged when I tell you. I read probably 4 books a week and we have been through about 24 weeks so 96 books. Probably more like a 70 cause i reread some. I dont spead all my time reading i just read really fast.I liked- divergent- maximum ride- witch and wizard- the alchemyst- hunger games- no safety in numbers- the hunt- graceling- gregor- the maze runnersBut i’m a teenager. I have too much free time.

Free zane books

Out of these two book series, which should I start reading.

I’m looking for a new book series to get into, and these are the ones that keep popping up.The Maze RunnerandDivergentWhich one do you think I should read? I have no idea what either are about. And if you could, I would so very much appreciate it if you could tell me how many books are in each series…

I have heard of The Maze Runner but I don’t know what it’s about or anything. The Divergent series, I started to read the first book but couldn’t really get into it. It is a futuristic type of book (like The Hunger Games, if you have read/heard of that)… You might like it, I don’t know what types of book you like though haha. I believe there are only 2 books in that series.Well, if you’re open for suggestions then I will gladly suggest πŸ™‚ I personally adore the House of Night series, Harry Potter series, and The Vampire Diaries… If you are into thrillers, I really liked Mommy (and also the 2nd book in the series called Mommy’s Day) by Max Allan Collins. And there are, of course, any books by Stephen King πŸ™‚

what page is the following quotes from The Maze Runner on.

β€œYou get lazy, you get sad. Start givin’ up. Plain and simple.”andβ€œIt was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.”

How many editions of the Maze Runner are there? Have they ever made it into a large-print book for myopic folks? Does it show up as an e-reader book yet? There’s you’re problem. You’re assuming one book is formatted the exact same way each and every time. Not likely.However, there is hope. A few years ago, Google decided to scan every single book ever published to load it online. You can find a slew of books if you go to the book section of Google (which is found under “options” on their search engine page.) When you get to that page, google your lines you want to find, and then see if those lines show up in that search. If they do, you’ll find they have The Maze Runner, and it will tell you which page it is in to give you a rough idea for the edition you have. (It might even be the same edition – in which case you luck out and your research is over. lol) If it’s not on that exact page, you know it’s roughly around that part of the story and you can search the pages before and after to figure out where it fits in your edition.And, in case google doesn’t have it loaded yet, add additional info to your question like “What chapter is it in and about which part of that chapter – beginning, middle, and end?” At least you’re more likely to find it that way.Good luck.

What is the connection and comparison between Unwind and The Maze Runner.

I’ll be doing an essay on Unwind by Neal Shusterman thus, I need help on comparison and connection. I want to compare The Maze Runner to Unwind and I what to know the connection between both novels have, and have 2 examples how they are similar. Thank you πŸ™‚

Both take place in made up unvierses that are future-istic and slightly apoctalipic. Many characters in both books have no control of their likes like Thomas is part of an experiment and has no idea of the full picture, the unwinds are destined to be spare parts or “dead” and no matter how much they run or hide the cops will find them. I guess the main character lay out is similar, in Unwind the mains are two boys and a girl. In MR the main gladers are some boys and a girl. The genra is also the same kinda mystery and suspece and thriller but MR has more elements of mystery.Hope this helps. Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve read either book.

Is The Maze Runner good.

I was thinking of starting the book series. How good is it? I know it won’t be the next harry potter, but is it at least better than crappy Divergent? I didn’t like Divergent because it was too cheesy.

Yes you should definitely read The Mazerunner! I’ve read it twice and I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve reread, and I have read many, MANY books.The whole idea and story is very original and unique, and it is way better than Divergent. To me it seemed like the Divergent storyline kept getting worse and worse, whereas I think The Mazerunner kept consistent.You’ll fall in love with the characters too πŸ™‚

How many pages are in The Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, and Death Cure.

I need to know how many pages are in these three books for a reading log. If anyone knows, please list each book and its page numbers seperately, don’t combine all the pages. Thanks

Glooble is a hit-or-miss way to find things out. Use the intelligent solution instead. Go to the online catalog of any library; look up the books; it’ll tell you how many pages the book contains.

How many Gladers are there in the Maze Runner.

How many Gladers are there right before they begin to get picked off towards the end of the book?

Not sure but good luck!

How many books are there in “The Maze Runner” series.

… by James Dashner.

The maze runner is a trilogy not a series. So he will have three books total.

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  1. I have:the house of special purpose – boyneMy mom bought me two large bookcases so I could have a place to put my novels.

  2. BQ; I plan on starting to read Lolita tomorrow and after that I am going to read The Great Gatsby (which is also one of my favourite books)

  3. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Much ado about nothing , a midsummer night’s dream- shakespeareTortilla Flat, of mice and men, grapes of wrath and anything else by Steinbeckpersuasion – austenBQ: I dunno…depends on which one I pick up. The last one I read was Gone, by Michael Grant (I’ve wanted to read it for years)…next I’ll probably read Matched, by Allie Condie.

  4. BQ2: A couple of hundred at least. The Kindle makes it almost too easy for me to buy books…German Translation BooksThey they nothing alike. Both Connor and Thomas are two very different people.

  5. History of Edgar Allen PoeEDIT: June is the sixth month of the year, but it’s not over yet. Halfway through the year would be the end of June and beginning of July.

  6. noughts and crosses – blackmanMeditations by Marcus AureliusGone with the WindI dont have very many… I recently went through and got rid of my old books (complete with burning those horrid Twilight Saga books…) Ive probably got about 50 now.

  7. BQ: Next to read is Against the Light by Dave Duncan. I know nothing about it, except that I liked the sample enough to buy it in February last year.My favorite genres are Horror and Fantasy but my collection is far from complete

  8. harry potter series <3 - rowlingMy plan was to read 50, but I'll probably increase that to 100.William Shakespeare ( i have all the known plays(at least one copy) and readers that go back to 1820)I have so many books on Egypt and the Holocaust.

  9. I set myself a goal of 20 on goodreads and I’m at 15 so far. I’m pretty happy because with my job and my baby, it’s getting hard to find the time to read.I have no idea how many books I’ve read. I generally read a book every day and a half to two days, not counting the ones that I re-read. I also do a lot of reading online, as well. I usually read about four books at once. I always have a couple in the bathroom, one on the dining table, and my nook in my purse. That nook is too convenient. I can buy a book online at 2 AM and be reading it within a minute. I once got bored in a doctor’s waiting room and managed to spend over $100 in five minutes or so.

  10. My boyfriend and I have got so many books in our house that the bookshelves are overflowing and there are books stacked up in piles on the floor of our bedroom and the living room, fiction and non-fiction. We’ve got about 1,500 – 2,000 books. Mostly fiction – classic, contemporary, children’s, genre, whatever – but also a lot of non-fiction. Politics, sociology, language, travel, the arts, science, pop culture, philosophy, history.

  11. The Poe Reader by Edgar Allen Poesherlock holmes collection – conan doyle=)I have over ten six-foot tall bookcases filled to overflowing. One of them is filled with old dog stories; another is filled with old horse stories. Some of the rest have other animal stories, but the majority are science fiction and fantasy, with some mysteries tossed in for good measure. I have most of Terry Pratchett’s books, all of Jim Butcher’s, Neil Gaiman, the Sookie Stackhouse books, the Kitty Norville books, lots of Alan Dean Foster, all the Miles Vorkosigan books, Tom Clancy, Stephen Lawhead, Rob Thurman… my genre du jour is urban fantasy.[/DELDUP]sense and sensibility – austen

  12. According to my Goodreads shelf, I’ve read 31 books this year. My goal was to read 30 over the whole year, so I’m pleased about that.EDIT 2: “Nitpicky” is my middle name. Actually, it would be “nitpicker” or “nit picking”, since “nitpicky” isn’t in the dictionary πŸ˜‰

  13. BQ: I’m currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Not sure what I’ll read next. Possibly Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter books.City of God by St. Augustine

  14. Edgar Allen Poe (Complete Collection of Stories and Poems)BQ2; Currently there 39 books in my to read pile seeing as I have already read 3 and I intend to read them all before September 1st.

  15. World War IIMannnnnnnngaAncient Egypt History CollectionI’ve read 47 books this year…20 of those were in January. (Those are just books I haven’t read yet…I’ve reread other books as well as the 47…so I’ve read over 50 this year).The History of Adolf Hitler

  16. birdsong – faulksLord of the Rings trilogy/The Hobbit by TolkienAnyway, surely it depends on if you get hardback, paperback or an e-book?

  17. ok… for an aspiring writer, I don’t read that much πŸ™‚ I’m just really busy with school… This year, i’ve read 5 books (The book thief, Thirteen Reasons Why, Divergent, Tuesdays with Morrie, Le Barbier de Seville)

  18. I average 2 books per week, but have had several weeks where I managed better. So I’d estimate I’ve read maybe 45 books so far this year. I just started one I picked up at the library called Zombie, Illinois. Looks like fun.— and my own novels. =)

  19. wuthering heights – bronteella enchanted – levinemutiny on the bounty – boyneBook of the Dead HistoryI plan on reading 10 books minimum this summer. I’ll be finishing the Divergent series (which I’m reading out loud with my mom), the Wither series (with my mom also) and the Lord of the Rings series. I also have a whole bunch of books at home waiting for me on my bookshelf πŸ™‚

  20. Well right now it looks like a pile of approximately 130 boxes in a storage unit (In case you’re wondering that amounts to about 3,200 or so books in total. I moved out of my old place and am going to do a little traveling before looking for a new place so except for the really important ones (which number about 300-400) which I have moved into my mum’s house for the time being they don’t look to exciting.I will be reading Robert Frosts’s complete poetry. I am currently reading the Adrian Mole series and a non-fiction book composed of essays by Kelly Oxford.

  21. During the school year I don’t really get time to read for pleasure, I read the books that the classes I am in require me to read. Throughout the year I collect books that I want to read over the summer though, I got off for summer on May 22nd and had 42 books that I wanted to read. So far I have read 3, Great Expectations, To Kill a Mockingbird (both are my favourite books, which is why I chose to begin with them) and I finished Looking for Alaska today (it was a good book but in my opinion there wasn’t much of a story to it really).stardust – gaiman

  22. BQ2: According to my Goodreads account, I have 183…but some of those aren’t out yet…I have a fairly large pile of library books sitting in my room, and I’m reading through those at the moment.

  23. alex rider series – horowitzDivergent was good. Anyway. Yeah, its good, though I feel the author was running out of ideas by book 3. Also, JUST READ IT!! You’ll never know if you’ll like a book if you don’t try!

  24. I recommend all of them! They were amazing! Though, to appreciate Le Barbier de Seville (I don’t know the English title), you might need general knowledge on french history and litterature πŸ™‚

  25. The genres are:I am 41 years old, male and I am an avid reader. In my personal collection i have over 3,000 separate books and 100s of magazines. The books are Classic, Science Fiction, fantasy, Horror, War/Action, Western Dime Novel, Plays, Poetry, Non-Fiction, and biographical. A few of my favorite reads have been:

  26. My to-read list is too large to even contemplate. For every book I finish, I find 3 more that look interesting. It can be an addiction.

  27. boy in the striped pjs – boyneCould you not have just googled this?what i can see from where i’m sittting:I’ve read 17 books so far. My goal is 30. I have 500+ book son my list to read so no point in listing them.I have a bunch of fiction stories. The most prevalent author is, by far, Stephen King, I own almost every one of his books. I also have some older stories, like the Divine Comedy, the Odyssey, and the Iliad. I probably have several hundred to a thousand books, bought all in bulk. I used to just go on eBay and buy dozens of books for only a dollar or two. So numerous books, and many nonfiction as well, but I don’t want to go into depth of all of those, they tend to be less interesting. I’m 16 now, but when I was a little younger (13 and 14), I used to read a book or two a month. I still read sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

  28. Ancient Egyptians Book of the dead ‘with translations’Halfway? Are you using one of the old Roman calendars? ;-)What is a Gladet

  29. Horatio Hornblower stories by C.S. Forester (hundreds of volumes of nautical fiction )the kite runner and a thousand splendid suns – hosseiniWorld War IFantasyHorror

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