How To Get A Job Narrating Audio Books

English Grammer and Fluency problem.

Dear AllI have a problem in speaking English. As i was put up in a regional medium schools, i had no exposure to speak in English even if I interested on those days. For this reason i am not selected in any interviews. Particularly i got failed in Telephonic Interviews as well as in Group Discussion sessions. I…

I’m sorry I can’t be answer the specific questions that you are asking since I don’t know what type of job you are seeking and I’ve never been involved in a group discussion as part of the interview process.I would, however, suggest doing whatever you can to improve your English grammar and fluency.Read publications in English such as newspapers, magazines, and books. Communicate with others who speak and read English using email.Listen to/watch programs that are produced in English. If you have access to a dvd player, view movies that are filmed in English and turn on the subtitles. Read the subtitles and listen to the language as the movie is playing. My sister-in-law who is hearing impaired does this so that she can understand what is being said.If necessary use audio books along with the written text to practice grammar skills.If you live in a community where there are others who speak English then take advantage of it. Find opportunities to speak English to others who can speak it well. Have group discussions in English.If you improve your English grammar and fluency you should begin to show improvement in your interviews.

How do I get into audiobook recording.

I’m a college student, and I’ve been toying with the idea of recording an audiobook for money. However, I have no idea how to go about this. I go to the Cleveland Institute of Art, so recording equipment isn’t a concern of mine. I don’t know what sort of client base there is for audiobook…

Best place to start is to contact the regular (paper) book publishers – Simon and Schuster, etc. Some publishers also contract with specific studios for the voice-over talent, so you’d have to be working for that studio to get the work. But the place to start asking is at the publisher level – you’ll be able to get the scoop. Also go to the big audiobook distributor/streaming sites like – they are driving the recording of many of the audiobooks they offer. There are a couple others too – Apple iTunes has some audiobooks – but is the big fish at the moment.Don’t expect to be hired to record NYT best-selling novels – publishers always try to get the author themselves first – and if not then, then a recognized voice-over artist like Mike Howe or Meredith Vierra – voices you hear doing TV commercials or narrating reality shows. I think the opportunity for you will be for little-known non-fiction books – self-help stuff, etc. But in any case – the place to start is with the publisher, or with Audible.Finally – here is an audio exchange that might give you some insight – I think these are self-publishing authors and so forth but it’s another avenue to get you started.…Hope this helps Pokemon books for free

How does one become a narrator for audiobooks.

I was wondering if anyone knows what is necessary to become a narrator for audiobooks. I know that often famous actors and such get those jobs, but is there a way for someone who isn’t already famous to get into that field?

Audio books are a type of voice acting. So like other voice acting, you audition – usually through an audio demo. So you’ll need to make a demo (or more than one) that you can send out as an audition. It should have excerpts of you reading books, using different character books, accents, whatever to demonstrate your range. This is how you sell yourself to audio book producers, so it’s pretty important. Narrating audio books involves more than just reading a story. You have to be able to invoke specific characters using just your voice, you have to create mood using pace and diction – things like that.Often audio book producers go through talent agencies to find the right people for their projects. (Talent agents represent voice actors just like they represent “regular” actors.) So you’ll want to get acting training (classes) and experience to build a good resume. Instead of a head shot, you’ll include links to your demo reels.Just like “regular” acting it’s a competitive career. Research so you understand the industry and where to find work and build a network of contacts to help you find out about opportunities.Good luck.

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  1. All of the audiobooks I listen to are done by volunteers from You can volunteer at… if you are interested. The audiobooks done by celebrities are probably paid and the rights to the book being read have been purchased. Librivox only records books that have had their copyright expire.

  2. one million) use well grammar books like Wren and Martyn and so on. two) pay attention english information ( & well english movies ) and skim english aloud. three) Try to talk in english while u r with your self in entrance of a replicate- see ur accessory & posture- each r imp. four) Don’t suppose shy. Speak up ur brain and inform others to proper in case u r mistaken.

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