How To Sell Books On The Internet

How to sell stuff on internet.

I’m 16 and have lots of books and clothes that are in good shape and some other junk I want to sell. But I don’t know how to sell on Ebay. What all do I have to do? And is it better to just put a price or auction them off? Ruffly how much should I sell books and clothes? Also I’m writing several books…

First thing since you are 16, you should check with each service to make sure you are able to sell. Most services require that you are 18 to use them.If you are looking to sell the books you have, take a look at Amazon. It is free to list there and you only pay a fee to Amazon when the item sells. This is unlike eBay who requires a fee to list, relist, and another fee once the item sells.You may want to look at Bonanza as another outlet to use (again…check the age limit.) If your clothes are name-brand, you may want to check for a store like Plato’s closet in your area to sell your clothes.So to recap…- Sources to sell on1) Amazon2) eBay3) Bonanza- Check to see if you are old enough to sell on each one before starting.- Check out the links below…I am only showing the direct link to the sites but there is a TON of information there that will help you sell your items.

How to sell e-books.

I have written a book and I want to sell via internet as an e-book, I would like to know the way to put my book on the internet and sell it.Please I want a tutorial step by step of how to do it. (you know where can I have upload the book and if is it recommended using paypal)

It really varies on the type of e-book! you’ll probably want to place excerpts of it online and have contact forms for people to contact you.First step is getting a good, web host (I recommend a decent, UNIX based hosting provider that gives you shell access) Make sure your domain registrar and hosting provider are two separate companies!Next, install some IPN software on it. There are probably a lot of packages out there, here’s mine:PayVeX:…(Full disclosure, I own PayVeX)You’ll need PHP, UNIX and MySQL to install it.Once thats done, you can upload your ebook and sell it using paypal.If you want to code your own download manager, that is possible too:This will get you started: have to take care in making sure the TXN is valid, etc.. if you write your own though. Disney story central

How to make money on the internet with an informational book.

I’m writing a book on” how to ” for females. So I would like to know how could i use the internet to make money with the book? Should I create a blog, or a web page? Or should I do something else?

Do you have much experience of selling informational products on the Internet?Have you done thorough research on your product to see if there is a niche i.e someone else other than you would buy it?If not I suggest you have a look on Amazon, because if they are selling it there is market. Also try which sells a huge range of informational products. If they are selling something similar you have a market and you can make money doing it.If you have limited knowledge about marketing on the Internet there is an affordable course that will take you through all the steps that you need to make a profitable product and teach you the skills of marketing online.It is a programme written by an English guy called Robert Evans which is very easy to follow and you will learn a lot. He talks about how to research, sell and promote your informational product online.If you are interested go here http://www.internetbusiness247.comGood luck with your project and I may buy it when you are selling it.

how do you sell pixels on the internet.

I would like to pay for college and I read that someone sold pixels on the internet to pay off his college. I would just like to know how to pay for college in a simpler way than having a part time job and getting paid 8 bucks an hour. plus pay for rent, fuel,books, etc.

Only Alex Tew was able to make money from pixel advertising — the rest of the copycats are struggling to find advertisers for their websites.The problem is that pixel advertising websites have NOTHING but ads on them. There’s no content, nothing of value to an ordinary visitor.Alex Tew was able to earn his goal of a million dollars with his pixel advertising site because of his story. He became a media darling, and interviewed by various TV shows, featured in newspapers and magazines. That’s why his site grew big. Here’s a feature done on him by BBC…I suggest you come up with something original, something that will have value to users. There are many ways to earn money from the Web — if you know how.

Where is the best place to sell antique books on the internet.

I have about 20 antique books that i have no need for anymore. They range from 1888 to 1930. Where is the best place to sell them? Ebay is not a good choice because i don’t want to keep listing them if they don’t sell immediately.

you first need to do some research regarding each of these to find out just how much other sellers are offering their editions for so you don’t get ripped off and then check out these sites powells.combiblio.comgood luck…

Where and How are the best places on the Internet to sell old books.

I have never sold an old book on the internet and looking for website’s to sell some old book’s older then 50 year’s old.

There’s always eBay, but is better known for books. My wife buys books off all the time. Make sure you give full description, including that they’re out of print or rare or otherwise valuable.

How to sell my articles on the Internet.

You can sell (or give away) your articles in the form of e-books or documents at It won’t cost you anything.However, if you want people to buy your articles, you should probably try to cultivate a following first, by having your writings on a website or giving them away on smashwords. Then once there is a demand for your work, you can sell it.Here you can see examples of essays (not full-length books) by authors who sell or distribute their work on smashwords:…

How does one make and sell an E-Book on the Internet.

I am disabled and are struggling to make it with the rising prices of everything these days. I cannot work and are on the verge of losing my car to repossession. I was hoping that someone would be so kind as to instruct me on how to make and sell an EBook on the Internet.

Hey i’m not really an author but i do know where you can sell your stuff and thousand of people willing to sell your ebook or other downloadable stuff for you for a small commission ( probably only like 10% ).I used it before and the sales was amazing you should try it. here’s the address you’re after

How to sell things on the internet.

I was wondering how do you sell things on the internet? I’m wanting to try to sell some things online but I have never sold things online before is it safe? The things that I am interested in selling are a copy of the Backstreet Boys comic book that was done by Stan Lee and a book of Power Rangers like trading…

Yes is one but you have to pay. is a very nice website where you can sell things to people locally but there is some scammers everywhere . ignore emails which offer you checks and money orders they can be fake, best thing is to meet in person and for them to pay cash. I use myself sold couple things through it its very cool

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  1. Going by the “tone” of most of your other questions, I think you’d probably end up having to pay people to read them.

  2. 2. Join a network like clickbank, I’d go so far as to say that this is practically the only viable media

  3. By either getting an agent or bothering to read the websites to which you think you can sell an article, nearly all of which offer guidelines for submissions, if they except such admissions at all.

  4. Honestly, and I’m not saying this to be mean, but I really think it’s not going to sell. If you were selling a published book, they might. Actually, I don’t think you can sell something like that anyway.Where is the best place to sell antique books on the internet?http://www.designebookcover.comwhat You are asking for is difficult !Another place to sell it is on your local antique bookshop. They might just be able to give you a reasonable price if you know just how much your book is worth.

  5. Ebays worth a shot, if you want to sell cds and other things too you can sell via amazon through a shop system

  6. you can check out this site it show a way how to do that using photoshop if you have that1.2 Health products and guides

  7. Books aren’t really things people want to bid on, especially if it’s a home-made book.1.1 Make money online

  8. hey you need to write about something that you know and you think that would help others, something that others have interestt in. also one important thing as well is to get good design for the coverVERY diifficult !You will need to pick a topic and use PDF to create your eBook. Regardless of what you choose, you have to pick your topic and format, create great content and put it together.[/DELDUP]

  9. You price the book at $17. You are able to sell 5 copies per day. You get close to 50 sales via affiliate network.That is your choice, either convince one man you’re worth a rat’s crap or bother to put some thought and work into your marketing.

  10. Your total profit per day is.If you are creating a PDF eBook, better off typing it up on a word document of choice.5. The site should be professionally done, 4-5 page site with a main landing page is god enough.Ebay has a specific category for those:what your going for is a solid business it’s called the information biz and the best person who makes MILLIONs doing this is Shawn casey !

  11. 3. Offer a high percentage to affiliates – 70% is quite the norm.As they say, patience is a virtue.

  12. Ebay is the best place to sell those books. Not only you’ll get to advertise it worldwide, you can also maximize the potential of the price range of those books because sometimes, there are just some avid readers out there, or even some antique book collector who might be checking out ebay every now and then and who knows, you might just be the owner of the book they are wanting to get.You will want to make this really attractive, use a table of contents, have chapters and different sections to the eBook make it look like a regular book. You may also want to look into affiliate marketing, all the companies I use for affiliate marketing are free to sign up for.

  13. One of the best ways to make money online is via the sale of e-books. The reason being the whole affiliate army. Allow me to explain point by point.6. That’s it

  14. but you can try selling them through eBay but don’t be shocked to if you don’t get much for it but the perk now is eBay until March 31st is doing 1 cent listing so it won’t cost much to list them for sell

  15. If your book is even moderately well written (meaning not a total crap). A whole army of affiliates will pick this up for sale. A simple maths will make you understand the power of affiliate marketing.eBay!! it is safe and fun and it’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. $17×5+$50×5 = $335 (less taxes, promotional expenses, commission to clickbank and hosting expenses) you can make around $200 per day.

  17. 1. Create an e-book on ANY topic around 25 pages, the best ones aredont know try ebay…just set up an account

  18. I have about 20 antique books that i have no need for anymore. They range from 1888 to 1930. Where is the best place to sell them? Ebay is not a good choice because i don’t want to keep listing them if they don’t sell immediately.

  19. As for your junk, maybe Ebay. Things like bikes, computer parts or car parts people can really use would be a good profit.

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