How To Get Paid To Review Books

How can you get free products to review.

I was thinking maybe for something new to do for fun I could review different products. I’m not talking big expensive things, but something people actually want reviewed. I could do it on a blog and on youtube. I was thinking make up, books, electronics, etc. If you have any information please let me know! Thanks!

Start by reviewing things you have to pay for or can borrow – until you get readership, no one is going to just send you stuff to review. Once you have been reviewing things and you have a readership viewing your blog/youtube videos, then you can start approaching companies for products to review.

How to get my book published..

I was wondering how would I go about getting a book published? Do I have to get copyrights first? Will it cost me anything? It has been my dream since middle school & I’m 19 years old now and I was just wondering how would I go about getting something published. Thank you

First have several copies made of your manuscript. Buy a current copy of the Writer’s Market book available at your local book store. Find a publisher that publishes the kind of book you have written. Send your manuscript to as many publishers as you wish. You will need to enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your manuscript. This is to get a reply from the publisher. Your manuscript will be considered by the publisher to be an unsolicited manuscript. In other words they didn’t ask you for your story. The first person to get your manuscript will probably only read the first page or two. If you haven’t grabbed that person by then they will throw your manuscript away and send you a form rejection letter. (I’ve got a few myself) If the first reader likes what he or she reads your manuscript goes higher up. This person will read more of your manuscript and decide if it should be sent on to his or her supervisor for review. If the next person likes it the publisher will contact you and tell you more.It will take several weeks for a publisher to respond to your manuscript. Don’t get impatient and try to call or email them.If a publisher wants to publish your manuscript they will tell you. Then you have to notify the other publishers that you submitted your manuscript to that you wish to remove your manuscript from their further consideration.A quick word on agents. Right now you don’t need one. However, if you decide you have to have one, don’t pay an agent to read your manuscript. An agent gets paid when they get a publisher to buy your manuscript.I hope this helps. Good luck and keep writing

Download books for free

Can you get paid to read books.

Can you get paid to read books? I like to read books but I tend to get lost in them so I couldn’t be an editor or anything cause nouns and stuff confuse me but can you get paid to just read and give your review or something and how would I obtain a job like this?

you could be a journalist for the review column of a newspaper. that is the only way where you get paid to read.

Paid to write stories or book reviews.

I want to start getting paid for whenever I start writing my short stories online or book/movie reviews. What sites do that? Preferably not any contests.

You don’t write short stories online to get paid. Instead work them up to be published in magazines. That’s where the good bucks are.Reviews and movies are pretty well covered in the three websites that pay for articles, but if you can branch out on other kinds of articles, try,, and (Slim chance to do movie reviews for Gather, but they expect a 250 word article once a day and you get $400 a month.)You’ll need to show your published articles of course – the ones that got you money before. If you have none, then you’ll want to start your own blog for movie reviews, and learn how to get it set up for SEO until it lands on the first page of the SERPs. Once you can prove you have 10,000 views per month, then you hit companies to pay for advertising on your site. A lot of hard work, and you should start making money in 6 months. Make sure it’s your own URL, of course. Basically learn the ropes, and you could end up a true expert in the field. That’s the best way to make a comfortable pay.

Anybody ever got paid to do book reviewes. How much were you paid.

Just an extension of my project. How much were you paid per book review?

I was just freelancing (outside of my day job), so…not much. I think at most I was paid was around $15/article. Many times, I was just paid with books (just whatever I happened to be writing about)–which wasn’t a bad thing. I may have read the books anyway, and writing about them was a pleasure, no matter the quality of the books.

can you get paid to read books.

im looking for a website or something that could offer people money for reading books and reviewing them.seeing as how i read all the time anyway, i might as well earn a little bit of cash doing it hahaDo you know if anything like this exists or is it just me wishful thinking?

Unless you’re an established book reviewer for a newspaper or magazine don’t count on it.Bloggers like myself get books to review for free and don’t get paid a single dime for our reviews. We do it because we have an interest in the book and/or the author. Our payment is a copy of the book.Might want to look for other ways to earn a little bit of side money.

How to get paid for reviewing items.

How do those people become reviewers for things like phones, cameras, miscellaneous accessories, books, etc, etc?

Generally they get a gathering of people on a video site “Youtube” then after becoming famous enough, they may be contacted by people asking them to review their items.(Generally their channel is about reviewing originally)

How can I get paid to write book reviews.

A family member suggested that I hook up with a publishing company that pays the public to read manuscripts and write reviews for them before they go to print, but I don’t know how to get into it.. How can I go about doing this?

Find some books/writers you really like and then write the publisher a nice cover letter and send them a resume.

How to get paid to be a book critic.

Does anyone know where I could get paid to be a book critic? Possibly online. Or how I can pick up extra money writing reviews on books?

I have no idea how to get paid for that. I run a book website where people reivew books but no reviewer is paid. To my knowledge most of the big book review sites there is no payment to the reviewers just free books.

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  1. Find the address of some major publishing companies and write to their personnel or HR departments and ask if they’re hiring. Enclose a copy of your resume showing any relevant courses or experience.

  2. Did you pay including your economic corporation account on paypal? it may take 7-10 to sparkling. If the acquisition cost develop into over $30 and hes a greater moderen broker, he wont get the $ (it is going to come out of your acct) till he ships it and that they confirm you acquire it or you leave him effective comments. permit him understand that. touch paypal if there are any issues. good success!

  3. First you might wanna start off with things that you can get as free samples and then once you build a following then you can really approach companies about sponsoring your videos or your blog.You can get paid to read books as a professional book reviewer, slush reader for a publishing company or literary agent. These jobs are usually given to English or journalism majors, and they don’t pay much.Yeah, you should copyright it .Have any favorite books in the same genre as your own?Try those publishers.Getting published is not usually easy and I think the advice you should get is beyond the scope of this site.Try reading books on writing ,how to get published ,writer’s magazines.Good luck!!!

  4. yes, I read that you can do that but that you have to search online and they send you the book and you write a review and they would just probably send you just a free book at first but as you get popularity they might pay you. You can start contacting the publishers and they might agree to pay you.

  5. and you can discuss the cost with them. They do the printing and all of the marketing for you. You can also look up “self publishers” for other publishers. This is the route that I took for my new book “Gabriel’s Special Toy” see

  6. You could also earn credentials by posting reviews on Readers rate those reviews, and if you become a top reviewer, you might be able to use that to get a real job. Again, this could take you months.can you get paid to read books?im looking for a website or something that could offer people money for reading books and reviewing them.You can review anything and get paid,

  7. Hi,(“I really love to read”, unfortunately, doesn’t count as relevant coursework or experience.)

  8. Like Katniss said, you could be some sort of reviewer in a newspaper or magazines. I’ve read some *amazing* reviews in the New Yorker. If you like to write, I think that would be fun.

  9. Once you get a following you can maybe go to best buy or wal mart and tell them “I have this youtube channel/blog and I have such and such of a following and I wanted to know if you would sponsor me. I will review products for your and you can in return give me either money or free items/ I can keep the things I review.”

  10. You could try some of the freelancer websites. The websites themselves are legit, but no guarantees about any of their individual clients, so use your judgment.In order to review books (and actually get paid to do it) you will need to know and understand “nouns and stuff”. Being able to read is not the only qualification for that particular job and often times you need a background in editing, journalism, or rhetoric. For the level you are referring to you, all you could get out of it is free books and the editors or promoters will choose which ones you get. In the publishing industry they are referred to as ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies).

  11. Get Paid to Write Reviews.Here is the list of Top 20 sites which get paid you for write a reviewYou could also see if any literary agents are looking for readers to cut through their slush pile. The slush pile is the submissions they get from potential authors. They don’t always have time to read every single submission, so they get trusted readers to go through the submissions and flag anything that might be interesting or have potential. That way, they can focus their efforts on only reading the best submissions.;…

  12.…You have to get sponsored in order to get companies to give you stuff that you can review.I think most people who would actually pay someone to review a book would rather pay someone who is good at writing reviews. If you have no experience reviewing books, it might help to start a blog and write a few, so potential employers could get a sense of what your writing is like. You can also contact local papers and see if any of them are looking for a book reviewer. My local neighbourhood newspaper accepts submissions, though they can’t pay for them. You’ll need a strong portfolio of work to prove you should be paid for your skills.

  13. seeing as how i read all the time anyway, i might as well earn a little bit of cash doing it hahaWell, I know that if you write a good bookreview, in Chapter’s competitions, whenever they have one, you can win money or something. Hope that helped!

  14. Like me I just got my first sponsor, but my sponsor isn’t like the ones you want where you review anything; I’m a web designer so I deal with web hosts and other web designers/webmasters.

  15. No. It’s hard to break out of a genre once you’re established. And regardless of pseudonym, editors/agents/publishers will know of your previous publishing credentials and they will judge your future work based on it. There have been plenty of authors who have been rejected because publishers believed they weren’t marketable if they tried selling a story outside of their reader demographic. (Then again, there are many examples of the opposite as well). So, if you intend to break free from the erotica genre, you’d have a more difficult time doing so because your previous publishing credentials follow you everywhere you go. And regardless of what anyone says, there *is* a stigma against erotica writers (any controversial writer for that matter), in the publishing industry. Unless you become a best selling author (and therefore have leverage over all publishers), you will be pigeonholed just as every genre writer is. As for embarrassment…I would never attach my name (real or otherwise), to a piece of writing if I was embarrassed by its content. I write because I have something to say. If I’m embarrassed over the subject matter, then what gives me the authority to *write* on that topic in the first place? No, I wouldn’t aim to publish something If I didn’t want to be associated with my own thoughts (recognized as the author).

  16. Also, I know you said that you don’t like grammar, but you wouldn’t necessarily have to be a copy editor. A copy editor finds grammatical errors and stuff, but there’s probably some other kind of editor that just assesses plot or how popular it would be. I’m just thinking in terms of a newspaper, but you have copy editors and layout editors and editors-in-chief — you don’t *have* to be a grammar freak 😀

  17. I don’t think any websites or blogs exist that pay non-professionals to read and review books. You could start your own, but you’d have to review books for months to develop a readership before anyone would pay you. At best, you might be sent free review copies.

  18. while reading a written publication, you’re stimulating your brain. You better your reading and literacy skills and you also along the way, are more literate. Even with today’s modern technology, you need to be able to read still.

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