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Enchanting – World Of Warcraft.

I am new to WoW and I just learned Enchanting… How can I use it, and what is it used for? :Sty 😀

Enchanting is used to add various stat bonuses to pieces of equipment. To use it, open your spell book, and find the Enchanting Icon on the General tab (I’d recommend clicking and dragging this onto a spell bar for easy access). This will open the Enchanting window, showing the various types of enchantments you have learned.All enchantments require you to own a particular type of wand (which you can purchace or make with enchanting), as well as a few other materials (some of which can be purchased from the vendors near the enchantment trainers). Like with all professions, the more you use it, the higher your skill in it will go, allowing you to learn new more powerful enchantments.Enchantment is a very expensive profession to level up, but once you get it all the way up and get a few rare enchantment recipes learned, becomes a big moneymaker. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend it on a first character because of this, but if you want to do it, there’s no reason you can’t. I’d just then recommend picking up a gathering profession (Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning) to make money, with Herbalism being the big one right now.

how to describe a kiss in a book.

like if ur writing a book and u have to describe it. not nasty kisses.

You can change it up for the gender and stuff but this is girl kiss boy.He removed a strand of hair from my face, staring straight into my eyes. Slowly our faces began moving towards each other. The taste of his sweet minty breath enchanted me. His soft lips seemed to fit perfectly in mine, making my heart flutter uncontrolably. He was so gentle, so cautious. It was only a moment before he pulled away, smiling.Theres plenty of way you could write it, considering if he is gentle or rough, and his personality. The age and type of kiss is also important, but its very very important to go into detail on kisses. You want to describe how it felt. You need to give away emotion. Don’t just give away little hints or little clues, because then the reader wont care about the kiss at all. hope this helped! Free zane books

Ella Enchanted report question.

I need help. I read Ella Enchanted for a book report and Ineed some help. It is really hard to trying to make it 4 paragraphs. It is 10 already! This book is so long! IT is hard not to right so much! This is due Monday! I can’t ask my mom, teacher or dad for help! HELP ME!

Ella Enchanted is a great book. First you need to clarify in your mind what it is your teacher expects from you IN the report. If I knew that information I could give you more specific advice on what information needed to be included in the report, and what could be edited out. Is the teacher asking you to summarize the book and provide detailed information on the characters and the plot? Or is the teacher asking you to analyze the book and give your opinion on it? Or is the teacher asking for a little bit of both? Once you’re reread the assignment and possibly asked for more details or clarification then you can get down to business to make the report into what the teacher wants.Different reports/essays have different styles and purposes. Some are meant to just summarize the book from cover to cover. Some are meant to be like ads and make the reader curious about reading the book for themselves. In that case, you’d want to give enough detail to entice, but not enough to spoil the book for them by giving away essentials. Some could be subjective responses looking for your participation in the reading process, what you liked and didn’t like. Some could be analytical or the traditional compare and contrast paper. Comparing in this instance Ella Enchanted with the traditional Cinderella story.But regardless of the content, you should make sure your sentences are clear and concise. Are you using three or four sentences to say something that could be put clearly into one? Does each sentence serve a purpose to progress the point you’re trying to make? (Or are you’re sentences repetitive? Are you expressing the same point in four or five different ways?) It’s important that each sentence be relavant to the whole. Topic sentences for each paragraph are essential. (And it’s important for all of the paragraphs to serve together to prove a point or match your thesis (essentially your ‘topic’ sentence that serves for your whole paper.)It might take some brainstorming to get there. But don’t be afraid to play around with it. Sometimes in the writing process it is not until the very last paragraph, the seeming conclusion, when the writer gets around to finding the purpose of the paper–the thesis of it all. If that is the case, it is often best to make sure the purpose is clearly stated early on.It can be difficult not to write too much. I tend to have that problem myself. When given a limit though, it is important to know how to edit to fit within that limit. It’s a valuable skill to learn what is essential and nonessential in any paragraph or paper. It may sound nice; it may be interesting. But you’ve always got to consider the whole.This website is very helpful!

Ella Enchanted BOOK.

I want to take a test onit and it’s toooooooooooo long. So if i ask some questions can you guys answer them TRUTHFULLY?1. What’s the setting?2.Was it alot like the movie?3. Who is Lucinda?4.Did Ella’s mom die? and if so how old is she when it happens?5. Who is Mary?6. What is an overall…

oh please, it’s like 200 pages. I’m reading a 763 page book right now. i read Ella enchanted when i was 10 in about and week and a half. besides, it’s a really really good story. and don’t watch the movie before you read the book. it will make it allot duller.did you make it to the end of this answer? or was it toooooooooooo long?

How can I make a reaction paper of Ella Enchanted.

A reaction paper must contain your opinion (or reaction) to reading the book or viewing the film. A reaction paper is not merely a summary of the plot.You can present your reaction/opinion in a variety of ways:- comparing the work to others of a similar nature- offer your views as to how the work could be improved- offer views about ways to expand on the work / extend it to cover new domains- arguing ‘against’ the work or questioning its assumptions and valuesSuch papers are used mainly to assess your communication skills; the content and originality of your ideas will be less important in the grading. You should demonstrate your ability to express yourself clearly.Writing a clear introductory paragraph outlining your main aim / premise, a main body where you detail your ideas and go more in depth, and a short conclusion, will help demonstrate that your thinking is structured.Remember: although the paper should not be a summary, you should include enough details for the reader to be able to follow your arguments. Basically, you can assume your reader has seen the film, but you just remaind them of the details you are giving your opinions about.The common error with reaction papers is that there is one big summary and a second part with an opinion / reaction. Try the structure above and you will gain extra marks.A final tip: it is usually better to do a draft and start with the writing of the main body. When you are done with that, you should be able to pull out some of the general ideas to introduce your writing in the introduction…Good luck

Ella Enchanted book summary.

Could someone please tell me a good summary of Ella Enchanted……….i have to get it by Monday and i didn’t finish the book and it is taking to long to read!!!So please help me!!!

Ella is granted with the spell of obedience. When she is 15 her mother dies and Ella’s not loving father sends her off to finishing school. There she is taunted by Hattie a very cruel girl and her cruel friends who have noticed out how obedient Ella is without ever knowing about the curse.They take her mother’s necklace and command her to break her friendship with her only friend Areida. With that she runs away from finishing school to a giants wedding and meets up with her father who to her surprise is not angry.Another person she finds is Lucinda, the fairy who made her obedient, and she is very reluctant to take the spell away and instead wants to turn her into a fairy. Ella returns to Frell, her hometown to find that her father is in debt. After he marries Dame Olga, Hattie’s mother, Ella becomes a servant in her own home. Her father goes off to find a man who she is to marry and Prince Char, who she is in love with, goes off to spend some time in another kingdom. Therfore, Ella is forced to Break the spell herself.…check this site out

does anybody know how to make candles..

Hi:The following websites might interest you:……….……………………Here are some books that might interest you:All books are available at any library or bookstore or at least at Barnes & Nobels bookstore.Candle Creations: Ideas for Decoration and Displayby Vivian Peritts, Krause PublicationsCut and Carve Candles: Beautiful Candles to Dip, Carve, Twist and Curlby Dana BrooksCandles: Illuminating Ideas for Creative Candlemaking and Enchanting Displayby Gloria Nicol, Gloria Nicolnew Candle Book: Inspirational Ideas for Displaying, Using and Making Candlesby Gloria Nicol, Debbie Patterson (Photographer)Candle Making: Funstationby Advantage Publishers GroupCandle Making in a Weekend: Inspirational Ideas and Practical Projectsby Sue SpearCandlemaking for the First Timeby Vanessa-Ann, Collection Vanessa-AnnCandlemaker’s Companion: A Complete Guide to Rolling, Pouring, Dipping, and Decorating Your Own Candlesby Betty OppenheimerHomecrafts Candles for the Homeby Gloria Nicol, Deborah Patterson (PhotographerMaking Candles and Potpourri: Illuminate and Infuse Your Homeby Catherine Bardey, Zeva Oelbaum (Photographer)Complete Book of Candles: Creative Candle-Making, Candleholders and Decorative Designby Gloria NicolCountry Living Crafting Candles at Homeby Country Living, Keith Scott Morton (Photographer)Candlecraftby Paul Marko, Debbie DavisI hope this helps

How does ella look in details. from the book Ella Enchanted.

Can someone give me details on how she looks in the book ella enchanted? and her personality?

Ella is the daughter of a well-of merchant. When she is born, a fairy give her the “gift” of obedience. She has no choice but to obey any direct order given to her. She becomes aware of it on her fifth birthday, where we are given the most details about her appearance. She is a small girl with pale skin, rosy cheeks and black hair. We also later learn that she has green eyes and that even when she gets taller, she still has tiny little feet.Ella can be a bit rebellious and contrary. Even when given an order, she tries to find ways to do it without really doing exactly what the person wants of her. If she doesn’t obey the order, she gets physically ill. She is a bit of a comedian, and loves to make people laugh.I think those are all the key points of her personality and looks. I would definitely read the book, especially if you saw the movie. It was an OK movie, but it is a poor substitute for the book. Ella is such a strong leading heroine and the books spins a wonderful faerie-tale rich in details.

how do you make a pop-up book.

after watching ENCHANTED for the 50th time, i wanted to make a pop-up book using castles and art nouveau like they did. i want to make one for my french 2 class next year because you get to make storybooks in that class i’ve heard. does anyone know by any chance some really good books on how to make one or some…

The best thing I can tell you is to check out Robert Sabuda’s web site. He is renowned for his pop-up books, and his web site ( has a little tab that says “explore pop-ups.” There, he has different avenues to explore, like making your own simple pop ups (I like the Frankenstein one). One of the avenues is for “pop-up books.” He lists a whole bunch of books you could go to in order to learn more about how to make them, if his simple pop-ups list doesn’t help you. The more complex ones that Mr. Sabuda knows how to create can make your eyes cross, but it’s still interesting.

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  1. Compare what you have written to this and then change it.Well here I go, I hope you like it!What kind of help do you need? What is your question? If you’re trying to cut 10 paragraphs down to 4 then you need to cut out all of the extra stuff and just write down the main part of the story – summarize – don’t retell the whole thing. Make a list of 4 main points and write a paragraph each about them.

  2. ok. Ella enchanted is a story about a girl who was cursed by the witch lucinda ( however you spell her name ). As Ella grew up, her family realized her ”gift” and tried to protect her as much as possible. When her mother died, she met the prince ( i forgot his name) and they sorta fell in love. But she didnt want him to know about the curse. As they became closer, the prince allowed her to meet his uncle, who secretly tried to steal the princes crown. The prince’s uncle soon found out that ella was obedient, so he told her to kill the prince the night of the ball. She tried, but didnt, and that is what broke the curse.

  3. She meets her father and they return home, while learning that he is now a ruined man for selling an item that did not belong to him. In order to keep his family from being thrown into the streets, he plans to marry Ella off. At first Ella is happy, as she is ordered to be, and even meets one of her suitors at dinner. However, an order from Mandy telling her to feel however she feels about her curse makes her change her mind rather drastically. Her father refuses to marry Ella off, and instead decides to marry Dame Olga. Ella’s worst fears unravel as Hattie and Olive are now her sisters.

  4. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details it over and pick out the first and last sentences of each paragraph, and then only the MOST IMPORTANT sentences in the middle. then rearrange and blend them to form 4 paragraphs.

  5. In the end, Olive marries a count only for food and money, Dame Olga is left still in eternal love, and Hattie never marries; Ella and Char live happliy ever after.

  6. you basicly disenchant stuff (armor) to get stuff from it, after that you can use that to enchant something else, you first start by being able to add +5 Health to braces, or the chest piece. read the guide above… and welcome again!

  7. At the moment of Eleanor (Ella) of Frell’s birth, she was unfortunately bestowed a “gift” by a fairy named Lucinda. Despite the objections from her mother and fairy godmother/family’s cook (Mandy), Lucinda cursed Ella with the “gift” of obedience. From that day forward, Ella was to obey any direct order given to her by anybody, no matter what it was (orders ranging from hopping on one foot all day to chopping off her own head). Ella, however, stays lighthearted by making a game out of her curse and finding loopholes around orders. For example, if Mandy orders her to hold a bowl of cake batter, Ella would move her feet and run around the kitchen, having Mandy chase after her until she gave her another order or request.

  8. Could someone please tell me a good summary of Ella Enchanted……….i have to get it by Monday and i didn’t finish the book and it is taking to long to read!!!So please help me!!!

  9. Ella receives a letter from Char, where he pours out his heart to her and in the end, proposes to her. At first she is happy, but soon realizes that marrying Char would make things much worse. Her stepsisters would take advantage of her completely, especially since she is queen, and if she was ever captured by an enemy of Frell, she could be forced to kill Char or reveal any secrets. Ella sends a fraud letter to him saying that she has run away with another man and will be “smiling at her jewels and laughing at the world.” A journal entry in her fairy book shows a picture of Char burning her letters as well as a page from his journal stating how he despises her. It breaks Ella’s heart, but she is happy that he is safe.

  10. At her mother’s funeral, Ella meets Prince Charmont a.k.a. Char, in the graveyard next to a large willow tree. The two have a long conversation full of laughs and wit until Ella’s father takes her home. When they return home after the funeral, Ella meets Dame Olga and her daughters, Hattie and Olive, whom she discovers have bad attitudes, and are being sent to finishing school. After the three leave, Ella’s father forces her to go to finishing school because he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up being a clumsy cook’s helper. The night before she is sent away, Mandy gives her a magical fairy book that can show her children’s stories, journal entries and letters from friends and family, as well as maps and other things. She also gives her her mother’s necklace….., it’s actually a pretty short book, and it reads fast. Trust me this is SO MUCH BETTER than most other books assigned, your lucky to get this one and not a classic or non fiction.The day she is sent to finishing school, she first goes on a small trip with Prince Char, who shows her all of her favorite places and promises to bring her a centaur. Ella gets in a carriage with Hattie and Olive, who automatically begin to take advantage of the curse, making her give up the necklace as well as her money. When they arrive at finishing school, Ella befriends an Ayorthian girl named Areida and the two are very close until Hattie forces Ella to end her friendship with an order. Ella soon learns of the Giant’s wedding from her magic book and that both her father and Lucinda may attend. Eager to be free from the curse, she flees from finishing school in the night and tries to make her way to the Giant’s wedding.

  11. Plot outline for Ella EnchantedAnother idea, buy a cheap one and carefully tear it apart to see how it was put together.

  12. Well, it depends what kind of kiss. Is it a gentle first kiss between two teens, a hurried, steamy kiss between two lovers, or a passionate, romantic kiss between two soul mates? Describe what the participants do – if it is a sexy, erotic kiss, the people kissing probably won’t stroke each others face or hold hands, or do anything gently, will they? The best way is to work out how to describe a kiss is to either experience it or watch it, and by the latter I mean in a movie or on television, unless you want to do a bit of voyeurism, which I don’t recommend. As for experiencing it, do you remember what it was like when you last kissed someone? Or if you have partner/lover, try experimenting. Also, you don’t need to go into specifics, if it is easier for you, you could just make slight hints at what is happening by using suitable actions and light descriptions of it. Anyway, I hope I helped, and good luck. 🙂

  13. At the wedding, she meets with Prince Char again, and they share a romantic evening together. They find glass slippers in a garden and Ella wears them as they dance together. It would be the last time they would see each other for some time, for he would have to leave for Ayortha for one year, but they promise to keep in touch through letters. Lucinda arrives at the wedding and bestows a curse on the married couple, granting them eternal love. Any chance of Ella’s father leaving Dame Olga has now been ruined. Instantly, Ella is turned into a slave in her own house, working with the servants and abiding by Hattie and Olive’s ridiculous orders, while at the same time having fun slipping sleeping herbs into Dame Olga’s supper.

  14. well just write about how other people might feel being controlled by some power just to make a paragraph long jsut blab and repeat some stuff using diffrent words so yeah i dont know . hope I helped?:)

  15. This Site Might Help You.It wasn’t very passionate and awkward in a sense, but the gentle brush of his warm lips again mine still sent my heart fluttering, and made me lightheaded – it was perfect.

  16. On the third night of the ball, when she’s dancing with Char, Hattie snatches off her mask. Ella runs away from Char, who is in complete and utter shock, and runs to the manor. Ella and Mandy plan to run away and make their work as cooks, but Char and his soldiers come to their house before they leave. Ella puts on servants clothes and dirties her face, in hopes that Char will not recognize her. But, of course, he does. Ella tries on the glass slippers from her father’s wedding, and they fit her perfectly. Char unintentionally orders Ella to tell him honestly if she loves him or not, which she says she does, and happily he “orders” her to marry him. Ella realizes that she has put him in danger, and in the end, her love overpowers the curse and the spell is broken.Good Luck!

  17. And he put his hands around my neck, and kissed me. As his lips gently touched mine, barely, as if I was so fragile i could break in his arms, all I could imagine him as was a sunbeam, calmly and shyly spreading his light.

  18. There is no posible way that you read the whole book and dont know anything about it no one is going to want to write you 16 paragraphs for 10 points do your own work

  19. In the process, she meets the elves who give her a gift (a beautiful Agulen sculpture of a howling wolf) and a horse. After she leaves the elves, she’s kidnapped by ogres who eat her horse and try to eat her. However, after observing the Ogrese language overnight, she hypnotizes them and is soon saved by Char and his knights. They bind the ogres and take them in, and Char lets one of his knights take her to the wedding. Ella meets Lucinda and begs her to remove the curse, while at the same time hoping Lucinda isn’t offended and won’t turn her into a squirrel. Lucinda refuses and orders her to be happy with her obedience, with serious aftereffects.Best wishes on your report.

  20. There are several very good pop-up how-to books. I have personally handled a few of these and they are very clear. Here’s the amazon link:

  21. Create *less* detail. If it’s not an important part, then delete it. Like her going to the ball is important, but not her having to clean the floors or whatever.

  22. Mandy, fed up with Ella’s torment, challenges Lucinda to a small game. She tells her to spend six months as a squirrel and six months cursed to be obedient, just to get a taste of what her “gifted ones” go through for their entire lives. When the year is up, Lucinda has learned her lesson, and in return decides to help Ella. Char holds a royal ball that lasts for three nights. Lucinda uses her magic to turn mice and pumpkins into horses and a coach, she dresses Ella in finery (a beautiful dress, jewelry and a mask) and Ella, now under the alias Lela, can go to the ball and see Char again.Yes I am a candle maker. I first learned how to make them from they have a how to page that is really great. I also buy most of my products from them as they have only quality products. You can learn how to make jar candles as well as molded candles.

  23. With tailoring you are able to disenchant the vegetables you’re making and make some gold decrease back. although, the present 70 tailoring gadgets are no longer the wonderful gadgets accessible. they are in a position to be while in comparison with tier 4 gadgets and the tier 6 gadgets are already out. additionally, tailoring gadgets won’t help you in PvP, your plenty greater suitable getting PvP kit from arenas and bg’s. edit: purely found out your a pally. do no longer bypass with tailoring. Blacksmithing is an decision and you additionally can disenchant the armor you’re making from that profession. i’m uncertain what the crafted BS gadgets are like, yet they’re in all probability in straightforward terms as sturdy because of the fact the tailoring gadgets in assessment to what you may get now. in case you pick to be greater effective interior the long-term jewelcrafting is a style to bypass. purely like how enchanters can enchant their own rings, jewelcrafters could make amazing BoP gemstones that for the period of straightforward terms they are in a position to apply. So, enchating/jewelcrafting supply you the wonderful ingredient. suited now i’m spell binding (362) and mining (375). i like the mining for now because of the fact I make hundreds of greater advantageous gold a week with it, and my spell binding isn’t each of how up yet. I relatively much dropped mining for tailoring, then relatively much dropped it for jewelcrafting. yet now i’m analyzing that the subsequent enlargement is going to have a sparkling profession stated as inscription, so i think of i’m purely going to look ahead to that. Inscription would be like spell binding for spells quite of medicine. in case you’re no longer 70 with 375 spell binding yet, it incredibly is beneficial to %. up a amassing profession for now.

  24. If you want to see them in person large book and/or art supply stores may carry them.Hey.just ask ur parents 4 help neway. the teacher wont know as long as you dont tell her. thats a dumb rule, neways,cuz thats what parents are there 4.And u shouldnt comlain about that book, because would u rather read that or somethin like ……..Julliet and ceasar. Cherish it while u can


  26. Find your objective (Ella perhaps). Make sure all points relate to that objective (this might eliminate some of the clutter). Take in the needs of who will be reading it. Arrange it so the material leads into the next thought with no gaps in between. Use only relevant material to main objective. A good interesting-arousing introduction and conclusion will be well worth the effort.

  27. Yes. My sister and I have been making and selling candles for over 7 years. It’s a great hobby. Just make sure you research the kind of candles you want to make. Decide what kind of wax you are going to use and make sure you get the proper wick size. Make sure you buy high quality candle supplies from a reputable seller. It will be worth it in the long run. I highly recommend Once you have made your candles,make sure you test burn each and every batch and each scent and style. This is the only way to ensure that your candles will burn properly and be safe. Have fun. Candles are great!

  28. You can use Enchanting to put bonuses on both armor and weapons and other things at a low level it is pretty useless but once you get it to higher levels like 150+ then it becomes more fun and you can start to make money off of it

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