How To Make Popup Books

How to make pop-up shapes.

I need to learn how to make a hexagonal prism and pentagonal prism which can pop-up in a book. Thank you so much:) templates and links will help so much!!!

I haven’t been able to find exact instructions, but here are links to various related [as close as possible] tutorials & images; there are various techniques being used – you can try out any you like :…… — eg. the octahedron — for basic techniques$wF:5RbRb$5u/ — heart pop up with free template — this is probably the simplest, if all else fails.Or you could make an Origami model & glue/tape it to the page [you could even glue a tiny spring beneath the model so that when the book is openind, it springs up !] : these help 🙂

Help me i am trying to do a solar system pop up book.

Im trying to make those books that when you open the they pop up can any one please help me on how to make it 10 pts

Well, …, you don’t need a special printing press for this but you do need to watch the YouTube videos below. You can do this very easily with materials that you probably already have around the house or at your local craft store. If you’ll follow the processes and ideas outlined in the video’s, I’m sure that you’ll be able to make a fantastic solar system popup book. Free amharic books

pop up books…

can anyone give me a website that will teach me how to make things pop out of a book..? please and thanks ツ……I love pop-up books. I got top marks in class once for making a pop-up book as a project. Good luck. =)Also, researching on how to make pop-up cards helped me construct pop up books. Some sites that teach you how to make pop-up cards:…

How To Make A Chidrens Book Informing Them About The Genocide In Darfur.

i have to do a project for school, informing young people about the problem in Darfur. i chose to do a childrens book but have no idea how to make it that graphic nor how the story should go. Please, any ideas would be great!

What a totally sick and inappropriate topic for a children’s book.Well, as the saying goes, in for a penny, in for a pound.Introduce your readers to your main character who is about the same age as them, smiling with his family.Then show how soldiers came and killed the family in front of him. I suggest you use a pop-up-book so you can really show how the bullets, blood and bodies parts fly around. Perhaps a pull-tab that makes one of the soldier’s arm holding a machete slice off the mother’s head.Then show how the boy meets another boy his age and they become friends…at least until the soldiers come, push guns into both boys hands and order them to kill each other or they’ll be shot by the soldiers.Be sure you give the boys very large sad, horrified eyes.The soldiers tell the boy that his friend was the same group that killed his family. The boy, acting out of rage, shoots his friend, and in the last page show the boy as a soulless man with the same large, sad eyes, shooting up another little boy’s family. He no longer smiles, laughs or sings. All he sees is the face of his dead friend, and he too wishes for death.Remember – lots of popups, especially those that allow the reader to take an active part in the killings. In fact, I suggest painting the book in shiny red fingernail polish so everything looks like it’s dripping with wet blood.If you haven’t psychologically traumatized your young readers, you haven’t made it violent enough!

In popup books, there are pages with pull tabs with sliding panels. How do I make one of these.

To be more specific, you pull the tab (usually on the side of the page) and the picture changes as the panels slide sideways to reveal some new image. If someone could even tell me what you call these things so I can look up instructions, that would be great.

i just call them pull tabs. I’m making a children’s book for school, and I made a track, so you can actually see the track on the front of the picture. For a basic instruction, you should check this out. steps are on the left of the web page. It’s pretty basic, but it’ll at least give you some idea of how to do it. Good luck! 😀

I need help making a pop up book..

I’m making a pop up book for an assignment in English. I want to change the characters in Romeo and Juliet into animals and turn it into a children’s pop up storybook. The problem is the most I’ve made is a couple of simple pop up cards, but I want this to look as professional as I can. So, as a………’s+pop+up+books&hl=en&rlz=1R2ADFA_enUS363&site=webhp&prmd=ivns&source=univ&tbs=vid:1&tbo=u&sa=X&ei=lhyUTa3WMc610QHE7o35Cw&sqi=2&ved=0CC8QqwQ&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a199060e6caaf8fa

What are some ways I can make an “interactive” handmade children’s book.

Interactive as in having things pop out or move around? Pretty much anything that will “move” objects in the book?

Do you mean paper books or fabric books?For paper books, there are loads of popup and pull-out, etc, things you could do:…… fabric/felt/etc books, those are usually called “busy books” or activity books, etc:

how to make pictures look like a comic book.

please i see alot of people on myspace with this effect on there pictures!does anyone know how?

Photoshop.But, if you don’t have nearly $1000 to throw away on the newest version, there’s always the free download of the program Artweaver. ^^ Once you have Artweaver installed, just open the picture you want to edit and go to “filters” at the top. Go to the “stylize” menu and then click “sketch”. A popup will appear asking you how sketched you want it to look. Just slide the slidy thing, press okay, and you’re done! ^^

How do you make a pop up book PLEASE HELP……

i am looking for a website that teaches how to make a pop-up book. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I DO NOT WANT A WEBSITE OR ANYBODY SAYING “FOLD IN HALF AND CUT TWO SLITS IN THE MIDDLE” I WANT A REAL POP-UP BOOK. Thank you in advance.

Hmm, I learned how to make some seriously cool popups in a summer community class when I was 7, and some are a bit complicated to show on the internet. You can try to search YouTube for some demos, or try going to the library. I know I checked out a couple of good books for a Studio Art class I had in Junior year of High School.One other alternative is to check out some existing popup books (pop a squat in Barnes and Nobles) and “dissect” a book. Examine how they made the folds, how they hid the mechanics, etc. Take notes. :)Good Luck!

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  2. Did “young people” specifically mean “children” or was that your choice? Children should not be held responsible for knowing about the world’s atrocities. Forcing it on them is an atrocity in itself.

  3. you can photoshop the pictures to look like a comic book, there are probably some websites out there where you can have the same effect for free.

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