How To Put Books On Kindle

How do i put a library book on my kindle.

I have the old type of kindle and I can not figure out how to put a library book on my kindle. I have the book in my manage my kindle screen but when I want to move it the only option to move it to is my kindle cloud.

Is your Kindle registered? I believe it has to be registered to your Amazon account.Here is the help page for all of the models. Find your model – if you really have the oldest 1st generation Kindle then your Kindle is very thick (like an inch thick or more?) I think downloads & file management (and maybe registration) work differently on that model. I do know your Kindle has to be registered to the account whose books it uses.…Also note – if it is a huge textbook, they can often only be loaded on PC or tablet. And if the book is a PDF file, the 1st generation Kindle does not support PDF. PDF support was added in the 2nd generation.

How Do You Put Books On Your Kindle.

I have a kindle, and I live in Canada, up untill now I’ve gotten a friend to put them on. But I’d like to do it myself, I just need to know how to transfer the books onto the kindle. Thanks.

See here. It is a good discussion on how to use the Kindle outside the US:

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How do I put real books on my kindle.

Like I have the actual book here but I’d like to read it on my Kindle. How do I do that?

you cant put it on a kindle but why not read it without the kindle or when the kindle is charging? Not all books are found on the kindle and for the ones i want to read and cant buy on it, i go to the library

New kindle how to put old books on it.

I got a replacment kindle for one that broke but how do I put my book back on it

I bought a new kindle because I broke my old one, and I found when I switched it on that on that in the index there is a thing saying Archived Items, or something like that, and when I clicked on it it showed some of the books that had been on my old kindle, but not all of them, I don’t know why. Still, to have some was better than none.

How do I put book on my Kindle.

I had bought a kendle around Christmas time only to find out that my router at home didn’t support my kendle so I wasn’t able to connect there. now I thought by taking it to my school it could get on their wifi but I can’t do a ‘peer-to-peer’ connection so now I am wondering is there any way to…

Absolutely you can buy books, send them to your computer, and then transfer them over to the Kindle via USB cable. Here’s how.To download your purchase to your computer at the time of purchase:1. Select “Transfer via Computer” from the Deliver to: pull-down menu on the product detail page.2. Save the file to your computer when prompted by your web browser.3. Connect Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.4. Use your computer’s file browser to drag and drop the file to your Kindle.To download your purchase from Manage Your Kindle and transfer via USB:1. Visit the Manage Your Kindle page ( Locate the item you wish to download in the “Your Orders” section at the bottom of the page. If you have a lot of content, you may need to use the Previous and Next options at the bottom to navigate through all of your content.3. Click on “Deliver to . . .” next to the title and choose “Transfer via Computer” from the list.4. Save the file to your computer when prompted by your web browser.5. Connect Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.6. Use your computer’s file browser to drag and drop the file to your Kindle.

How do I put books on my new kindle.

My other kindle broke and I wanted to know how to get books onto the new one. Any help?

Register your new Kindle to your Amazon account. Then tell the Kindle to synch.You should get a bunch of items in the Archived collection in your new Kindle. From there, just select them and tell them to download to your Kindle.If you don’t see them, go to your PC and log into your Amazon account and choose Manage your Account. You should see a list of all the books you’ve purchased. You can select them to be re-sent to your new Kindle.

How do you put books on a kindle.

I have the original kindle and i want to know how to add books to it. (i download a book off of gutenberg). Please help!

I have the Kindle 3 and what I do is Email the books to the Kindle Address.My kindle address would be say [email protected] yours would be what ever you set up.Just use the address you set up your kindle under, then open a new email, attach the book, and send it to the Kindle address.or connect with a Usb and use Calibre a free program to covert and load.

How to put book on Amazon kindle. Do you have to be published.

How do you go about putting your novel on kindle.

First you have to get the rights to your book from the US copyright office (maybe costs like $35). Then you create an account and upload! Read the FAQ on amazon under the Sell your book here tab on the bottom of amazon. You don’t have to be published because Amazon is a self publishing program for ebooks. Also make sure you know the pros and cons of self publishing as there is an ongoing argument about whether it is a smart move. I’m still on the fence personally; both sides have solid arguments. Good Luck!

How do I put books on my kindle.

I just got mine and the directions don’t make sense to me at all :/

I press the home button to make sure you are at the top level menuPress the Menu button when on the home page and then select the “shop in kindle store” button.When the kindle store comes up you can browse books, search for books, author, so forth.when you select a book one of the options you will be given is to “buy” it.I forget what the setup is about. You have to have an Amazon account so that your card is charged for the books you buy. Once you have an amazon account it’s easy to buy books on kindle.

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  1. Now on a serious note. You would have to get the books from the kindle store and you can only do it that way. You can ask the publisher if they have a eBook for this and you are done!

  2. You can only download them in digital form. You’ll have to find those books somewhere on the internet to download or buy in an e reader form.

  3. In your book there will be a button that says ‘transfer’. Press it and your book will disappear into little particles and instantly reform inside your kindle.I don’t think you can get them from gutenberg. I think you can only get the books from Amazon.

  4. Alternatively, you can look for the kindle-version of the book on Amazon, if you don’t like magic buttons.

  5. For mine, I have the option to download it to my PC and then connect it via USB and copy it over.

  6. [DELDUP()]Anyway, go to the amazon website. On the left, go to where it says ‘Kindle’ then down to ‘Manage My Kindle’ and click on that. On the next page, on the left, go to ‘Register My Kindle’ and follow the instructions. I think that’s how it goes.

  7. If that doesn’t work, then under ‘Register My Kindle’ is ‘Manage My Devices’ and you can try that.

  8. Put the kindle on the floor and then carefully put your books on it!What?It’s easier to shop via your computer than your kindle. I hate those little buttons. They’re crap.

  9. Put the Kindle on a flat surface. Layer one book on top of the other and gently place them on the Kindle. Just kidding. I don’t have a Kindle, but look forward to getting one. Hopefully, I will get a straight answer when I ask the same question. Good luck and happy reading. 🙂

  10. First of all, the book must be in an electronic format supported by the Kindle. You can see here can full steps and formats supported from the official document here:If you have a spare 13 & 1/2 minutes please watch this.

  11. You don’t have a USB port on your book?it might nonetheless be stored on your account. flow to amazon, click on handle your kindle, handle your instruments, and sign in it there. as quickly because it fairly is finished, you are able to sync your kindle and upload the books.

  12. You’d have to re-buy or download it in the appropriate digital format, or type the book up yourself and convert it into a MOBI file. Sorry, but those are the only ways.

  13. I always just buy my books straight from Amazon on the Kindle, but have you simply tried hooking your Kindle to your computer? And then maybe dragging the book into it like you would a back up hard drive?

  14. I think if you go to the Amazon site you can register a new kindle to your account. Or you can go to menu and find register a new kindle. I’m pretty sure you can have more than one kindle registered to an account xx

  15. try to move it to the cloud then check under “archived items” to see if it’s there and available to be downloaded onto the kindle itself.

  16. Find the USB port on your real book and connect a USB cable to that and your Kindle. Then….tape the back cover onto the kindle

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