How Much Are Shutterfly Photo Books

i just started scrap-booking, how do you use the Digitall kits that everyone is talking about.

and how do you get started without breaking the bank and getting overwhelmed

I took a digital scrapbooking class through Creative Memories. They have a program you can buy but it’s like $59 or thereabouts. You can also go to & make them. Basically you download your photos onto your computer & transfer them to pages on these programs & then they print out books that look like coffee table books you’d buy in a bookstore. They can run anywhere from $35-$100. They go faster than traditional scrapbooking but personally, I don’t think they would be as much fun, they don’t have texture or dimension to them. I also think they are not as personal as the traditional way.

how much snapfish charge u.

and what is snapfish website i need to know thanks

Its a Photo book,custom printed tshirts,custom printed mugs printing can upload your favorite photos and create your own custom album with their web application and give a photo book print. snapfish will charge various amount for various type of album.take a look at too.

Free vampire books online

digital photo prints.

What’s the best way to get high quality digital photo prints? I’m talking about photos from my DSLR, not just point and shoot. I recently ordered 5×7 prints from both Snapfish and Shutterfly, and both seemed to be subpar quality, at least compared to some of my 35mm prints from my photography class last…

Joe,Your experience is not inconsistent with what the rest of us have experienced. Shutterfly and their ilk have terrible color management problems and produce awful prints and photo books.It depends on how much you want to pay, but Costco gets great ratings from a lot of folks – including pro photogs. Their prints are quite inexpensive and if one job doesn’t turn out just right, tell them and they’ll redo it for no extra charge. But you do have to be a member of Costco.You can also go to more high-end producers like MPIX.So, in answer to your other question, you should be able to get high quality prints from digital captures. Since that’s the bulk of what’s out there now it would be pretty limiting not to have decent print studios.Check to be sure the place you’re sending your prints provides color mgt. profiles that you can download and prep your pics with before submitting print jobs. Also be sure to review and check appropriately to your taste whether you want the printer to make any automatic adjustments to your prints (either color or cropping). Some do it by default if you don’t say print as is… In a best of all worlds scenario, you’d be calibrating your camera, monitor and printer – but the devices to do that aren’t cheap, so getting profiles from the printers is the least you can do.Good luck.

How can I print off a digital scrapbook and about how much is it.

I do not have any experience with digital scrapbooking, or scrapbooking period, but I’m trying to make a digital scrapbook for a Christmas gift. Any input would help because it’s pretty important and I want it to be good. I am just using PowerPoint which has already disappointed me because I can’t…

There are quite a few online companies that offer photo books, which are a great way to turn digital scrapbook pages into coffee table worthy books. One option is Michaels ( Another is Shutterfly ( Both offer several sizes including 12″ x 12″ books, which are the size of typical scrapbook pages.These sites offer tips for the best way to create your pages to submit to their site. Both have predesigned pages to which you can add photos and texts, which is a nice option if you aren’t ready to design your own pages.If you are into designing your own pages, visit my site,, for digital papers. These are high-resolution jpeg pattern files that can be used for backgrounds on digital scrapbook pages.Good luck with your project!

Anyone use Shutterfly photo printing and delivery. What do you think of it.

.Is it legit?How did your photos turn out?How was the photo quality?Was the delivery as promised?Did your photos arrive intact and in good condition?Anything i should beware of before I place my order?Just put a large order of baby photos into my cart, but a little leary of online services like…

Shutterfly is an awesome company. I have used them for calenders, photo books, photo prints, etc. Even in December, their processing and shipping is extremely fast. I’ve gotten my order of 6 calendars in less than a week.One time, one of my calendars was messed up on one of the pages, so I just called them and explained the problem, and they shipped out a brand new calender with no hesitation. Great customer service!But yes, their quality is good, I would not say that it’s much better than walgreens or walmart, but it’s not as high quality as a professional photo lab.My wife is a professional photographer, and she uses Faville Photo Giclee Printing for all of her photos. Check them out if you’re interested in high quality museum grade photos. If not, Shutterfly is definitely a great pick.

Online Photo Book Recommendation.

I`m wanting to give a photo book assembled from various photos I`ve taken to my 2 sets of grandparents for this upcoming Christmas (2010) and would just like to know your preferences and reviews of certain sites such as snapfish, blurb and the likes. Who would you use again? Who did you hate?

I’ve been doing a lot of photo books for about 5 years now as gifts and more recently for my own wedding. I now write a blog about photo books. Initially, I stuck to the same photo book companies, but now I’m finding more and more companies offering different or unique features. The post that I wrote that would be most relevant to your question is probably this one where I do a comparison review of MyPublisher, Snapfish, Blurb and Mpix. I linked to it below as a source below.Since that time, I have done four hardcover 8×8 books with Artscow which I was very impressed with (though allow at least 2 to 3 weeks since they ship from Hong Kong) and a softcover 8×5.5 book which was free with Pixable. I liked Pixable’s softcover more than MyPublisher’s. Also, AdoramaPix has a unique feature that has lay flat pages and it allows you to stretch photos across two pages without losing any of the image in the center of the book. I haven’t tried them yet, but plan to.What may be relevant to you is which photo book publishers allow for full customization of layouts versus the ones where you can only select from templates and layouts provided by the company.Fully customizable photo book layouts:BlurbAdoramaPixMpixArtscowPixableNot customizable:SnapfishMyPublisherShutterflyThat’s not to say that the non-customizable photo book companies aren’t good, in fact, you may prefer an easy to use drag and drop with set layouts – I’ve done plenty of books like that with MyPublisher and Snapfish – just depends how much time you have and how much work you want to do.There are so many other companies out there, but hope this is helpful! Best!

Is Shutterfly Picture book worth it.

So for our 1 year anniversary, I was thinking of making a picture book for my boyfriend. I read a lot of reviews about shutter fly and how their quality is great. Do you guys know how much it is for everything, and/or if it’s worth it to get that or go old school glue, scissor and pasting? I tried their website…

What’s not specific about the pricing? In fact, the 5×7 book is on sale.…Their books are pretty nice, not as good as a professional like Zookbinders aor Asuka, but a mere fraction of the price. I have seen a few from Shutterfly, but have never made one there. I have made books from blurb and mypublisher and they were both pretty good. I say go for it. If it’s not what you expected, you can still make a scrapbook if you wish.

How can photo books be made better.

The company that I own makes very high quality photo books with the pictures printed on the pages inside the book. What can be a game changer for our company to make photo books more appealing or more wide reaching than the competition like or

With Blurb, you’ll find all the tools you need to make your own photo book, whether you’re making a personalized wedding album, cookbook, baby book, travel photo book, or fundraising book. Count on bookstore-quality printing and binding, and a range of choices from Hardcover photobooks to Softcover paperbacks in an array of trim sizes. Use any of our free online book-making tools to create your own book. Learn how to publish a book and much more with our free how-to tips and tutorials or watch our two-minute BookSmart video and see how easy it is to make a coffee table photo book. Be sure to register and subscribe to Blurb emails to get the news first on Blurb events and promo code coupon offers.

Are you artistic. How should I go about making a shutterfly photo book.

I want to make a photo book as a gift for my daughters 2nd birthday. It will have pics from birth up until now that will include her and our closet family members but mostly her. Should I go in order? make a page of the day she was born with “its a girl” wording and pink stuff, and then make christmas…

She’s still a baby. Don’t worry about childish designs. Don’t stick with one design every page, go for personalization. Custom made stickers are also nice. Though make it simple as too much design will just cause Clutter.Sometimes, Less is more.

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  1. • And as I scrutinize and drool over my photo book, I have proved that they do adhere to their commitment to 120% satisfaction guarantee.

  2. Blue Cube does some of the best work I have seen and their turn around is quick. I placed an order Tuesday late afternoon and had them on Friday (and they are 2,000 miles away). I received them in a photo bag between two thick pieces of cardboard in a box to fit them. I am getting ready to order some 20″x30″ prints on metallic paper as we speak.

  3. • They allow me to inject my own ideas on how to customize my photo book so that it won’t look uniform with their other customer.

  4. Winkflash has a very good quality and inexpensive price, but their online template is a little slow. I like it for 1 image/1 page portfolio type books.

  5. The warning is there for a reason. In all likelyhood the photos will be pixelated, ugly, and very amateurish looking. I suggest you not do it if you are unable to acquire the original high resolution photos. steve

  6. If you have a Mac, doing and Ibook would be the easiest, though not the cheapest. I think Blurb has a similar quality.I use CM Photo center…the print quality of professionally printed photos will always be better than any ink jet or laser printer can provide, simply because of the way they’re printed. I have an awesome HP photo printer that I adore, and it’s great for quick prints, but you can really tell the difference in the quality if you put them side by side with lab prints. The prints are $.19 for 4×6 or 4xd (these are for photos taken with digital cameras, traditional 4×6 prints automatically crop digital photos. You can buy your prints in bulk at a rate of $.17 each. If you sign up at CMPHOTOCENTER.COM ad enter consultant #18694638, you’ll get 20 free prints and access to a free digital photo album program that makes awesome, quick and beautiful 8×8 8×11 and 12×12 albums that you send to CM to have printed and bound.

  7. The guy who runs Blue cube sums it up best… “As the owner of both a camera store and a photo lab I am required to keep up to date on the latest trends, techniques and equipment that continually shape photography.”

  8. You only know how good the photo book software and printer are until you have tried them. Unless of course you read a thorough review. The two leading photo book system providers in Europe are MyPhotobook (one of the oldest) and CEWE (by far the biggest).

  9. • The process of making it was so simple and convenient with their user-friendly interface.The biggest thing to be aware of is, unless your monitor has been color calibrated, what you see on your screen may not be what the photos look like…and this applies to where ever you get them printed.

  10. Absolutely don’t use Shutterfly. Their colors come out all muddy and the images come out different colors than your originals. And then they fight with you about it rather than fixing it… Avoid them like the plague!

  11. When they delivered the finished product I couldn’t deny how good they are with how it turned out so well. What I liked about them is that:

  12. some of the magazines like scrapbooks etc and memory makers have offered small digital kits for free for a trial. I have done usually scrapbook the paper way but have used a couple of the free kits to make pages. I still like the paper way better.

  13. I thought of making a photo book where I can store all of my photos to last a lifetime but I can still show them off to anyone.

  14. Lucky for me I bump into online, they caught my attention so I decided to give it a try, so I compiled all my photos from my Singapore getaway with my friends last year.

  15. There are only two places I use for printing. The first is the photo lab at a local camera shop and the second is Blue Cube Imaging ( ). BCI was recommended by a couple of photographers that have used them for years ( these are also the only people/photogs I would ever let use my gear).

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