How Many Stephen King Books Have Been Made Into Movies

Movie Trivia……………………………….

Put the correct answer by the number that the question was asked. The person with the most correct answers gets the best answer. Be careful, one question is VERY tricky.1.What was Forrest Gump’s IQ in the movie Forrest Gump?2.In Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, how many people chewed the gum?

1. IQ of 752. 53. Donnie Brasco4. The Princess Bride5. Moonlight Falls?6. Titanic (11), Ben Hur (11) and Lord of the Rings Return of the King (11)7. Meryl Streep8. 109.610. Timothy Olyphant

Stephen King “It” (Book).

Hey guys, I am 12 and I am wanting to read It by Stephen King! I heard it was great book and that it’s better than the movie (which I love) Have you read it and do think it’s for a 12 year old? Haha, I don’t really care how scary it is or inappropriate it is. I heard it had “stuff” in it. How…

it’s very good, one of King’s best. it is very long, over 1000 pages, but it’s easy to get into and stays interesting through the whole thing. I don’t remember any part being boring.though it does have some scary parts (the scariest imo was left out of the movie), I don’t think any of it is more than a 12 year old can handle. There are several sex scenes–one part in particular is pretty shocking–but it’s generally not overly gratuitous. it doesn’t really go into who’s touching what and who’s doing what to whom. I think it would probably be ok for a 12 year old. at least, that’s my argument you could make to your mom is that the book is a metaphor for the bullying children have to endure. it’s about several outcasts who band together against the bad guy and who learn to rely on themselves even when adults are in denial about how real the danger is. it’s an uplifting story of courage and tolerance. (oh, and leave out the risque stuff. lol)

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Will They Ever Make The (Stephen King) Book Into A Movie.

I’ve read Stephen King’s “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” over and over so many times and can’t help wondering if they’ll ever make a movie about it, because it’s one of my favourite books. I’m fascinated about the whole plot, basically about how a young girl would survive alone in…

I doubt it. If they were going to, they would have done it a long time ago.

Is it unusual to have never heard of Stephen King.

I was having a conversation with my friend today and we somehow drifted into the topic of books and movies, when I asked her if she liked Stephen King. She immediately goes, “who’s Stephen King?” and that just kind of blew me away. At first I thought she was just kidding around by asking that, but I…

I think yeah, that’s pretty unusual. Even if you don’t like his books or haven’t even read them, with as many books, short stories, screenplays, and movies his books have been made into, most people have probably heard of him in passing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he should be a household name, but he’s worked on so much for so long that it’s hard to imagine anyone not at least recognizing his name.

Has anyone else noticed how many Steven King movies he makes Christians out to be ……..

……. unstable, pyscho lunatics?I just watched “The Mist” and he has the nutcase be this woman preaching the bible and God.Then I remembered in “Carry” or “The Firestarter” he had her crazy mother hammering her with God and the bible, too.Then my daughter added in…

A: It’s STEPHEN King.B: He’s a Christian himself, nominally; he believes in God and the bible, just seems to dislike organised religion. And fundies.C: In Misery, the insanity of Kathy Bates’s character had basically nothing to do with any religious beliefs she had, and everything to do with disturbing obsession with fiction (Oh, so many comments I could throw in here!) which means you can’t group her with the Carrie mom and the Mist woman.D: If you think he never says anything popular about Christians, or at least Christianity, read or watch the Green Mile. Pay close attention to the big black prisoner’s name, or at least his initials, and think about that for a while. (By the way, that’s not me reading too much into things; in his book ‘On Writing’ he discusses that part himself).Harley Drive: Glad to hear such sterling criticism in modern day. Then again, if you’re too dim to understand the meanings in King’s work (and it really isn’t that complicated, we’re not talking Shakespeare here), it does make me pity you a You’re an idiot. Go away.

How does Stephen King write so many good stories.

How could he be so creative? So many of his books have been made into major motion pictures and TV movies, its crazy! Does he just sit down and start writing? Where does he get his inspiration?

Dear Jocelyn,You are asking us here to determine the reasons why an accomplished and so creative writer creates such great stories. Well, Stephen King used to write short stories when he was a young boy (her grandmother used to pay him every time he would finish a story), so I can almost answer one part of your question: He had already started to improve his writing skills and creativity since that particular period of his life. These old writings had an impact on his own personality, and they created a strong belief inside him, that provided him with another strong ambition to become a writer.Also, as Stephen King has claimed, inspiration is everywhere, it is something you find in front of you every minute of your life.Especially if you are a writer, he says, you see things differently.And, if you are good enough, you will recognize that inspirations are just reflections of new worlds, worlds that are waiting for you to develop them and show them to the real world.Stephen King had faced a lot of difficulties while writing. He stared writing his very first novel, ”The Dark Tower” at the age of 18 or 19, but he did not wish to get it published just yet. His very first published novel was ”Carrie”, if I am not mistaken.That masterpiece had gotten neglected by amajority of publishers, who denied to admit how gifted he really was that time.Stephen King is a great writer. He is gifted, because he was meant to become an author.Somethings are just lucky, some other things need talent in order to be succeeded.

his books into movies how many of his movies were Stephen King in.

Pet Cemetary,Sleepwalkers,Rose Red(which was not his book),Creep Show,

He has been in 13 of the movies made from his books…

How Many Of Nicholas Sparks’s Novels Have Been Made Into Movies.

There has to be quite a few. He Is a very good author.

I know right! He is the Stephen King of Romance novels!!Well on his website he has the list of books turned movies and so does wikipedia.orgMovies:Nights in RodantheThe NotebookA walk to rememberMessage in a bottleUpcoming Movies:The last songDear JohnThe lucky one

How many of Stephen King’s books have been made into movies.

How many movies or made for TV movies did Stephen King write?

Quite a fewCarrieSalam’s LotThe ShiningThe StandThe Dead zoneFire StarterCujoChristinePet SemataryItMiseryNeedful ThingsDelores ClayborneThe Green MileHearts in AtlantisDreamcatcherRunning ManThe RegulatorsSome of his short stories have also been made into films too, some under a different name to the titles of the stories.

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  1. 8. Answer 16 Different Seasons (The Body( Stand By Me), Rita Hayworth & (the Shawshank Redemption), Apt Pupil), The Shinning, Misery, Dream Catcher, Hearts In Atlantis, The Green Mile, The Dead Zone, Cujo, Christine, Carrie, Cycle of The Werewolf (Silver Bullet), Firestarter, Dolores Clairbone, The Running, Man, Pet Semetary, The Mist — Note short stories or tv movies or mini-series not incl10. Timothy Olyphant

  2. 8. 70 including short stories…I’m only 14 but I’ve read some his famous books (carrie, the shining, it, etc.) and I just come to the USA for about 2.5 yrs. Your friend is pretty unusual cause even my little bro (10 yrs) knows something about him. He said “That’s the dude that write horror story” !!!!

  3. You can think what you want about the people of God. God is not moved by things on earth. He is moved by things in heaven. Steven may be a king. But he is not of the kingdom of should probably read some of his books. hollywood tends to twist things to fit their bias agenda.It’s a GREAT book. I loved it.

  4. Hm, I guess it depends on what her background regarding pop culture is. Everyone receives different amounts of exposure to different facets of entertainment. Like yourself, my mom is also quite into horror movies, so I remember seeing Carrie, among other films, when I was rather young. I also attended advanced English and literature courses throughout high school and there was a big Stephen King enthusiast in my classes.5. Powder7.Jack Nicholson (I take it you refer to male by use of Actor otherwise female is Katherine Hepburn)

  5. I think that King associates Christianity with the occult — and that creeps him out a bit. Let’s just face it: there are some people in this world who resemble some of his crazy Christian characters. But I admit that many of his representations of the faithful are caricatures.

  6. I remember going to a doctor once about 15 years ago and mentioned Stephen King and he had no idea who he was. He was an older man, probably in his mid-sixties, and I was stunned. I think it’s very unusual, but I spend all my time around books and people who love to read, so I guess other people who have different interests may not have heard of him.

  7. I am Sweating 1. I guess Eternal Love. 2. Sexy Beast 3. Deliverance 4. F*** if I know 5. Star Wars **Edit: Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote. Hell Yeah

  8. 6) TitanicStephen King is a believer (as described by a director of 2 of his mini-series)I guess I don’t really know what you want to hear. You ask if it’s “for a 12 year old” but then go on to say that you don’t care if it’s scary or inappropriate. If those factors aren’t what you were asking about, then just what *would* deter you from reading it? Just curious.6. Ben Hur/Titianic/LOTR:Return of The King3)Donnie BrascoWriters all have their quirks…King’s happen to be misogyny and anti theism.

  9. “It” is a good book, but it is extremely long (although you are in a car for a long time), and reading in a car can make you extremely sick to your stomach (unless you are used to it). Reading int eh car can be a way to pass the time, only while moving in a car and keeping your eyes on a book with tiny print for such a long time would not be nice. If you do have a an Ipod or video game console, use those for a little while. You can get a car charger for an Ipod for at a gas station for really cheap (especially if you take frequent stops at gas stations in the middle of nowhere). Bringing a portable DVD player can also pass the time. I go on an 8 hour drive from where I live to Pawleys Island at South Carolina every year, so I know how it can feel. I actually live in Orlando, Florida, and it can get really hot down here, and if you are in a car for that long, you can get hot ans unhappy, and reading a long book with tiny print won’t help at all.

  10. 1. 75.Anyway, as the previous poster wrote, this is a HUGE book, well over a thousand pages, and I personally wouldn’t let my kids read it at twelve. Not because it’s scary, although it is, but because it contains extremely adult themes and graphic descriptions that aren’t suitable for a child that age. I don’t care if you’re an advanced reader — so was I, and there’s no way I would have fully grasped a lot of this story at that age. Wait a few more years, and you’ll enjoy it sooo much more!3. Donnie Brasko2. Dont Know.9. 6

  11. King seems to me, to make anyone he feels like out to be unstable and psycho lunatics to go along with the story.

  12. 5. Dont Know.Clover: He easily wrote way extra desirable than purely one series. “nighttime Shift,” “distinctive Seasons,” “Skeleton group,” “The Bachman Books,” “4 previous lifeless night,” “Nightmares and Dreamscapes,” “Six thoughts,” “Hearts in Atlantis,” “each thing’s Eventual: 14 darkish thoughts,” “purely after sunset,” and “complete darkish, No Stars.” i do no longer understand which one you need to be questioning of, yet reliable success!

  13. 1. 75Well, there’s The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to Remember, The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe, and apparently The Lucky One has its rights sold to Warner Brothers.

  14. 2. 3’Dear John’3. Donnie BrascoIt was, a few years ago, slated to be a movie staring Dakota Fanning.There must be no less than a pair in this record you haven’t heard approximately earlier than this. Elizabeth Gaskell Daphne du Maurier Lucy Maud Montgomery William Makepeace Thackeray Maud Hart Lovelace Anton Chekhov Sinclair Lewis Virginia Woolf Herman Melville Margaret Mitchell Moliere Jack London Daniel Defoe Jonathon Swift Nathaniel Hawthorne Willa Cather Robert Louis Stevenson Mark Twain Louisa May Alcott Jane Austen Charlotte Bronte Emily Bronte Charles Dickens Alexander Dumas William Faulkner Rudyard Kipling James Fennimore Cooper Jules Verne Isaac Asimov Robert Heinlein Ray Bradbury Arthur C. Clarke Johann Wyss Harper Lee John Updike Upton Sinclair F. Scott Fitzgerald Truman Capote Ernest Hemingway Scott O’Dell JRR Tolkien CS Lewis

  15. By the way…the movie? Is total crap, and one of the worst book-to-screen adaptations ever. The book is a million times better. Just not for a kid your age. Sorry if you don’t like my opinion, but hey, you asked. :)4. The Princess Bride.5. PowderThe Notebook7. Jack Nicholas and Walter Brennan are tied with 3 each.. Actress with the most Katherin Hepburn with 4…I am sure.. Stephen Kings Book will become a movie as most do.

  16. ‘Message in a Bottle’How old is your friend? Someone who’s a teenager probably wouldn’t know of him, like some people don’t know really popular musicians from the 80’s because they were born in the nineties 🙂 Otherwise, I would think as popular as his books and the movies made from his books are, you would have to be living under a rock not to know who he is if you’re at least 25 or older. But that’s just me, maybe, lol

  17. If you’re under 25, probably not too unusual but still a bit odd. If you’re over 25, I’d have to question if you’ve been living under a rock your entire life.

  18. 1) 87Well, I read it and I’m only 13. It actually took me about two month to finish it, but atleast I didn’t give up on it, right? It has around 1000 pages I believe. I also watched the movie (before I read the book) and it was so scary, I loved it! Although the book is better by far, it is also 10 times scarier. I was sometimes so scared to read it, it would just sit on my bed for days without being picked up because I was afraid I would get nightmares. Haha, yes, it is a bit “inappropriate”. Lots of um….sex scenes and such, plus there are a few “adult” themes. My parents don’t really look at the books I read so I was able to take it out with no trouble at all. Maybe tell your mom it’s good to read different types of books, especially ones with a “the bad guy dies” ending. Also, try not to emphasize the scary and inappropriate parts of it.Hope I helped 🙂

  19. Maybe he only sees christian WOMEN as being crazy. To be fair, most of the female characters in his stories are a little…off.

  20. A Walk to Rememberanswer: perhaps you should check out The Stand again – Good vs Evil straight out of Revelation1

  21. 7)Morgan FreemanEditing to add that when I say it has adult themes and graphic descriptions, I’m not talking just about sex (although there’s plenty of that). There are many other adult issues here as well, some of which I think aren’t suitable for kids to be reading about. And at twelve, you’re no longer a *little* kid, but you’re still a kid. This novel was meant for adult readers, so you should really get a few more years under your belt before you tackle it.

  22. 2. 5Write a script for it or something, and/or write some hollywood producer over and over about making a movie out of it, and reasons why. I think I’ll check out that book.

  23. 4. The Princess Bride’Nights is Rodanthe’8) 15I hope not. There is enough trash in the world.

  24. If you’re younger than eighteen, it may not be that strange. I’m 26 and I grew up reading his books and watching his movies. You don’t really hear much about Stephen nowadays. So maybe she just doesn’t read many horror novels, or hasn’t chanced upon one of his movies. I guess it’s possible, however unusual to you and I. 🙂 Try to be understanding of her naiivete’ (lol) and start introducing her to the greatness of the King of horror!

  25. Take the DaVinci Code. You can imagine Professor Langdon as the perfect man according to what you think the perfect man should look like. But who can see anyone but Tom Hanks now? And if you don’t think Tom Hanks is hot, how can you enjoy the book now?

  26. Yes,I watched “The Mist”but one of the characters(the biker guy)was also a believer but not as crazy.

  27. If they do it will be terrible his movies are always terrible. Books are good movies make me wanna puke.

  28. 5)again no ideaand Dear JohnI’m guessing here so give me a shot, not like some people who will look up these up on google

  29. Odds predict that every King book will be a movie. He is a writer who writes for movie adaptations. I haven’t read this one, but Vegas would never take a bet against a king novel being a movie.2) 11Only on some of his books. I guess you’ve not read The Stand, Needful things, or a bunch of his other books where the religious ones save the day.Its been a while since I read it but from what I recall it is a good book, but very long.It has 1138 pages. It can be a bit frightening but not anymore than the movie, so if you didn’t mind watching that go for it.

  30. In some of them they are, yes. In others (The Stand, Salem’s Lot, etc.), religious people are the heroes. Maybe the point he’s trying to make is that any group of people has a wide spectrum of personalities?

  31. However, although myself and several others I know have heard of him, I can understand it being possible (yet unusual) for someone not to really know about him. Like I said, everyone is exposed to different facets of pop culture at different levels. While King is a popular author, he only contributes to one genre. Therefore, if someone has no real interest in the horror genre, it’s possible for them not to know. Either that, or they just need more exposure.

  32. If you can’t fully enjoy the book because you can’t have a film image to tell you what you should be imagining, then I feel very sorry for you. The beauty of a book is that you’re free to see it the way you want. Many people complain that a movie made from a book ruins their ability to enjoy the book because they can no longer imagine it the way they want.He works at it, and has done so for decades. Nobody just sits down and writes brilliantly.I think that it is unusual. Stephen King was one of the best writers of the 20th Century (and still is) and he didn’t just write about horror! Did you know that he wrote a short story that inspired the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”? And the same for “Secret Window” starring Johnny Depp? He is a fantastic author and I think that she may be living under a rock, or just reads Twilight…..

  33. He said once he gets a lot of ideas from dreams hes had. He wakes up and writes what they were about and runs with them. He also will switch projects if he feels the story isn’t going the direction he would like it.

  34. 4. The Princess BrideA person that makes movies and writes books like that is tormented by a demonic entity. It makes him wealthy on earth. But it will make him lose any conscience of Salvation.

  35. 6. Titanic, Lord of the Rings: Retuen of the King and Ben-Hur are tied for first with 11 each…

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