How Much Does Half Price Books Pay

How much do they buy your books for at half price books.

it depends if its a popular book and the condition of it. i sell about….20-30 books. fair condition. i usually get around $6. they do pay a couple cents more for cds, dvds, and games(like computer/gameboy/DS/etc)

How much do you think Half Price Books would pay for these.

I was wondering what you all think Half Price Books would pay for a couple of books I have. I know that I should just go to the store and see, but they won’t let me, because I am not 18 yet, and I want to get a guestimation of what the price would be before I drag my mom over there. Here is the book…

Haha i love those i have Fruits Basket but love Ceres maybe 30 to 50 if your lucky they go and sell it for more……

I survived series

half price books.

How much money does half price books averagely give for used books? Anyone who has ever sold to HPB how much money did the give you? Also how much will they pay for V.C Andrews novels?

Not much for used books. I have cleaned out my bookshelves before and filled the back seat of my car with books, and it was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think they paid me less than $30 for all those books.I got more money from them when I took used movies and used books on tape. I assume any movies or music or other audio recordings would pay better than books there.However, my mother is a retired English teacher, and she owned stacks and stacks of the sort of novels that are assigned reading in high school and college English courses. When I took those books over there (more than would fit in one vehicle, so I went 3 different days with a big load) they paid a total of just under $150.If you do have a lot to sell to them, I have a bit of advice. Don’t take all of it at once, but split the lot and go on two or three different days. This is because the person at the buy desk is only allowed to use a certain amount of $ each day to buy with. And no matter what you bring in or how much, they will never use all the last of their money for the day on your stack of books, because what if somebody brings something really valuable in right after you leave, and they wouldn’t have any money left to offer? So they always limit themselves on how much they will offer you at one time. As I said, I brought mom’s books, which were EXACTLY the sort of books HPB want as many as they can get of, in on 3 different days. Each day they paid just under $50 for a whole back seat full of books. I’m fairly convinced that if I had split it into 4 deliveries, they would have offered me 4 times just under $50. But Mom was an English teacher, so her collection was exceptional. Regular folks like you and me will do well to get $20-$30.I’m not saying don’t go there. It was worth it to me to clean out some space in my home, and a little money is better than no money at all if I had donated them to Goodwill.

How much do you think Half Price Books would pay for these.

I was wondering what you all think Half Price Books would pay for a couple of books I have. I know that I should just go to the store and see, but they won’t let me, because I am not 18 yet, and I want to get a guestimation of what the price would be before I drag my mom over there. Here is the book…

Trust me they would charge alot you might as wellbuy them new but if you want to get them cheapThen heres 2 web sites where u can get them at a great pricehttp://www.abebooks.comorhttp://www.thriftbooks.comhope that helps=D

How much do they really pay for your books at Half Price Books.

Has anyone sold books there are gotten paid? How much do you actually get? I’m going away to college and I’m trying to downsize by getting rid of a lot of my books. Most of them are in perfect condition and I bought them in the last two years, so they are recent titles.

If they’re mostly popular titles, don’t expect to get much for them. I took a dozen or so hardback’s that I’d probably paid about $150 for and they offered me $3. I donated them instead.

How much does Half Price Books pay for used books.

I’ve decided to get rid of some of my old books that I won’t read anymore and also some cd’s and video games. I was wondering if anyone else has sold their books to Half Price Books. If so, how much did they pay you for them??? I’ve been to their website and they said it all depends on condition,…

try the siteVALOREBOOKS.comand use the code: MORE4LES(yes only 1 “s” LOL)

How much does Half Price Books pay for manga.

I’m selling all mine, I have roughly 100 volumes. How much will they buy for? /Does anyone have experience with them? Any help would be appreciated.

if its anything like the dvds not alot..

does half price books buy magazines.

does half price books buy used magazines if so how much do they usually pay u for them?

They do take used magazines. I know because a few months ago I moved, needed to downsize some stuff, and ended up taking several boxes of books and magazines to Half Price.I don’t remember off the top of my head how much I got for them, though. But as a rule of thumb, check how much they’re selling magazines similar to yours for. For magazines in good shape, you’ll probably get about half of what Half Price is selling them for.

How much do you make selling books to Half Price Books.

I know it’s a ridiculously low amount, but I’m curious to know if anyone has firm numbers or a general idea of how much money Half-Price Books pays for books? Most of the ones I’m interested in selling are hardcovers that half been published in the past eighteen months.

In my experience with Half Price, book buyers do not have a fixed schedule, but 20% of cover is a good benchmark. Relatively new hardcovers, especially with intact dust jackets, bring more. This can be a gold mine if you get review copies. But book club editions bring less. Textbooks generally bring a lot less. Items of particular local interest may do well. Specialist, technical books, and that sort of thing are iffy. It depends upon whether the book buyer knows what they are and what stock they already have.

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  1. I will buy all of the video games, cd’s, and dvd’s that you don’t want. I am starting a used game business and I need some inventory. Send me a list of what you have and give me a price. [email protected]

  2. everybody that really wanted to read them hasbut most current pop lit, mystery thrillers, horror best sellersrare hard to find or classic they know will sell fast up to 50%for common store stock they will pay 10 to 20 % of what they

  3. The used bookstores around my section additionally value a million/2 value. i don’t many times concepts paying that because of the fact i think of $10 for a sparkling e book which you will end in 2 days is merely too costly. in spite of the shown fact that, each and each time I drop off clothing or different articles at Goodwill or comparable places I many times see what they have on their cabinets and that i’ve got picked up some intense high quality hardcover books for $a million. as far because of the fact the earnings and determination that a used e book shop has to grant, a million/2 value is honest and existence like.

  4. There are some great websites that allow you to trade books. See my profile for links. This allows you to get rid of a book you no longer want and get something you do want in return. Titletrader is awesome because you can trade books, magazines, dvd’s and vhs tapes. So if you get rid of a book you may be able to get a dvd in exchange. Paperback swap is only for books. I have found that doing ebay or amazon is pricey cause you don’t really get your money’s worth and you have to pay fees etc.

  5. i like Barnes and Noble perfect. i think very mushy in each Barnes & Noble hat I certainly have ever been into. Borders – I certainly have in no way heard of Borders. 0.5 fee Books – we even have an extremely mind-blowing 0.5 fee e book save on the city the perfect option next to a coffee hut yet its no longer very good coffee.I nevertheless like Barnes & Noble the perfect

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