How Many Books Can 1Gb Hold

How good is this computers specs.

CPU:Two 2.93GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” (12 cores)RAM:32GB (8x4GB) DDR3HDD: 4X 512gb SSD adding up to 2tb of Storage (Solid State Drive)Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GBCD Drive: 2X Bluray rw DVD rw CD rw drivesMonitor: 2X 30″ Flat Panel LED monitors (Using desktop extension thing)OS: Win 7,...

This is actually an amazing computer. Here’s an explanation of why it’s so amazing:CPU – The processor speed is almost 3 GHz – that’s VERY fast. And, it has two of them. This is a very fast computer.RAM – If you have 8 RAM memories with 4 GB each, that is a LOT. Most computers don’t even have one with 4 GB! Mine only has 2 GB total.HDD – This is an amazing amount of hard disk drive space. The Library of Congress in Washington, DC has 12 terabytes of books. The computer here has 2. That means that you have enough space to hold a sixth of all the books published in the world! That’s a lot.Graphics – 1GB of Graphics memory is a lot. Most computers only have a few hundred Megabytes.Optical Drives – Many computers only have one CD/DVD drive and they can’t even handle Bluray discs. So, if you have -two- that can handle CDs, DVDs, -and- Blurays, that’s a great computer.And of course have two huge monitors and Windows 7 is also excellent.(Just in case you don’t know the computer size units, here it is in order from smallest to largest: Bits, Bytes, Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB), and Terabytes (TB).)It does sound kind of pointless to have this much stuff in one computer. A computer with a fraction of the specs here would still be able to run even the most advanced programs.I have heard of laptops that cost a million dollars. They have terabytes of space, they clean the screen themselves, and do a lot of other neat stuff. If you have money to throw away, it would be pretty neat to get a super computer.

Ipod Touch………..

How many movies can the ipod touch hold? it is the 4th generation and it is 8gb

It depends on many factors. Two factors that significantly affect the size of a movie are movie length and the video quality.Taking a “The Book of Eli” DVD and then converting it a format that iTunes will use shows that it the movie is 635.2MB. The movie itself is about 2 hours and it runs at about 128kbps.A good amount of the movies in the iTunes store can take up 1-2GB easily. If we assume an average of 1GB per movie, that is 8 movies.I hope this helps!

Free black urban books

How much can my 8GB hold.

Okay so I have a 8GB IPhone and I’ve been really trying to conserve some memory space because for some reason it seems like my phone is almost at the maximum and I haven’t even used THAT much space. FYI: Thus far I have 194 songs, 192 pics, 23 apps, 5 books and then the “other” section says…

Probably Texts are taking that up. especially ones with pics in them.

How many documents will 250GB of hard drive space hold.

Hi.I’m a senior in high school & I’m looking into purchasing a net book for school. I just need a basic net book where I can use the internet and type word documents during class (possibly at the same time).I have a big Dell laptop at home that I can use to watch movies & do more complicated things….

250GB will hold more documents than you can ever type in your entire lifetime. Thousands upon thousands of them. So if all you’re doing is Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, you’ll be fine.The Net Book should come pre-installed with Windows 7, and you cannot upgrade any of the components in them. However, 1GB of Ram should be sufficient to do the simple tasks you are asking of it, such as Word and Powerpoint. Net Books are not meant for things such as streaming or gaming.As for multi-tasking, the computer will work just like any other Windows 7 computer – however, it will be considerably slower. So while it should be able to handle opening, for example, a Word Document and the Internet Browser, asking it to do many many things at once is not a good idea. But simple multi-tasking is definitely within it’s ability.

can i increase thhe storage capacity of nook. how. and can i read free books.

i hv sum ques based on the new nook simple touch e reader;1)can v get books for free(coz i dont wanna buy)and also save them in the microSD card?will i be able to read them from here?i wont find any use of the 32gb card once i run out of memory)2)”actual formatted capacity(2gb-1000books)may be less.approx…

1. Yes you can, as long as they are DRM-free epub files your nook will be able to read them. You can find some sites online or libraries to loan books also. The files are very small, most books on epub are less size than a song file. So 32 gigs will easily hold over 10,000 books! There are also ways to get DRM-books for free via torrents but I don’t think Yahoo like us talking about that here.2. The nook will reserve space for the content you are going to be buying from barnes and noble. So if you buy books from them directly and add them to your nook it goes to that space. Any content you add from your computer like pdf files, pictures for screensavers, or non-DRM books you have will go to that diminished amount of space. Anything on your sd card stays away from that 750mb for B&N content.3. It can read pdf files without you having to download anything.4. You can get a Nook app for your computer and anything you buy on your B&N account will be linked to that account name. Once you add the app you will be able to download and read any content you have bought.5. The new nook simple touch does not have the option of having 3g, only the first generation nook or the kindle have that ability.6. During sampling you get only a very little of the book. If it is an eligible book and you are inside of a B&N store you can read the whole book for 1 hour. Those are very specific books. All others are usually the first 20 or so pages.7. Free books can be downloaded directly from B&N website or can be moved over via a usb chord from your computer and onto the nook if you have them on your computer.8. 1 gig will hold approximately 300 books. Since you can add any books to your sd card you can extend your capacity as much as you want. I really don’t think you will need so much space. I haven’t gotten close to reaching my nooks limit and I’ve got a ton of books on mine.I’ve attached a small video review of the nook simple touch I put up on youtube, if you have any other questions hit me up via email.

How many pictures can my 4GB memory card hold in a 7.2 mega pixel camera.

I have 7.2 megapixel camera, and i was wondering how many pictures will it hold with a 4GB memory card?

I don’t know if there is a formula for this. But all the instruction books I have seen usually give you the amount of pictures on a 1GB memory card. Multiply by 4 of course. However there is another variable most digital cameras enable you to shoot at various mega pixels (I always recommend setting camera to maximum mega pixels or the fewest pictures available for the memory card being used. This gives you the sharpest picture available for your camera. I would think sharpness is more important, at least for me it is.

Help with how many minutes MP3 players hold.

Can anyone tell me how may minutes does 1GB hold? I want to purchase an mp3 player to listen to audio books. And some audio books are in excess of 12 hours. Any help appreciated.Thanks, Bob

“1 GB” as measured by makers of memory cards and mp3 players, equals about 150 songs, or 10 hours, at various audio qualities.Audio books should be in lower audio quality, so they do take up less space.But even the cheapest iPod nano for $149 has 8 GB of storage.

how many documents can 1G hold on a flashdrive.

im planning on copying some books onto a flash drive to take around with me. if i don’t have anything else on the flash drive, how many documents (pages of the books) will i be able to put on it?(also, would i be able to put all of that memory, for a short time, onto an acer netbook (any kind) ?)

It can hold a lotwhy a 1GB go with a 4 GB or 8 GB

how many bookmarks can a browser hold.

is there a limit and why?thanks.

Theorically:For firefox and IE there should be no limit. IE uses a shortcut file for links and folders to categories them so it would be limitless since the files and folders can be created as long as you have hard disk space.For firefox it uses a special xml file. since each link may take maximum of 5KB(5000 letters in length of the url plus some extra stuff) i have a doubt that you be able to increase the size of that file more than 1GB(if so you cannot find anything it since it is simply too big to look at).Physically:yes they are limited by amount of free space on hard drive you got to save new book marks.You are also limited with memory. if you have so many bookmarks that you feel up both your RAM and pagefiles(back up RAM) then the loading of book marks can fail.

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  1. There’s no game on the planet that requires even one Xeon CPU, never mind two and there’s no server on the planet that requires a graphics card more powerful than a Radeon HD 3450.

  2. Or do I need to upgrade to 2GB of Ram? If you want to, but it’s not required, it just makes the little thing a whole lot faster.Yes, you can multitask.

  3. have you considered converting the songs format? maybe its taking most of the space. or maybe formatting your Iphone and you can copy back whatever you want from your computer? apparently there’s something wrong! I have a 4 GB Memory card, i got a lil less than 300 songs, 3 Movies and few Pics, thee’s still space left!

  4. At 128kbps, which is an accepted standard for music, it translates into about 1 megabyte per minute of audio. Audiobooks, being spoken word, generally use a much smaller bitrate. You may have to re-encode them if they’re a higher bitrate, but getting 12 hours inside a gig of space is very doable if you sacrfice some fidelity.

  5. when you are watching a tv set or movie it is very easy to get distracted and multi task, where reading a written publication, it has your full attention usually!

  6. Looks a little too good, could be a server but I’m not sure why a server would have 2 blue ray drives. And the OS can only be one of the three systems you said, unless its multi boot but again a server would not need more then one OS and its unlikely that it would use any of those. What are you using it for? And where would you be getting it? Be careful and look out for scams if its not from a repuatable company.

  7. All you have to do is a price search. Just go the search and instead of putting in the name of a book or author, type in “0.00.” That will pull up all the free books. You can also type in “Barnes & Noble 0.00” to pull up all the list of free Barnes & Noble classics. By the way, if you’re physically at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, you can read a lot of paid books for free as well. I forget how to do that, but Nook salesperson will be able to show you.

  8. Well, it would depend on the format and length of all those stored media….Some take up a lot of space..

  9. [DELDUP()]As a phallic extension, it’s great. As a computer, it’s a complete waste of money. Why on earth would you put 2 VERY EXPENSIVE server CPUs into a computer obviously meant for gaming? (Judging by the ATi HD 5870)

  10. 250Gb will hold many thousands of documents. 2GB of RAM is a good idea, 1Gb is simply not enough.Then export your favorites and save it to your My Documents folder.Anywhere from less than 1 to more than a thousand depending on the resolution you scan and what format you save.

  11. Hundreds, which is more than you need since you should be transferring your photos to a computer for storage at the end of every day you use your camera. Buy the 4gb card. If you need more space, buy another 4gb card. It is always a good idea to have more than one card in case the one you are using goes bad during a photo shoot.

  12. 1) Will 250 GB of hard drive space hold several MS Word / Powerpoint Documents? Yes, A LOT, plus more!As far as the ram goes. It comes with only one gig, because it is meant to be a low power device(longer battery life). And it also will come with Windows Starter Edition. WSE limits you to only One gig of usable ram, and is also designed to be low power. You couldnt use more than one gig of ram, without upgrading Windows as well. That isnt recommended on a netbook. Leave it as it is. This will not hamper you in any way, for using and or making documents.

  13. i think there must be a limit for bookmarks. if you select a bookmark from drop-downs it can hardly fit 50 bookmarks. i have 35 bookmarks still no lags or anything.

  14. using a server board most likely… But the thing is havign all those cores will be a waste really. We dont even half have the software out there that can tap into the full potential of a quad core let alone the hexa core… it would be a beast of a machine but a waste of power for years to come.

  15. you can get presicely 1314 photos on a 4gb memory card. here is a websiteSo yeah you can have what you need but you cant change the background or use sniping tool or do some parts that home premeium+(above) has.

  16. 3) Can I multitask using this net book? If you mean have multiple windows open, yes. But to an extent, like you can’t have like 7 tabs of internet explorer or firefox up while having like 5 documents and other stuff open. But you usually wouldn’t do that kinda stuff with a net book anyway. And you could probably do more if you have 2 gb of ram, which would make it smoother. But again, not required.(don’t worry about the cam. just go to the bottom of the page. there is a chart)

  17. around 14 full movies. but then you wouldnt have any more space for anything else. (songs, apps, games and other stuff)

  18. The amount of space an mp3 takes up is determined by it’s bitrate, how many bits (or thousands of bits) a second it is encoded at. The more bits per second, the higher the quality but larger the file.As far as the netbook question goes, are you just asking if you can copy 1GB of data to the netbook? Of course, if you’ve got 1GB free space. If you really mean “memory”, meaning RAM, then no. You cannot use a USB drive as RAM.

  19. 1 gig is a lot of memory, first how big are the documents? put as many as it will hold (meaning) as you put it on the drive keep checking, right click on the drive it will tel you how much space is left, that is th easiest way to do that .

  20. If you’re worried about their being a limit to you book marks use you can tag as many bookmarks as you like on your account and still have only one icon on your toolbar.

  21. Microsoft documents are generally very small and powerpoints arent exactly huge either. So 250 gigs will do you quite nicely for a very long time.2) Will I be able to run Windows 7? Yes, and actually most net books today come with windows 7 starter so it will probably run it if you upgrade one from windows xp or something like that.

  22. Then go to File –>> Open and open the bookmarks page in your web browser. You will see a simple HTML page.

  23. Books transform your life sentence structure, reading level, spelling, vocabulary, and generally will be more educational than T.V.

  24. Its good, but Im not aware of any piece of hardware of software that would support 32GB of RAM. Perhaps some superserver used for internet infrastructure but certainly nothing you would ever use at home. 32GB of RAM would be a complete waste.

  25. Lo último que compre fue un troublesome disk externo, siempre han sido de calidad los productos que he comprado en los sitios information superhighway pero esta compra ha pasado mis expectativos, un transporte muy rápido y un producto excelente de buena marca a un precio sin igual, seguramente l. a. mejor compra.

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