How Many Books Does It Take To Be A Bestseller

How can I be a bestseller. With my novel.

You don’t really have any control over it. All you can do is write the best novel you know how. You can market it, and blog and tweet and Facebook, but it’s up to readers whether they take any notice.The best thing you can do, once the book’s finished, is start writing another one. Hardly anyone becomes rich and famous from just one book. I don’t know if this information is readily available, but you might want to look into the careers of authors who’ve made the bestseller lists and figure out how many books they’d had published before they first hit the list. I doubt very many of them did it with their first published novel. Of course, that method excludes all the authors who got published but never made the bestseller lists at all…

How much do i have to pay to publish a book. Do i even have to pay.

ya see im writing a book here and im almost done, this is my first book, so im like going crazy and searching the internet to see more info on publishing books. so im looking for anyone who knows how much i have to pay to publish a book. And if anyone of u people are authors than please write to me and tell me your…

to SELF publish a book, you need about 300$, google print-on demand.If you want to be a writer, do it as a career. That is — do whatever anyone pays you to do. Build a RESUME and a PORTFOLIO ( of stuff people paid you to do, such as articles for a magazine ) so when you go get the book you actually want to write published, you have a name and they will take it. If you go on your own, you CANNOT sell it.Middlesex became a bestseller because it had FOUR SALESMEN working on it, who send grab-bags of girlie-items as gifts to teen mags to entice them to review it. YOU can send all the grab bags you want, because you do not work for a large publishing company no one will review your book.I had this idea to advertize my novel in Second Life but turns out you’re only supposed to advertise in-game stuff in there, but if you advertize Real World things, you are an evil, corporate profiteer who wants to take advantege of computer geeks and gamers to turn a proffit. Never mind that no matter how many books i sell, i still LOST money on it, given the 5 years of my life i did nothing but write it and polish it. Advertising is only ok if it’s done by real ad angencies — not a private person like me and you!BUT, i’ll give you another exmaple. my job is to be a programmer. i am paid to do it. they take my code and run it for a big bank. BUT if i went on my own and wrote code after work, and tried to give it to a big bank, the big bank would be like “why are you bothering us? Take your program and shove it.” I’m saying that the age of writing a book and publishing it is over, and now you have to view it like any job: find an employer! Your first employer will probably be a small magazine. to impress them enough, you shoudl probably have a popular blog or win awards and have acomplishments AS WELL AS having a creative writing degree. Once you work in your industry long enough to know all the editor’s KIDS NAMES you can then by-pass the 100,000-book-deap slush pike and talk to the guy over lunch and say “hey, i wrote such-and-such for 10 years, now i have this novel, would you be interested?”I sacrificed 5 years of my life for my novel. got rid of TV. got rid of (mostly) video games. I wrote after work, and after a full day at work sitting in a cubicle, i did NOT want to sit in front of a PC to write. it felt like i had TWO JOBS but i wanted to finsih what was so easy to do in college. IT SOLD TWO COPIES. I took out an add in Fantasy and Science Fiction for 4 months and nothing.But i’m a terrible salesman, if you are a good salesman, you can probably sell as many as 100 copies of your self-published book.Basically, DON’T DO IT. make friends. play video games. if you wanna write to escape into your own fantasy world instead of one scripted by hollywood, that’s one thing, but if you want ppl to read what you write, you MUST do it as a career.AND if you do major in creative writing, you need to make it a double-major with a more realistic major that can make you money in the real world in case the writign thing fails. does not have to be glamorous, just so you don’t end up living with your parents when you graduate, because most ppl who believe in “follow your dream” end up living with their parents. you just don’t HEAR about them from the sucessful ppl — but they are there — on — living with parents, and i refuse to date them.Amazon has a self-publsihing thing that if you do it, you can search 3 chapters of a book. Booksurge? i think? look up “amazon print on demand” and then look at some of thosse books on amazon. read the first 3 chapters. realize that every single one of those ppl think that THEIR book is actually readable and better than the rest of those books, just like you think about your own book.the days of sending a story to a magazine and publishing it and starting a career that way are over. there are more writers now and fewer readers. that’s the reason now that it turned into a structured career path.a better outlet for creativity now is youtube. that’s the future. Free prints

How to sell my book to Hollywood.

I have self published one book in USA and UK. After published, it get many testimonials from writers and readers. So many people think it would be classic and would be feature film in Hollywood. In that case, I hope to find great literary agency or agent to sell my book to NY publishers and sell my book to…

Wang:If you succeed in this please let me know how you done it. First your book has to be a bestseller and trust me a self published book will not be a best seller. SO!There are many publishers out there and believe me, it is hard to find one. I spent two years and many, many manuscripts sent with only three replies to the negative. One took three years to reply? Just type in (Canadian) USA or English Literary Agency’s and try some of these. If your work is excepted there are no charges to you. They will give you upfront $ and a percentage on books sold. Usually about 15%. Best selling authors can demand much, more. Good luck.I went the self publish route. Very hard row to hoe. It worked for me only because I am retired and had time to do many book signings.I write this mainly to warn you about the bad guys out there trying to take your money for nothing. Check (Warnings &Cautions for Writers) May save you some headaches.Wayne Russell, The Vagabond Writer

how many comic books do you have to sell in order to become a bestseller.

yo i know im already know im gonna be the next sttan lee ( sort of, fingers crossed) I just wanna know how many comic books it takes to be one of the top dogs a specificly not

It’s not about how many, it’s about how good it is. If you have only written one and it’s really popular, it can become a best seller.

has anybody on here ever thought about writing a book that one day could be a bestseller.

what does it take to be a bestseller? im writing a nonfiction book, about me and how i can change/touch people who surround me. any idea what this world wants to hear? what is it that the publishers are looking for?

All the time…Actually, I am a published author but have never had a best seller. I used to write technical articles for magazines but quite frankly it pays very poorly. For non-fiction, especially technical writing, you have to put in so much time in research, and then you only get a couple/few hundred for the article. I was not even making minimum wage when I worked out how much I was getting compared to how much time I worked on them.So I decided to try novels, which pay much better. I have one fiction novel in print, and have a couple more books “presentably complete” that I am trying to sell, while working on yet another.I write science-fiction novels now… –putting all that techno-training to some use. I always make sure the technical parts of my stories are correct. Basically, I try to put good science into my science-fiction. It makes it that much more believable.What publishers are looking for is simple and yet hard to achieve. They want to pick up a story (or a proposal) that leaps out at them, grabs their interest from the first word to the last. If they see something like that, they know it will sell and make them lots of money, and like anyone else, they yearn to be rich. Thus they will make you an offer immediately.Most stories that they do buy are not that spectacular, so they must then make a judgement call as to whether they think it will sell or not. –Remember that they look through thousands of sample chapters and manuscripts (fiction) and proposals (non-fiction) and want to pick only the very best to publish.Consequently, when you submit something, make it the very best you can possibly make it before sending it off to an agent or publisher. –no spelling or grammar errors is a given, and make sure the story flows well.Oh, and for non-fiction, especially, they want to know your credentials for writing such a book or magazine article. In other words, if you are writing a book on nuclear physics, it’s good if you have a doctorate in the nuclear field and/or that you worked in the field for many years. If you are writing about auto mechanics, you should be able to list your mechanic’s certifications. You get the idea, but that is not to say someone without credentials cannot get published; just that credentials make it more likely, when it’s non-fiction.That’s about it for now. Good luck with your writing.

What does it take to be a writer.

I have a passion for writing. I read about celebrities, and just simple people who have been victims of certain social events, (Monica Lewinsky for example) or just clerks and the next thing I see is that they have written a book.Did they get help from professionals? Can I just write a short story and show…

Just start a plot and write as much down as it takes to complete the story. It’s not as easy as it seems, I’ve attempted to write books many times and had never gotten close to the end chapter. If the publisher likes the book, they’ll publish it. But expect to be rejected if it’s your first book. Just keep writing and eventually you’ll make a bestseller!

What does it take for a book to become a “New York Times Bestseller.”.

A lot of books you pick up in the store have the “#1 New York Times Bestseller” written on the cover. So what does it take to actually get that credential to put on a book???Thanks in advance 🙂

Books sales are all you need. The New York Times simply publishes lists of best selling authors and their featured work. Once your book sells enough copies and the NYT publishes your name on that list you are in!

How hard is it for a book to be a bestseller.

And what are the chances of a book to be a best seller? how many books each yr r rejected from publishers? how many are published? and how many become bestsellers?what does a book need for it to be a bestseller?ya, thanks.

Well, becomming a best-selling author can be nearly immposible. IF you have good writing, a good publisher, and a good book idea, it makes it MUCH more likely.Look at getting rejected like this-Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight Saga) got rejected eight times before being accepted, and she is a best seller.Dr. Suess’s first children’s book got rejected twenty-some times, but eventually, he got accepted, and sold 2 million copies-Best Seller.So, being rejected makes you stronger, I guess you could say. You can’t go giving up on your first rejection, because then you’ll never know what could’ve happened.How many are published? It depends on your publisher and how willing they are to give up their own money and take a chance.I would say, if 300 people published books, 2-4 would beomce bestsellers. It gets harder and harder, since more and more people are publishing now days.Hope I helped Hon,Nikki

how long does it take for a book to become a bestseller after it is published.

i know that some famous books didn’t become famous until long after the authors died, but i’m wondering how long it took, say, the harry potter books to become bestsellers. months? years? is there maybe even a common trend where most famous books become famous before a certain amount of time has passed? and…

It depends. It can be a best seller before it’s released or as soon as it’s released. For instance, has a best sellers list. A book can be a best seller BEFORE it’s released if many people pre-ordered the book. Pre-ordering counts as sells for the book. Books can also be a best seller the same week it’s released. It depends on the book. Most books, though, will never reach a best sellers list. Best sellers lists keeps track of how many are sold. I don’t know the details of how it’s calculated or where the information is had. For instance,’s best sellers list is based only on sales from Maybe a list like the New York Times best sellers list gets their sales data from Bookscan and another best sellers list might get their data from another place.

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  1. Hire an experienced independent editor or ‘book doctor’–for a second opinion and assistance.Writing the best book you can, then rip it apart and write it better a second, third, or fourth time.~Dr. B.~

  2. the readers define the books as bestsellers hence why they are called “Bestsellers” they sell a lot of copies etc..

  3. Well… it would be difficult. And the chances would be very low. When you think about how many books have ever been written, and how many of them are best sellers, it really doesn’t seem like very many.First of all, if you’re looking to write a non-fiction book and sell it to an agent or publisher, you’ll need to write a marketing proposal and include about three sample chapters. The publisher will want to know what your book offers, what else is out there in the marketplace, and how your book fills a need. What does your book offer that isn’t already available?

  4. You also need to understand that your beloved book has faults just as any other.iot takes passion, creativity, a strong mind and heart, and GUTS!!!! remember that most writers in history are an addict of some sort, and be prepared for a struggle in your personal life

  5. If you are looking for a publisher and you write non-fiction, they’ll be FAR more interested in you if you already have an existing platform.

  6. No, generally a publisher will pay you for the rights to publish your book. A publisher takes on all costs of publication and pays the author based on the contract signed. Self-published authors generally have to pay all production costs associated with publishing (binding, advertising, etc.), but reap all of the profit. Self published authors usually keep all the primary and subsidiary publishing rights to their own work, and sign up with what’s called a ‘non-exclusive’ contract, meaning they can enter into agreements with other publishers, traditional or otherwise, at the same time as publishing their book with the self publishing company. This arrangement is said to give self published authors more flexibility. I hope this helps you, :D.

  7. I would caution you about “vanity” publishing,unless you’ve got the cash to shell out(we’re talking 100’s of dollars)plus,no matter what the brochure or the website says,YOU will have to do the heavy lifting,(publicity,marketing,etc) so unless you want to go through the truoble(and expense)of selling your book out of the trunk of your car,you should send your work to a reputable publishing house,in other words,someone who’ll pay YOU for the time and sweat it took to write your novel.Is it a gamble?Yup.But then,isn’t anything worthwhile worth taking the risk of rejection?Believe me, you get over the sting quick enough.Get yourself(from the library if possible a) copy of Best Of The Writer’s Markets. This will give you an up to date clearly written notes on such things as payment,what genres they accept(it’ll save time in the long run to know what niche your book should be assigned,romance,adventure,suspense,etc) and send it to the right publishers.Read the guidlines for publishing carefully and get your manuscript ready.Avoid typos and grammer mistakes(Spell&Grammer Check if you have it)as this is a primary reason why a perfectly good manuscript won’t get “read”.Most important,use a 12 Roman font and DON’T forget to double-space!No money needs to be paid if you use LuLu. It works really well! For all other companies like Random House and stuff, you need an agent to get it done for you… Good Luck!

  8. Before self-publishing, consider your goals. Self published books rarely if ever get to the mainstream bookstores. If you’re selling via the Web, are you familiar with marketing for this venue?You also need a very large vocabulary so you not saying the same adjectives over and over again.

  9. If it’s not edited properly and you’re just going to publish ‘as is’…?You can always self publish, too. There are more self-published books out there than published books. But the same rules apply. Write about what you know and what you’re passionate about.

  10. If you’re going to go vanity-press (PA, authorhouse, Xlibris, Trafford, etc..) expect to shell out the bare minimum of $600 and up as much as $12,000.Morris Publishing specialize in short-run printing for self-published authors.Even if it takes YEARS.You might want to to also look at which is affiliated with This way you’ll be able to sell via Amazon and find more markets that way. I’m not as familiar with them, however.

  11. Now Get Going! :-)The author has to be well recognized, and his works widely accepted. The book has to have sold an extremely large number with excellent reviews from the industries top reviewers, and then, after the author has become reputable in his work, more of his work is likely to be accepted even more quickly. Then their work has the better chance of becoming a best seller as publicized in The New York Times.

  12. You also have to be very imaginative or creative to keep your audience in awe by your story.idk i just want 2 points

  13. That means:Yes, I have. Actually, I have a tale that’s in my brain for a while, however I do not feel I’m that so much of a creator. Everytime I attempt to write it down, I coudn’t believe the suspence as within the books I learn.

  14. [DELDUP()]Don’t forget, Some of the best books, although excellent, don’t make it to the big times.

  15. You want to get out the best product possible. If you just do a rush job on it? You won’t get farther than you would if you took the time to do it *right*.

  16. As for the actual self publishing; the answer is no, you don’t have to pay anything if you use or You’ll have to do all the marketing yourself, but both provide your own online store at no cost to you. You won’t need any money at all for the process- not even printing.You don’t pay anything. If a publisher asks you for money up front, then it is a scam.

  17. Three things: imagination, inspiration and perspiration. It helps to have a computer or pen and pad handy, too. I find my stories in everyday situations but make them have fantastic elements. Like a girl is meeting her boyfriends parents at a dinner party… IN SPACE!

  18. It depends. The very definition of “bestseller” is rather woolly these days. It usually means that a book has appeared on a chart of bestselling books, but which chart, and how long it was on there, and what position it reached, is anybody’s guess. The charts are usually compiled every week, so a book usually has to sell a lot of copies in a week to appear on a chart. A book that sells 100,000 copies in one week would probably make number 1 that week. A book that takes a year to sell 100,000 copies might never appear on the chart. (Having said that, you also get year-end charts, which record the bestsellers for the year as a whole.)

  19. Creativity, determination and guts. Writing seems easy, but seriously, it’s pretty hard :PSecondly, it’s not about what the world wants to hear. You have to write about what you KNOW and what you feel passionate about. You have to have some expertise on the subject or credentials.[/DELDUP]Publishers are looking for people with platforms — existing fan bases. I can tell you that with certainty. I can also tell you that great books written by authors with NO platform are often turned away for crappy books because the authors have a platform, i.e. built-in audience and ready-made sales. There is a lot to consider. Educate yourself on publishing as best you can and figure out what you have to offer.

  20. For a book to be a best seller I would say it needs a VERY interesting plot, well developed characters with good solid consistent personalities and it probably needs to be something that hasn’t been done before.

  21. It’s a moving target. Currently the top 10 best selling comic books ( for April 2013) sell more than 88,000 copies.

  22. it just takes imiginationit varies a lot. like you said there are books that become wildly popular after they’ve been out for years. Take Twilight as your biggest example of that instance. There are other books, like Harry Potter, that were wildly popular the minute they hit the shelves. It depends on how good the publishing house things the book is going to be. They make a lot of copies if they think i book is going to do well, and they are seldom wrong. They have advertising to get the word out. I don’t know how many copies a book needs to sell to become a bestseller. I think it has more to do with the ratio of time vs. copies sold in said amount of time. But i could be wrong.

  23. If you’re nearly done with your book, then I congratulate you.Find a respectable and reputable cover artist to flesh out your book’s first cover.

  24. Publishers are looking for a well-written, original book that can appeal to many audiences. That’s what it takes to get published. This world wants to hear many different things; basically, anything original and not overdone goes.

  25. Edit, edit, edit.But I may be wrong, after all Twilight doesn’t have any of those things (Apart form a relatively interesting plot) and it’s sold millions. Harry Potter is a good example, it has all of those things. But I’m not an expert. You should probably google it.

  26. Most books sell most of the copies they’re ever going to sell within a few months of initial release. With some luck, they will continue to sell after that, at a slower rate, but enough for the publisher to justify reprinting them. If the author releases another book, especially if it’s a sequel, that sometimes results in more sales for the first book.

  27. All you’re doing is killing yourself and your credibility as an author.Even if you have to self-publish (or whatever), your chances of being taken seriously *increases* more if you go and do things the right way–instead of just doing it the wrong way.

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