How Do I Listen To Audible Books

How can I read my kindle books on the audible app.

It’s through kindle, so I would think you can, but I can not figure it out! I just saw though, that I can not send my audible book to my computer. Am I to assume I can not read books I purchase in audible and cannot listen to books I have purchased already? If so that sucks! I am highly disappointed… Does…

I think you’re confused about what Audible is. sells audio books. These are recordings of books read or performed by various readers and performers. They are owned by Amazon. You purchase and download audio books from Audible, which can be played on mp3 players, iPods, or your computer. They are audio files, like music. The audible app is for downloading and listening to audio books purchased from To read Kindle books, install the Kindle app. If you have a Windows PC, download it from…To download and listen to Audible books, download their software from (depending upon your OS). It can be configured to load the audio files directly into iTunes or Windows Media Player.Kindle books and Audible books are two completely different things.Edit – actual Kindles have a feature that allows them to read books to you. However, the voice is robotic and speaks in a monotone and frankly isn’t very good – professionally read audiobooks are far better. I don’t think this feature is available on other hardware, though.

Do you listen to books on tape.

Have you purchased audiobooks, or are you currently a member of an audiobook club? I have a membership at and I love it!Do you enjoy audiobooks? Why or Why not? Can you recommend some of your favorite listens?

As a “multi-tasker”, audio books are ideal for me. I can listen to books while painting, while cooking, cleaning, walking my dog, things like that. Gosh, I even listened one day while I was mowing the lawn (you really have to turn up the volumn for to do that!) I missed out on reading a lot of books over time before I discovered how wonderful audio books can be. Now I can’t get them fast enough! Making up for lost time!There are SO MANY good ones out there! Yes, I’m a member of audible, too! It’s a wonderful service for books and so much more, and quite reasonable. I’ve also gotten many good deals on and Ebay. My library has a good selection, and new ones coming in regularly.Some of my favorites have been The Devil Wears Prada, The Secret Life of Bees, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns (read while painting my family room!) and The Glass Castle (read while painting decorative signs for a community event!). There are more that I can’t think of right now! I have two waiting for me right now…

How to get free books

How do you feel about Audible Books.

It seems that I never have time to seat down and enjoy a good book any more. But, I have been thinking about experiencing with audible books on Ipod.Just want to get a feel from those who have tried audible books.What differences have you experienced between the paper and just listening to someones voice?…

I adore audio books. Half of my overall reading is done in the car as I commute to and from work.When I think back to books I’ve listened to vs books I’ve read… I sometimes can’t remember which were physical books and which were audio books!It’s definitely a different experience, though. I first started “reading” audio books only with physical books I’d read before. It was so interesting to experience a story I knew very well moving forward more slowly. Instead of racing ahead, sometimes accidentally reading over entire paragraphs, I listened to it all at the same pace. I heard things that I managed to skip over EVERY time I read the book in book form!Once I got used to the idea of reading in the car with audio books, I started listening to books I’d never read before. I thought it’d be difficult, but I really enjoy it!There IS an added frustration when the actor chooses a voice for a character that I dislike… I just finished listening to Good Omens and one of the main characters, 11 year-old Adam (who’s the Antichrist) was given an odd voice that sounded like a stuffy old professor, not the voice of a precocious kid.I would highly suggest it! I totally get into it the same way as a real book. Sometimes, I’ve even driven the long way home on purpose, just to listen to more of the book! (I never bring my audiobooks inside)If you’re talking about an electronic voice reading a text file, though, I wouldn’t suggest that. Go for the full-fledged audio books. Libraries are the best place to get them, because of how expensive they get.Best of luck!

Can I get a credit back if I return a book on Audible.

I have a monthly membership on Audible, so I get 1 credit every month. I currently have 3 books on Audible, and I have finished one. I don’t plan on listening to it again, since I recently got the actual physical version of it. I know how to return the audiobook to Audible, but if I do return it, will I receive…

You probably won’t be able to get a credit back. Once you keep the book past a certain amount of time, you can’t get a refund for it because they assume you have listened to it.

How does audible work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

When you sign up with Audible, you choose a plan. Each plan involves paying a certain amount of money and getting a certain number of credits, usually 1 or 2 credits per month. You use the credits to buy audiobooks, which are generally 1 credit each. You also get a discount for those purchased without credits. You’ll need to download a special downloader from them. The files are in a proprietary format, but can be added to iTunes or WMP. You can then put them on devices like iPods as well as burn them to disc. I haven’t canceled my subscription, but from reading various forums I gather that the books are yours even if you do. And like I said, you can always download them and then burn them to CD to be 100% sure of not losing them. Their FAQ at… says that even if you cancel, you have access to your online library, which implies that you can still re-download the content you purchased as well.I’ve been a member for almost a year and have been very happy with them. I listen to audiobooks while working out and on road trips. They can be kind of addictive. If you decide to join and like fantasy or humor, I highly recommend Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio, which I just finished. They’re also having a sale at the moment with certain books available for 50% off the list price.

How does audible audio books work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

Once you buy an audiobook, no matter whether you bought it while you had a monthly membership or not, you will have that audiobook forever. If you cancel your membership you will still be able to sign in to your “account” and listen to any previously purchased audiobooks, as well as purchase other audiobooks at full price.

how do you buy books from

can you buy books from without signing up for one of their plans? and if so how do you? I’m thinking of starting to listen to audio books on my sony mp3 player.also can anyone tell me the steps from start to finish for buying a book without a plan and also with a plan, Is there that much of a…

There’s a free audio short story available by David Sedaris from his new book, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” -You can get it here: click the orange buttonHe’s REALLY funny. You could probably start with that since it is a free trial and then move on from there if you like it. This is simple – you just add it to your computer, download it and listen. If you like it you will have to sign up for a plan but there’s a 14 day free trial right now 🙂 Good luck!

how do I get my audio book from audible to my sony walkman.

SO I have an audio book, it gets confusing I needed to download some software audible manager and I did. I clicked the download button on the website and successfully have my book in audible manager so I can listen to it on my computer. SO how do I get it on my sony walkman. It doesn’t seem to recognize my…

Just drag and drop the files from the folder to whatever program you use to sync the Walkman, probably Windows Media Player.

how do I download audible books to my laptop.

Every time I click download it tells me to choose a source to listen to it through but each one I choose it says it can’t play it. I don’t know what to do

First you need to download and install the software, which is at you be playing it through iTunes and/or an iPod or iPhone, or just listening on your computer, or playing it on a generic mp3 player? I find that iTunes is the best software for organizing audiobooks, so I download everything to it. In that case you need to authorize iTunes to use your Audible account, which you’ll find under the Store menu.If you’ve made it this far and the files aren’t downloading properly, is there a specific error message? What’s the exact text of that message?Also, have you tried contacting Audible? I’ve found their tech support and customer support are very fast and very helpful.

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45 thoughts on “How Do I Listen To Audible Books

  1. So, I devour just about everything that the library has that interests me. I keep meaning to sign up for, to see if it works for me, though between the library and the podcasts I’ve found that I don’t much need to pay actual money for audiobooks.

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  3. I hate the voices. They freak me out for some reason. They’re like “bob. went. to. the. store. and. then. found. a. good. deal. on. mac. n. cheese.” to me it sounds like every word they say is one sentance…

  4. I found there were many malfunctions involving a complicated system. Dealing with the “chat” line was difficult and lengthy. I also did find any written materials on how this system work. I gave up and ended my membership.

  5. It’s easy and fast to get the books. It is very convenient to be able to have many books available in a small space that you can listen to any time. I use it mostly when traveling.

  6. I got an “audible ready” player about a year ago, and have downloaded and listened to quite a few audio books. I am reasonably satisfied with it, but it definitely has plusses and minuses!And that s till true to this day.

  7. I never have actually, I’ve always wanted to try it though. Although I love reading a book myself, I feel like it adds more to the story hearing it in someone else’s voice.

  8. One thing I had not really thought about (though it’s obvious in hindsight) is that the person reading the book makes a huge difference. How much are they “reading” and how much are they “acting”? For example, do they try to mimic different voices in the dialog parts? If it’s a female reader, how convincingly can she do a man’s voice, and vice versa? Some of the books I got have great readers and it adds a lot to the book. Other readers are so-so (have not had any really bad ones yet though).

  9. I enjoy reading tense stories as opposed to watching movies, playing story heavy games, or listening to them. I guess I just like going back and reading over and over my favorite parts, and that’s harder to do in any other medium but a book.

  10. I listen to CDs in my car, and sometimes I’ll rip the CDs and put them on my iPod to listen to while I run. (The only other thing on my iPod is podcasts, more people talking to me.)You can easily download WordPress for free from here

  11. Very little enters my CD player that isn’t a recorded book. I’m just not crazy about listening to music. I don’t find it terribly engaging. I like to have people talk to me.Television is only educational if you are enjoying a documentary or something similar

  12. download the free overdrive app. With that app you can also check out free audible books from your public library and ebooks. I never pay for books anymore. Call your library for help to check out the books but you can download the app now to use as you state in your question right now.

  13. Only do it if you have to the voice can creep you out and no way does it take the place of a paper book. However since you haven’t got the time go for it because it offers a unique experience quite different than one of books. If the narrator is good it can bring the book to life for you. enjoy

  14. Nope. I make fun of the way the person is reading the book on tape. It takes forever for them to finish the book.

  15. You can, but the system is set up to protect itself from scammers like you. Once you’ve pulled this scam a few times you’ll be banned.

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  17. It is rather more expensive than I had expected to download the books. Also, you do not have a lot of flexibility if you want to trade/loan it to a friend. It is possible to use the download on more than one system, but it is awkward. Also, I guess it’s just me but I don’t multitask as well as I thought I would be able to! I really cannot listen to the book while doing very many other things.Negatives:Nah, Im pretty old school when it comes to reading, Ill take a good ol paperback over audiobook anyday, I dont even like reading e-books on my computer but doing it that way does save me a ton of money

  18. No, not really. I read at a face pace and it is too slow for me. I do like it though because it’s nice listening to someone act out the voices. It adds something special to the story.

  19. I always listen to books on CD during my 50 minute commute to work. I usually use the public library. I am hesitant to join a club- often they have abridged versions of books- and I am not interested in that. I “listened” to anna karennina (i am sure I spelled that wrong) and absolutely loved it. I would like to listen to War & Peace- but I will have to buy that. Any Jane Austin book I listened to was wonderful. The Secret life of Bees, also the Reader was excellent.

  20. How does audible work?It really depend on how you comprehend things, if you can easily comprehend what you hear the try it, but if you are like me and have a hard time with comprehension then you will have a hard time fully understanding the story. I understand what i read not what i hear.

  21. I enjoy “From a Buick 8” because it’s read by more than one person and any of the Dark Tower series; I think they did an excellent job. Also, as a rule, King doesn’t allow abridgments of his work, so you’ll get the full story.

  22. The Lord of the Rings series. Narrator Rob Inglis is a Tolkien expert, and his ability to speak in Dwarvish and Elvish is simply jaw-dropping.

  23. Manifestation Miracle is a thorough guide on the best ways to harness the power of the law of attractionby an expert in this field Heather Mathews.

  24. better watch a movie,than read a book.Of course,it is simpler to get a much better picture by watching the action(images),then looking at all these portrayed words.

  25. Unless to do a lot of manipulating .. like removing copy-write stuff and going through a whole lot of trouble… and even then… it s not much good. Audible has a list of devices it will work with… and that s that.They’re good for walks but I’d always prefer a real, page-turning book.

  26. So..I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the…

  27. Moses, Noah, those in Exodus, Enoch, Nephi are just a few that have heard God in audible sounds. I myself have heard God twice in audible sounds. I asked Him to come talk with me, not about scripture, not about creation, but just to come talk. As I figured everyone bugged Him for stuff over just wanting to chat as friends. I asked for 4 months almost daily. Then my half brother was over, and we were talking about life in general. I was going over some history with him. Then as I was talking, from my right side the sound of a voice like a grandfather came. It said “you are wrong, you are off by 2 months”. I turned to my right, said you are right, thanks, and continued my conversation with my half brother. Not till about an hour later did it sink in to what had happened. Later the same day during talking, I heard “good job”. Since those few simple sentences, I long to hear His voice again. I feel like I am 6 yrs old looking into the candy story waiting for it to open.

  28. What is it, you really dislike Christians because they know they’re going to heaven and so you think ‘they think they’re special’ or you enjoy living w/o the standards of a Creator? Don’t make it sound as if the disciples had part in the deeds of those who took God’s will into their own hands. Do you REALLY think Geo. Washington, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, John Adams, and most of our Presidents are ignorant and crazy? Think for a minute the chance possibility you are wrong and the eternal consequences. You feel you’re right you don’t know you’re right.

  29. I was a member of for a while, but all I was really after were the Stephen King novels. After I got audio versions of all of them, I quit. I still listen to the books though – on the bus, at work, in the car, etc.

  30. Some of my favorite books:better watch a movie,than read a book.Of course,it is simpler to get a better picture by watching the action(images),then browsing through all these expressed words.

  31. I feel like my imagination goes in full force while I’m reading verses when I’m listening. When I read I can sit there and ponder the things that I have read and come up with appearances of characters but with an audio book it continues to go. I enjoy listening to them depending on who is reading the book. There can be some dreadfully boring voices and some accents that get annoying. But then again there can be some really good readers that keep your attention and make you excited about the events. I think it is to each their own type of thing. Be sure though before you buy the book off of iTunes to listen to the clip of the reader to see if that could keep your attention

  32. the big bully, Sony … are not compatible.On the positive side:The Aubrey/Maturin series. This isn’t something I would have picked up to read; sometimes the library’s limited selection can force me to expand my boundaries. Narrator Patrick Tull is simply marvellous. The Harry Potter books. I’ve already read them on paper, but Jim Dale is just a wonderful reader. In fact, I also enjoy the Stephen Fry recordings, and it’s interesting to hear the same passage delivered sometimes very differently.

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