How To Make Enchanted Books

Enchanting – World Of Warcraft.

I am new to WoW and I just learned Enchanting… How can I use it, and what is it used for? :Sty 😀

Enchanting is used to add various stat bonuses to pieces of equipment. To use it, open your spell book, and find the Enchanting Icon on the General tab (I’d recommend clicking and dragging this onto a spell bar for easy access). Continue reading “How To Make Enchanted Books”

How Many Books Are There In Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series…question….

Hello!Okay, so I was at the theatre the other day, and they showed the trailer for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Thunder Thief or something. It looks really good, and I know there are books, too.I want to start reading the books- how many are there, what’re the other book names, and who is the. Continue reading “How Many Books Are There In Percy Jackson”

How To Make Popup Books

How to make pop-up shapes.

I need to learn how to make a hexagonal prism and pentagonal prism which can pop-up in a book. Thank you so much:) templates and links will help so much!!!

I haven’t been able to find exact instructions, but here are links to various related [as close as possible] tutorials & images; there are various techniques being used – you can try out any you like :http://www. Continue reading “How To Make Popup Books”