How To Run A Small Business Books

I want to start a small business…..

I am 48 years of age and due to my mental illness I am unable to hold a steady job. I am now strongly considering to start up my own business. My problem is that I require financial assistance.My question is:Would you know if in Canada if there are any government programs that would financially assist . Continue reading “How To Run A Small Business Books”

How Many Books Does It Take To Be A Bestseller

How can I be a bestseller. With my novel.

You don’t really have any control over it. All you can do is write the best novel you know how. You can market it, and blog and tweet and Facebook, but it’s up to readers whether they take any notice.The best thing you can do, once the book’s finished, is start writing another one. Continue reading “How Many Books Does It Take To Be A Bestseller”

How Many Books Are In The Descendants Series

Why are non Mormons and Jews called Gentiles in the LDS Church.

From the Mormon bible dictionary.BIBLE DICTIONARYGentileThe word Gentiles means the nations, and eventually came to be used to mean all those not of the house of Israel. It is first used in Genesis with reference to the descendants of Japheth (Gen. Continue reading “How Many Books Are In The Descendants Series”

How Many Books Did Benjamin Franklin Wrote

has anyone ever read this book: How to Become Filthy Rich on Your Current Income.

i was just wondering if it was a joke or something really can do…i want to buy but want to see if anyone else out there has read it.

Benjamin Franklin said that the difference between financial success and financial failure was to earn more than you spend, even if it’s just a penny. Continue reading “How Many Books Did Benjamin Franklin Wrote”